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Speci cations

Principle Colorimetry and turbidimetry with reactionnal cuves, direct reading lecture directe non-stop Throughput Parameter in line Samples 300 tests/hour 32 item on a same start Volume : 2 to 50 L by step of 0.1 L Level detection by capacitive e ect Detection of lateral and vertical shock 60 programmable rotor positions Probe separeted from reagents probe Barcode reader optional Volume : 10 to 400 L by step of 1 L Methodology :300 programmable maximum Level detection by capacitive e ect Detection of lateral and vertical shock 30 programmable rotor positions Mono or bireagent Bar-code reader serial Management of batches, expiration dates and manufacturers Permanent and independent cooling Open system Probe separeted from reagents probe
Speci cations subject to change without notice non contractual pictures




Method : End point Kintic Two points Reagent blank Sample blanck Type of analysis : priority sample (sequential) or reagent (batch) OD reading : real time and saved for all results Temperature : 37 C 1C, permanently controlled Rotor : 90 reusable reactional cuves Reaction time :10 minutes maximum Washing cuves : automatic with hot water, no detergent to eliminate, dried and checked Consumption : 3 to 5 liters / hour demineralised water Low cost lamp tungsten halogen 8 wavelengths: 340 405 450 510 546 578 660 690 nm Bandwidth : 2 nm Other wavelengths available on demand Measure range : 0.0000 to 4.0000 OD Programmable at all times Many mathematical models of calculation Management of the batch and shelf life Number of control no limited Management of the batch and date of expiration Unlimited backup Levey-Jenning diagram Extention to the management of external analysis All statistics per analyses, period, users, service etc. Management of consumption and cost/analysis. No dedicated PC, via RS232 Windows software Intuitive and user friendly software, easy updatable. Language : English or French (other languages possible) 200 000 patients, standards and controls OD management Data exportable to Windows applications Many customizable reports - multiformat Possibility to include results from other analyzers Maintenance simpli ed, modular analyzer, low cost of use. Software fast, homogeneous and evolutive, easy safeguard. adapted Windows XPS and 2000

Fully automated Biochemistry Analyzer


Stat sample Calibration Quality control

Statistics Interface


Report After sale service analyzer After sale service software

Dimensions, speci cations L = 780 cm ; W= 520 mm ; H = 430 mm ; weight = 75 kg 220 V - 50Hz 1 KV

SFRI Sarl - Lieu dit Berganton, 33127 Saint Jean dIllac - France - T +33 556 688 050 - F +33 556 217 903 -

Ideal routine for small and middle laboratories or backup of a big system


yer GB 4P/easy3300 2009-10

300 tests/hour

30 reagents in line

ECONOMY Standard and recycle unique hot water washing process : no contamination, low washing cost

Probe separeted: reagents and samples

EASY INTUITIVE USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE : An easy going day to day e cient machine and data management.


Dedicated Reagents
Ready to use Long shelf life Stable calibration Barcoded bottles

OPTIC SYSTEM Optic system : innovative, economic halogen lamp tool. Simultaneously reading in a nonstop process 8 wave lengths leaned on optic bers. True bichromatisme included.

Medium and Big Laboratories Quality Assurance, Full traceability for

Reagents Standards Controls

QUALITY - TRACEABILITY Quality control management by batch. Leavy-Jeaning diagrams. Results surveys by reagent batch. Calibration factor survey.

Security External alimentation : maximum 24 Volts inside the machine.