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A. Backgrownd of the Problem

Reading is one of the important skills that should be learned, especially reading in English. It is useful for the students to support the progress of their academic achievment. Through reading, students can improve their knowledge and their achievment in all fields. Then, by reading they can get some information and can explore part of the world or countries that have been never visited before. So, reading skill is very needed in our dailylife. Moreover,remember the importance of reading skill especially in

comprehension, teachers use various kinds of method, strtegie, model and media to improve students ability in reading skill comprehension. In fact, there are many students consider that reading is uninteresting, boring, and also difficult. So, teachers need some ways to lose their consideration. For example, teacher must make reading skill learning become enjoy for students. Based on problems above, teacher can use interactive teaching in teaching reading comprehension to solve those problem. This model is one of learning model in constructivism. It means, students build their knowledge by themselve and do learning activity that designed by teacher. This activity can be realized by problem challenge, team work, and class discussion. Besides, students must also comunocate each other when they solve the problem in reading comprehension, because it will be easy to understand when they read a texts or and essay. One of advantage of interactive model is: the students make a question, then they try to formulate the question and try to find the answer of theirselve question by do

oservation. So, by this strategy the students will be cricitical and active in learning.

B. Identification of the Problem

The purpose of reading is to get information about something from the texs or essay. Because of that reading is very important especially as a student. Realizing the importance of reading for students, the teacher must teach the students in good or interesting model. The model that teacher used in teaching reading can help students to understand the text easly. There are many models in teaching reading comprehension.for example, E leaning, problem learning centered and interactive. Firstly, E learning is a model of learning that based on electronic. A second model is problem learning centered. It is a model of learning that based on problems. Finally, interactive strategy means that the reader interact with the text to creat the meaning. In this research, researcher chooses interactive model, because it gives influence to the students in teaching and learning process, especially for the students reading ability in understanding texts. It does not make students boring, because it gives students opportunity in teaching and learning process. It makes students more active, and have motivation in teaching and learning process.

C. Limitation of the Problem

There are many strategies of teaching that can imrpove studentss reading skill ability that can make them understand the texts that they read easly. Those are, E learning, problem learning centered, and interactive. In this research, the researcher limits the problem of this research on the effect of using interactive model in teaching reading comprehension at second year students of senior highschool.

D. Formulation of the Problem

Related to the limitation of the problem above the reseacher formulates the problem as follow : did teaching by using interactive strategy give good effect to second year students of senior high shcool in understanding texts?

E. Hypothesis
Based on the previous explanation, it can be hypothesized that interactive strategy give good effects to students in reading comprehension skill at second year of senior highshcool.

F. Purpose of the Research

In this research, the researcher wants to know how the students activity during the teacher use interactive strategy in teaching reading comprehension. Then, the researcher also wants to know how the transition of the students when the teacher has applied interactive model.

G. Significance of the Problem

The result of this research to give contribution to the researcher, English teacher and the students. For the researcher, it would be additional knowledge as candidat of English teacher. For English teachers, it would be suggestion to choose the model in teaching and also could motivate their students to improve their achivement on reading comprehension. Then for the students, it would be one of ways to train the students to become active in teaching and learning process.

H. Definition of Key Terms

1. Students reading comprehension is ability of the students to anderstanding the texts or essay. 2. Interactive is one of model in teaching and learning process to make the students to become active. 3. Essay is short piece of writing on one subject.