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LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Mr.

CHINTAKINDI VARUN KUMAR whom I know as my student for the past three years. I have taught him courses in Biomedical Equipment, Advanced Biomedical Equipment, Laser & Fiber Optics In Medicine and also supervised his laboratory work in Biomedical Equipment Lab. Mr.VARUN KUMAR has been an outstanding performer through out his undergraduate studies and I rate him amongst the top of all my students. He is an active participant in the class and is very regular. He is a committed person and works long hours till he completes the work assigned to him. Mr.VARUN KUMAR has a good command over his subjects and always strives to keep abreast with the latest developments. He shows a keen interest in the research too. His zeal to learn and his creativity should take him a long way in his academic pursuits. Mr.VARUN KUMAR is a gifted individual with commendable leadership qualities and interpersonal skills. His exhaustive and extremely good seminar on Biomaterials Usage In Controlled Drug Delivery Systems displays his excellent presentation skills. As the Secretary of The Student Body he has been at the forefront of all the departmental activities-be it in the academics or extra-curricular activities. Mr.VARUN KUMAR is a truly exceptional student. I therefore strongly recommend him for admission to your graduate programme with full financial assistance. I am sure that he will not only learn a lot from the college, as yours, but also be able to contribute to the learning of his peers and add value to the programme. Miss.Soujanya