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International Journal of Research in Computer Science

CALL FOR PAPERS Special Issue Data Mining & Warehousing International Journal of Research in Computer Science
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Deadline: 25th March 2012 Notification: 15th April 2012 Revision: 25th April 2012 Publication: 30th April 2012
International Journal of Research in Computer Science is now accepting manuscripts for it special issue on Data Mining and Warehousing. The intention of this issue is to present a collection of manuscripts that discuss and find out the modern trends, applications of Data Warehousing and Mining in computer science domain. Prime Focus is to emphasize upon the core problems/issues that occur in the data storage and management world. These problems strengthen even more when data is large and complex in structure.

Topic Coverage
This issue covers the following topics under data mining and warehousing, but authors are not limited only to these topics. Any other topic falling in this domain is acceptable.
Complex data description languages and formats Complex data integration Data warehouse foundations, design and architectures Data Exchange, Integration, quality, cleaning and Lineage XML data warehousing Complex data warehouse consistency and quality Database Monitoring and Tuning Multidimensional modeling of complex data OLAP on complex data Mining different data formats Data Privacy and Security Combining mining results from different sourcess Mining data streams Data Mining and neural network OLAP and data mining for complex data analysis Metadata, Multilingual and Multimedia Data Management Human-machine interfaces for complex data mining Management of metadata and domain-related knowledge Query Processing and Optimization Interoperability and heterogeneity

For more topics visit, IJORCS Topics Submission: Only original research papers will be considered. Authors are requested to submit their papers through the submission form available at: or they can send it through email: Note: Do not forget to mention "Data Mining and Warehousing" in the additional comments box in the form. Review and Publication process: After submission of the manuscript, the author will be informed by the editorial team about its acceptance as soon as possible. Meanwhile an author can track status of the manuscript via a Track Box located at our homepage, After acceptance and confirmation of fees, paper will be published in our upcoming issue.
Note: Accepted papers will be published, and authors will be provided with printed copies of the issue. All submitted papers will be judged on the basis of their quality by the Editorial Board, Anti-Plagiarism Board. Papers that describe research and experimentation are encouraged. For more information visit, Contacts: +918054039690, +919780335152 Email:,