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Executive Summary

United Bank Limited is one of the banks playing a very important role in the economic development of Pakistan. Its providing high quality services, manage customer experience efficiently, have comparative advantage due to its innovative technology and provide high profit to its stakeholder. In order to maintain and improve its services in the competitive market UBL Human Resource Department plays a very important role. You will find in this report the complete HR function of UBL. The Vision, Mission and the methods followed by UBL for analyzing and evaluating its Jobs. How UBL recruit and select new employees. The methods used by UBL training and developing new skills in their employees. The methods used for performance appraisal of its job incumbents. Compensations and benefits provided by UBL to its employees and some other HR Functions.


To be a world class bank dedicated to excellence, and to surpass the highest expectations of our customers and all other stakeholders.

Our mission is to: y y y Set the highest industry standard for quality, across all areas of operation, on a sustained basis. Optimize people, processes and technology to deliver the best possible financial solution to our customers. Become the most sought after investment, and

Be recognized as the employer of choice.

Brief History of UBL

United Bank Limited was established in November 1959. The bank was sponsored by the saigol Group of Companies, which were the mainstay of the textile industry in Pakistan at that time. Within a short period of time, the bank emerged as the third largest in the country after HBL and NBP. The bank was nationalized in 1974. Later on another bank the commerce bank limited was merged into UBL. The UBL Board of Directors of are:

Highness Shaikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan Sir Mohammed Anwar Pervez OBE Mr. Atif R. Bokhari Mr. Omar Ziad Jaafar Al Askari Mr. Zameer Mohammed Choudrey Mr. Ahmad Waqar Dr. Ashfaque Hasan Khan Mr. Aqeel Ahmed Nasir Mr. Abdul Pauf Malik Mr. Ameer Karachi wall

Chairman Deputy Chairman President & CEO Director Director Director Director Company Secretary & Chief Legal Director Chief Financial Officer

The Bank is currently operating 1056 Branches Domestically and 15 Branches Overseas (USA, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Republic of Yemen). UBL hold 51% of its total shares other 49% shares are owned by Government. After the privatization of banking sector in Pakistan UBL implemented its strategies to achieve the comparative advantage in the Market place. UBL subsidiaries are:

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United Bank AG Zurich, Switzerland United National Bank Limited, UK UBL Fund Managers Limited

Organizational Organogram:

Human Resource Dept.

Finance Department

Customer Services

Marketing Department

Information Department

Admin & Security

Grade of bank staff








OG-III Assistant

Clerical Staff

Non-Clerical Staff

UBL Culture: United Bank Limited culture is the personality of the organization. Culture is comprised of the assumptions, values, norms and tangible signs (artifacts) of organization members and their behaviors. The organizational culture of UBL is that it always provides profit to its stakeholder and never misrepresents its financial reports and will never do any unethical act which harms its client and competitor. The employees of UBL will always be helping and friendly with its customers. The norms of UBL are it always follows the Laws of country and maintain its goodwill.

Core value y y y y y y Honesty and integrity Fairness and meritocracy Humility and mutual respect Commitment and dedication Teamwork and collaborative spirit Caring and socially responsible

Challenges faced by the organization: UBL is a step behind in using new technology as compared to other banks Large and increasing competition. High operating costs and facing recession era Lack of huge deposits

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Banking product:
You as an individual can gain and benefit the most through UBL Consumer Banking. In UBL you get friendly, efficient and attentive personalized banking services - a unique banking relationship experienced by each UBL client. You can utilize the following services: UBL Credit Card UBL Businessline UBL Cashline UBL Address UBL Drive PLS Term Deposits PLS Savings Accounts Uni-Saver Remittances Ubl Omni

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It is the Pakistan s 1st Chip Credit Card, that guarantees you both enjoyment and high value. It assures you global acceptability in more than 22 million establishments worldwide in 130 countries and in more than 12, 000 outlets within Pakistan.

UBL Businessline a complete solution to all your Business Financing needs. UBL Businessline is a running Finance facility that not only provides funds for growth but also enables you to capitalize on profitable opportunities. With UBL Businessline, now you will

surely say: "Ab Hui Kamiyaabi Meri Manzill'. It is a Credit Line/ OD Facility against Residential Property. It is an evergreen credit line that the customer can use for his/her business expansion .

Have you ever wished for a loan that was flexible enough to be used anywhere, anytime, and as many times as you wanted? UBL introduces Cashline the most flexible loan, providing you up to Rs. 500,000/- The perfect solution!
Cheque Book Use your UBL Cashline cheques at any online branch throughout the UBL network! You can enjoy the convenience of walking into any UBL online branch across Pakistan and use your Cashline account with ease. ATM/Debit Card UBL Cashline comes with an ATM/Debit card so that you have instant access to cash 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Wherever you might be, you are never away

UBL Address understands your home financing needs and offers you a variety of fixed, floating & adjustable rate options - because at UBL, you come first.

UBL Drive is a unique car financing product which offers you features, options and flexibility unmatched by any other bank, some for the very first time in Pakistan. Because at UBL, you come first.

UBL offers a wide range of attractive term deposit schemes to suit your requirements. Deposit period along with projected profit rates of these.Corporate customers, besides normal current accounts, are also offered special current deposit accounts to cater to their specific requirements at very attractive profit and terms.

