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Winding stairs

Spiral stairs

Stairs & Stairways

Staircases have always had something fascinating. For many cultures, they have been an indispensable element for ritual and political actions. The giant stairs of the Mayas pyramids in Mexico are just one out of many examples to prove this fact. However, you dont have to travel far in time and space to find staircases as symbols of power and importance. Many public buildings, built by the turn of the century in Europe and especially in Germany, are distinguished by their giant staircases.

Compared to the massive stone staircases of the past, todays staircases are light and almost delicate. Their fascination results from the esthetical play of material and light in space. Their shape, based on their function, has a timeless quality of design. A staircase has always been regarded as more than an auxiliary to surmount differences in elevation. Did you already notice the important role a staircase plays in numerous TV shows?

Spiral stairs for indoor use

With the prices per sq.m. of housing space always rising, you want to waste as little space as possible. With rising demands on interior decoration, you want the best design for each detail. Both demands are fulfilled by elegant spiral stairs. The space required for the staircase is reduced to an absolute minimum, the design possibilities are almost unlimited. A beautiful staircase increases the worth of living.

above: spiral stairs made of wood, steel and high-grade steel Kottengrn below: Spiral stairs in a winter garden, ungalvanised, clear varnish, with perforated sheet metal steps Heidelberg

Winding stairs for indoor use

Okay, you are right, we are winding stairs fanatics. When we experience step by step the development of an idea, through the rough drawing and the noble finish, into such an object, then we are simply proud. And this is all we have to say to this! A beautiful staircase is past all description.

above: Winding stair made of high-grade steel and stone steps Roth, Whlsdorf below: Winding stair with polished high-grade steel banister, steps with stone flooring Zeitz

Straight staircases for indoor use

Straight staircases are gaining more and more importance within the realization of exclusive interior designs. We are glad about that. When placing their orders, the sober reason of many building owners seems to outweigh temptingly low prices. They prefer quality to the danger of defects which are expensive to eliminate later on. Thats just as well. We are making it a point of honour to offer the best relation between price and performance and to contribute to increasing the value of a building: Better quality, precision of work, a sense of subtlety and aesthetics in our drafts.

above: Straight flight staircase, wooden steps and high-grade steel banister House Switzerland, Berlin below: Dog-leg staircase Flat steel stringers with wooden treads, a solid beech handrail and a banister made of electrochemically polished stainless-steel Merzig

Spiral stairs

A staircase offers a wide range of designing possibilities in the planning of a building. The spiral stairs, with their small space required and the low static requirements, can link the different floors in an almost playful way. Fascinating shape, harmonizing colours, noble materials, distinguished elegance.

Spiral stairs with high-grade steel banisters, high-grade steel steps with wooden inserts porcelain museum Hohenberg

Winding stairs





design of a staircase oriented itself rather by historical and oversized models. Todays staircases are often reduced to the minimum requirements. For mounting several floors, most people prefer taking the elevator, anyway. The modern winding stairs impress by their elegant design, the subtle interplay of shape and material. One is really tempted to use such stairs.

above: Spiral staircase with a B1 banister, stainless steel handrail and stone treads Nuremberg below: A spiral staircase with an inner supporting stringer, protruding treads and a polished stainless steel banister Berlin

Straight staircases

Steel stairs offer architectural solutions which would be unthinkable using different techniques, or which could only be realized by complicated statics, heaps of material and a great deal of money. An intelligent construction, however, can save a lot of money. In the end, there will be enough money left for extraordinary banisters and a high-quality flooring. Good quality doesnt always have to be expensive.

straight flight staircase granit steps, high-grade steel banisters with glass elements Saarlouis


Spiral fire-escapes
In the TV news, we are often becoming witnesses of dramatic catastrophes. We are told again and again that many people died because of unsuitable or missing fire-escapes. Thank god there are clear legal regulations, and building owners and architects are responsible enough to stick to these rules.

Spiral stairs with A1 safety banisters, steel or high-grade steel

Spiral fire-escapes
We all hope that a fire-escape wont ever have to fulfill its purpose; however, it doesnt have to be a necessary evil. Thus, we are happy that fire-escapes not only meet the legal regulations, but are also an important element in the general impression of a building.


Spiral stairs with safety access, galvanised gratings Hanover


Winding fire-escapes
Winding fire-escapes offer additional aspects of safety because of their larger diameter and the wider surface of their steps. In a case of emergency, people are able to escape faster and easier. This is why this type of staircases is especially suited for areas where evacuation is made difficult by other factors, e.g. a certain grade of immobility of the inhabitants of a house.

