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Prayer and Praise

Pray for the Regional Director of FEBCAST Laurie Kennedy, and the Leadership Team Pray for our Leadership Boards Pray for as she serves in Turkey. Pray for Pastor Jason and Pastor Dave as they lead Westbourne Pray for Daphne Tuck as she recovers from hip surgery Pray for Juliette’s health Pray for the Preschool as they look for a new teacher Pray for Ken’s father dealing with throat cancer Pray for Josh Brady as he recovers from shoulder surgery Pray for Bev’s brother Roy as he prepares for back surgery Pray for those travelling over the Christmas Season Pray for boldness in speaking about Jesus this Christmas Season

Calgary Tower Pass and Canada Parks Pass (for 4)

Christian Salvage Mission Please talk to Shirley who is collecting used Christian materials

Volunteers Needed for the Preschool Concerts – Dec. 20 & 21, 9:30am or 1:30pm If you can help with setting up, serving and clean-up please contact Sylviane at the Preschool at 403.274.7433 or .

Church Library – Come visit the Library before or after the service, which is located upstairs across from the kitchen. Contact Betty

Lead Pastor: Jason Pastor of Family Ministries: Dave

Church Office

Suite 221, Westbourne Place Administrative Assistant: Lorraine Mailing address: 823- 64th Avenue NW Calgary, AB T2K 0M6


If you have any announcements to put in the bulletin please contact the office before 10:00 am Thursday

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December 18, 2011

“Where People Matter…”

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Welcome to our Service - thank you for choosing to worship with us today. We trust you will be blessed and encouraged. Please feel free to use the Connecting Card in the chair in front of you to tell us of your visit or share your concerns and prayer requests with us

Nursery (ages 0 - 3 years) and Children’s Church (ages 3 - 10 years) are available during the service

Sermon today: “The Child to Be Born will be Called Holy” by Pastor Jason Luke 1:26-38

Did you know you can listen to the sermon on the website? Check it out at

This Week

Today 6:00 pm Tuesday 9:30&1:30

Wednesday 9:30&1:30 Preschool Concerts

Wednesday 7:30 am Wednesday 2:00 pm Thursday 7:30 pm Sunday 9:30 am

Upcoming Events

Christmas HymnSing - multi-purpose room Preschool Concerts

Morning Prayer Life Group (Psalms) – Wilkinson’s home C&C - Social event Prayer in the Preschool room

December 25 11:00am Christmas Day Service December 31, 7:00 pm Youth and C&C Lock-in – please let Pastor Dave know!

January 15 10:30pm

Baptism – if you are interested in being baptized please talk to Pastor Dave

Please check the website for Upcoming Events