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Cement paint is water based paint and is applied on external walls/surfaces of the house.

It is made from cement with different pigments and gives the best results on newly concrete surface. It can also be applied on bricks. It gives the best results on newly concrete surface but it should not be applied on white wash, color wash and dry distemper. According to Indian standard cement paint should confirm IS: 5410 of approved brand and manufacturer. Snowcem and its variants are a popular brand. They contain white or colored Portland cement with water proofing agent accelerator and extender. Characteristics Highly water resistant No primer is required Most suitable for worse environments No chance of drying up due to its solid form

Guidelines for Surface Preparation The surface should be cleaned of all mortar dropping, dirt, dust, grease and other foreign matter by brushing and washing. Patches in plaster should be repaired and a coat of waterproof cement paint should be applied over patches after wetting the surface completely. The surface should be cleaned thoroughly by scrapping of all whitewash; color wash if water proof cements paint is required to apply on existing surfaces previously treated with white wash and color wash. Mixing Procedure First Stage: The first stage consists of 2 parts of cement paint and one part of water stirred thoroughly and stands for 5 minutes. Care should be taken to add cement paint gradually to the water and not vice versa. Second Stage: The second stage comprises of adding remaining one part of water to the mixture and stirring it thoroughly to obtain uniform stability. Guidelines for Application Painting work should be started after preparation of the surface. Cement paint should be used within an hour after mixing otherwise the mixture would be set and thicken which affect the flow and finishing. Before applying cement paint, the cement or concrete surface should be wet thoroughly to provide moisture to aid in proper curing of the paint. The surface should be moist not wet when the paint is applied.

The solution should be applied on the clean and wet surface with brushes or spraying machine. The solution should be stirred well during the period of application. The solution should be applied on shady surface of the buildings so that direct heat of the sun may be avoided on the surface. The completed surface should be watered after days work. The second coat should be applied after first coat is set at least for 24 hours. Water proof cement paint should not be applied on the surface treated already with white wash, color wash; distemper dry or oil bound distemper, varnishes, paints etc. It should not be applied on gypsums, wood and metal surfaces. In special cases a coat of cement primer should be applied followed by two or more coats of water proof cement paint.