Winding stairs with grating steps and safety banisters Todtmoos

Straight fire-escapes
It is a question of taste, architectural factors and sometimes building regulations, whether you prefer spiral stairs, winding stairs or a straight staircase as fireescape. This solution is a good example for integrating a straight counter-rotating fire-escape into the architectural conception of a building: semi-circular landings with grating steps, the galvanised side pieces visibly screwed together, the banisters emphasizing the design.


above: Straight staircase with flat steel side pieces Leipzig below: Straight staircase with flat steel side pieces Selb


Spiral balcony stairs

Have you ever noticed how much our attitude towards balcony and garden has changed during the last few years? Have we adopted this way of living from our neighbours in southern Europe? Or did we find out that it can be nice to spend our holidays at home, or are the summers in our latitudes really becoming warmer? We come up to the desire for a direct access from the balcony to the garden with staircases which are not only practical, but also stylish: From the kitchen directly to the barbecue!

Spiral stairs with side wall, banisters with high-grade steel handrail Mahlow

Straight balcony stairs

One word about the material steel: When you think of your garden, you would certainly think of a solid wooden staircase. From the environmental point of view, however, this romantic picture is misleading. Wooden constructions, which are always exposed to weather influences, need constant care, and the corresponding agents are not always environmentally friendly. No wonder that visible steel constructions are gaining more and more importance in our ecologically oriented society.


A straight flight access staircase, u-shaped stringers, grating treads and a binding banister Saarbrcken


Industrial spiral stairs

Industrial staircases have to meet special requirements which differ from those for residential or commercial premises. You can find industrial stairs inside or outside a building, they can be straight staircases or only a small footbridge, or many stories high. They have to meet lots of special security regulations, and during their long life, they must not ever give any reason for maintenance works. Not to forget they must not cost too much.

above right: 6-storey industrial spiral stair with banister type A1 Munich below right: Spiral stair with 1 access landing, 2 resting landings and braces Hanover left: Spiral stair with landings according to DIN Plauen

Straight industrial stairs

Industrial stairs have to meet the highest requirements day by day. They always have to be reliable, regardless of the environment. Whether in the food industry, heavy industry, warehouse, production halls, or as shown here, as stairs and footbridges in a purification plant. It stands to reason that all safety aspects prescribed by the professional associations are taken into consideration.


Straight staircase as counter-rotating tower with footbridge to the tank Schmalkalden


Tank staircases

Tank staircases are huge winding stairs with the tank itself being the side wall. Depending on the type of tank the treads can be bolted or welded to the side wall or the use of a winding staircase might be possible. They are virtually exclusively used for maintenance works, so they have to be as cheap as possible. At this point, our customers can profit not only from our know how, but also from the fact that we are one of Europes largest manufacturers of grating products, and wherever possible we will try to make savings on our production costs.

above: Tank staircase Bexbach below: Tank staircases, sewage treatment plant Bschfeld

Single stringer staircase

An interesting solution from both the engineering and the design angles: the single stringer staircase with the treads mounted on the one stringer in the middle. The stringer can be either straight or curved. The aesthetic simplicity of single stringer staircases is particularly appealing.


Universum Science Center Bremen


Standard and modular staircase

We have developed a standard programme for recurring tasks. The advantages are obvious: low price through series production, conforming to DIN and ISO standards, technically perfected, versatile in use and indestructible. Our various production lines offer a wide range of flooring and banisters, and because of this even a standard staircase can be tailored to suit the customer's individual requirements. As DIN 18800 certified welding specialists, we guarantee quality up to the smallest detail. We are protecting the steel against corrosion through a galvanised surface according to DIN 50976 or a powder coating, or we use high-grade steels of the material 1.4571. Through series production, the Meiser modular stairs offer a very favourable price, quick delivery, and easy mounting. The single grating stairtreads have a collar, which is slid over a central column for fixing. The square landing is fixed to the newel accordingly. The precast children-safe handrail parts are screwed together with the stairtreads. At the moment, our modular stairs can be shipped freshly galvanised within a few days from receipt of order. groups 1.4301 and

above: Spiral stair with banister A1, 2 landings, gratings steps Mlheim Baden below: Modular stair Limbach

Staircases with protection cages

Security aspects such as intrusion protection and/or protection against unauthorized access (including children) can require the use of protective cages. The doors are fitted with panic locks as an added security precaution.


above left and 2nd from above left: Spiral stair with safety cage social centre Saarbrcken above right: Straight staircase with protection cage Frankfurt below left: Spiral staircase with protection cage Wiesbaden 2nd from above right: TUI Hanover below right: Spiral stair with protection cage Schriesheimer Kopf



In our plants in Saarland and Saxony, we are producing so many different staircases every year that it is impossible to show all our references without running the risk of getting boring.

Meiser Oelsnitz



If you would like to make sure of our efficiency, simply call us or send us a fax. We will gladly give you the addresses of some of our finished projects. Good work is the best publicity.

