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Packaged Tertiary Treatment Systems Using Solar Energy AlgaePac System from Oldcastle Precast uses simple technology to bring wastewater treatment to a whole new ecofriendly level. Algaewheel technology is at the heart of the AlgaePac System and provides a diverse ecological environment for advanced wastewater treatment using the symbiotic relationship between algae and bacteria. From the leading U.S. manufacturer of precast and polymer concrete, the AlgaePac is a packaged modular system for decentralized wastewater treatment. Nutrients in the wastewater are converted directly to algae, a plant grown through photosynthesis, while consuming carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Algae biomass generated from the AlgaePac System is a renewable biomass source for biofuel production, cogeneration, or fertilizer.
Low energy Low maintenance Tertiary treatment system Harnessing the power of algae

Making Water And Air Safer And Cleaner

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Oldcastle Precast, Inc.

National Sales Marketing & Engineering Group 7921 Southpark Plaza, Suite 200, Littleton, CO 80120 Contact: Steve Kingsland PH: (888) 9-OLDCASTLE [965-3227]

Calgon Carbon Corporation is a leader in helping communities around the world address vital environmental and safety needs with a wide range of products and services, including: Municipal Odor Control: Calgon Carbon provides total odor control solutions to treat odors from municipal wastewater treatment facilities and sewage collection systems, as well as specialized carbons for removal of color, odor, and other organic chemical contaminants. Municipal UV Wastewater Treatment: The C3500D open channel series is a cost-effective solution for ultraviolet (UV) disinfection of wastewater using the highest-powered, low-pressure horizontal lamps available. Specifically designed for water reuse and low effluent quality applications, such as combined and sanitary sewer, the C3500D also offers advantages for conventional secondary and tertiary wastewater applications. Municipal, Industrial, And Groundwater Remediation: Calgon Carbon offers multiple process technologies, including ISEP/CSEP/RSEP and equipment for separating, recovering, purifying, and synthesizing aqueous and other ion-containing materials.

Calgon Carbon Corporation

500 Calgon Carbon Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15205 PH: (800) 422-7266



Headworks Grit Handling Septage Receiving Mixing Aeration Clarification BioSolids Handling Filtration Special Pumping

Water is the connection Kemira is a global leader in process know-how, supplying reliability, and offering an extensive range of high-quality products and processes for environmentally friendly and cost-effective wastewater treatment. We are committed to being a leading water chemistry company. Our broad product offering covers multiple applications for municipal, industrial, and agricultural facilities, including:
Chemically enhanced primary treatment (CEPT) Odor and foam control Phosphorus and struvite removal Sludge management and dewatering TSS and BOD removal Metals co-precipitation

Kemira manufactures the following NSF certified products in plants throughout North America: ferric chloride, ferric sulfate (dry and liquid), ferrous chloride, ferrous sulfate, polyaluminum chloride (PAX and SternPAC), aluminum sulfate (iron-free and low-iron), sodium aluminate, various biocides, defoamers and antiscalants, and a wide range of polymers.

Municipal & Industrial Sales Office 3211 Clinton Parkway Ct., Suite 1, Lawrence, KS 66047 PH: (800) 879-6353 FX: (785) 842-2629

PEI has been dedicated, since 1997, to providing quality, high-performance wastewater treatment process equipment at an affordable price. Service is a priority, with parts and direct field service provided from our headquarters in Wisconsin. Ask about the industrys most advanced product performance demonstration plan. PRO-Equipment, Inc. 237 Wisconsin Ave., Waukesha, WI 53186 PH: (262) 513-8801 FX: (262) 513-8897


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