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You can open a PLS Savings Account with an initial deposit of Rs. 2,000 Your share of profit is credited half-yearly and is calculated on monthly balance You can withdraw your savings through cheque

UBL UniSaver Account is an innovative way of serving your banking needs. Be it trade, business or personal finance, the UBL UniSaver allows you maximum flexibility, yet gives you optimum returns.

Our remittance products are designed to give you maximum flexibility. Currently, you can send money to almost ANYWHERE in Pakistan by using our popular TezRaftaar remittance service.

For US residents, UBL offers added flexibility through UBL Click N Remit-- an innovative online remittance service . Sending money from US to Pakistan is just a click away.

Ubl omni
United Bank Limited have launched its branchless banking in the name of UBL Omni adding a direct challange to Telenor Easypaisa as almost all mobile networks have a support for UBL omni. UBL omin offers all of its services on the mobile phone which include money withdrawing, deposit, transfer, mobile cards and bill payments, electricity gas telephone bill payments, Web-portal access, SMS services, Wap services, UBL branch support etc. In order to get a UBL omni account one need a CNIC, a Mobile Phone number and Rs 500 only as a cash deposit.


To accomplish the organization goals and support its strategies HR dept. has the following objectives. y To establish employee recruitment and selection system for hiring the best possible employees consistent with the organization needs. y To maximize the potential of each employee in order to attain the organization goals and insure individual carrier growth and personal dignity. y To retain the employees whose performance helps the organization realize its goals and release those, whose performance is unsatisfactory? y To ensure organizational compliance with state and federal laws those are applicable to HR management function.

6. Recruitment:
In order to determine the future staff needs United Bank Limited uses Ratio Analysis technique (a Forecasting technique for determining future staff needs by using ratios between, for example sales volume and number of employees needed). Internal Recruitment Sources: In forecasting the supply of inside candidates UBL use Qualifications inventories (manual or computerized records listing employees education career and development interests, languages, special skills and so on to be used in selecting inside candidates for promotion) so in order to replace a supervisor of a department a person below educated then the current supervisor will be selected as a new supervisor.

External Recruitment Sources: External source for hiring employees use by UBL is Succession Planning (the ongoing process of systematically identifying, assessing and developing organizational leadership to enhance performance) in which UBL do analysis on the important or key jobs in the organization, create a list of competent employees who can fulfill the requirement of that job and then select the best employee who can perform that job efficiently and effectively. The internal sources used by the United Bank Limited for hiring candidate are Advertisement, Head hunter and Word of Mouth. In advertisement they use different mediums like Television, Newspaper, subscribing the jobs on Job sites e.g. y,

UBL has hired its own Retained Executive Recruiters/Head hunter to find competent and qualified people for UBL.

Usually United Bank Limited dont take Referrals but due to some reason they do sometime take referrals for example referral form a high command person, person on referral is qualified and competent etc.

Corporate Social Responsibilities :

Karachi Education Initiative - Invested Rs 100 million in Karachi School of Business and Leadership The Karachi Education Initiative (KEI) is a not-for-profit entity registered under Section 42 of the Companies Ordinance. The KEI is the sponsoring and fund raising entity of the Karachi School for Business & Leadership UBL has agreed to pay Rs100 million along with The Dawood Foundation, Engro Chemical Pakistan Limited, Mahvash & Jahangir Siddiqui Foundation, Lucky Cement Limited, Arif Habib Securities Limited, AKD Group. The KEI project will bring both social and economic benefits. The social benefit is that quality education will be provided to masses. The economic benefit is that a trained and qualified work force will be available to run the organization. Secondly, the students will market the UBL support for education and standards and this will also stimulate the demand of the UBL. Today, people want to invest in the organizations that work for social benefits along with the economic benefits.

Intitute of Business Administration- 3.5 lacs per annum Every year UBL gives Rs 3.5 lakhs for three complete scholarship and some cash awards for high flyers in IBA. Lahore University of Management Sciences - 3.5 lacs per annum

Every year UBL granted to 1-2 students per year under national outreach program (NOP). Preference is given to students from rural areas. Under this collaboration, successful students will receive the full amount of scholarship for the complete program. The Citizens Foundation - owned 2 schools 2.5 lacs per annum Ubl funded for the development of two schools and their support for 3 years. Cost of development is 11 lacs per school. IDP - 3.5 lacs cards x Rs116 [card production fee] UBL gave Lifetime membership of IDP for free, ATM VISA prepaid cards were used to disburst 7.6 billion without any involvement of corruption. IBP certification award UBL pays the award cash prizes for the employees who clear IBP papers each year. UBL supports its employers to gain knowledge and grow with the bank.

Community Welfare: SOS Villages UBL donated for the establishment of SOS villages in Karachi and Jamshoro. When the Village was first opened the children were sent to outside schools but, it soon became apparent that, if they were to be provided a good education, we would have to do these ourselves. SUN development foundation 1.5 lacs per annum UBL gives swing machine and training to girl who then starts their career in tailoring. UBL sport complex UBL is an active supporter of healthy activities, for this reason it has provided a state of art sport complex for its employees Taaleem for All Trust and SAHARA for Life Trust Education has the highest priority among all other CSR activities. A major portion of CSR expenditure is spent on the education sector.