New building Technikmuseum Berlin



Foundation Wrth Berlin



Airport Leipzig



Maxtorhof Nuremberg

Stern Center Sindelfingen



Car dealer ship Strau Plauen

OEWA Dbeln



above left: Observation tower Schriesheimer Kopf above right: Handrail for children Kindergarten Neumark 2nd from above right: Office building of an insurance company Saarbrcken 2nd from above left: Powder-coated spiral stairs Fire station Chemnit below left: Interior staircase Homburg below right: Windings stairs in construction Brensteinturm Plauen



left: Telekom Frankfurt/Oder

right: Office Hager Blieskastel

Observation tower in the Erzgebirge, area of Germany



The person who uses a staircase will notice the design of the steps rather than the architectural performance. For outdoor areas, it is better to use materials which are resistant towards weather factors, and which allow safe walking even when its wet or icy. Indoors, however, the

for example: Grating 30/30 with anti-skid protection, galvanised, high-grade steel or powder coated

for example: Sheet metal, galvanised or high-grade steel

material and colour of the steps can be designed according to the building owners taste, the interior decoration or simply the purse.

for example: Step construction for carpet flooring in different qualities

for example: All popular types of wood, from robust to noble

for example: All popular types of stone, from granite to marble



Besides the flooring of the steps, the banisters are an important factor for the design of a staircase. The opposite examples are the best selling, but not nearly the only types of banisters available.

A1 B2

You have your own ideas? We are looking forward to making your creative plannings come true just talk to us.

C1 B3
for example: A1 Banisters and posts made of steel tube 33,7 mm to 48,3 mm bottom banding bar: flat steel 30x8 mm infil bars: round steel 12 mm

C2 D2

B1 Same specification as A1, with top and bottom banding bar B2 Banisters and posts made of steel tube 33,7 mm to 48,3 mm top and bottom banding bar: flat steel 30x8 mm wire mesh infil panels 50/50/5 B3 Banisters and posts made of steel tube 33,7 mm to 48.3 mm top and bottom banding bar: flat steel 30x8 mm perforated sheet metal infil panels C1 - C7 Banisters and posts made of steel tube 33,7 mm to 48,3 mm tubular steel banding bars 26 mm or 12 mm D2 Banisters made of steel tube 33,7 mm to 42,4 mm post elements of square steel 25 mm and 10 mm (only for spiral stairs) G1 Banisters and posts made of steel tube 33,7 mm to 48,3 mm glass infil panels

C4 G1



Technical remarks
1400 - 1500 1600 - 2000

Here is some advice in case you have to give technical information to someone who isnt a specialist: Especially for spiral stairs, not all heights between floors can be reached with any stair diameter within the applicable regulations. The opposite picture shows the most common partition systems, taking into consideration the DIN or building regulations.


2100 - 2200

2300 - 2500



2600 - 2800

2900 - 3000



The number of steps per turn is calculated according to the staircases diameter.

Technical remarks


Spiral stairs

Winding stairs

Straight staircase

Spiral stairs have a column in the middle, which is known as the newel. They are turning either left or right.

Winding stairs dont have a column, but one or two side walls. These side walls can be fixed either on the inside or in the middle, or else inside and outside.

The outstanding feature of a straight staircase is that you always go straight when ascending. The staircase can be interrupted by one or more landings. A straight and one flight staircase is not interrupted by landings. When using a dog-legged straight staircase, you change the walking direction on every landing.


Production sites

Meiser has specialised in the manufacture of top-notch steel staircases for many years. We have been awarded the Certificate of Competence as per DIN 18800. In addition, we are familiar with and take into account all relevant construction guidelines and regulations. Our employees know their jobs inside out. Their attitude is one of unrivalled professionalism. However, creative quality needs to be planned in advance. Which is why all of us here at Meiser saw the redesign of the production plant and service buildings as a logical challenge to represent our quality aspirations by means of an architecture that pays attention to every detail. We were fortunate to find in our architect a partner who understood how to make our ambitions visual. Not only that. During the building measures, we were able to gain in-depth experience of just how project developers, planners and design engineers operate, experience we now use to the advantage of our clients. To optimise our performance, we have developed our own computer assisted fixtures and machines on which, working with very low tolerances, we can produce all manner of staircases. Our production halls and warehouses were also designed under quantitative and qualitative considerations to handle large projects.

The Administration buildings at Oelsnitz and Limbach

Production site Oelsnitz


Meiser Vogtland GmbH & Co. KG Abt. Treppenbau Am Lehmteich 3 08606 Oelsnitz

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Production site Limbach

Gebr. Meiser GmbH Abt. Treppenbau Bahnhofstrae 66839 Schmelz-Limbach

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