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New Housing at Japantown Studio 3, Fall 2010
Instructor: Thom Faulders San Franciscos Japan Center, constructed in the 1960s in a fauxJapanese style, fails to be the vibrant community hub it strives to be. Located near the vibrant Fillmore district and along the heavily trafficked Geary corridor, it has the potential to become a rich destination for both visitors and community members alike. This studio proposed a conceptual master plan for a residential and commercial transformation of the mall as well as a 40-unit housing solution to be located on a portion of the Japan Center site. Strands of housing reach out to pull in pedestrians from Fillmore, Buchanan Mall and from across the prohibitively wide Geary, and then shift atop one another to provide semi-private rooftop garden space to each unit. Most units span across two levels, stitching together the strands and providing direct front-door accesswithout hallwaysto almost every unit.



commercial - fillmore to buchanan

commercial - fillmore to webster

northwest perspective

organizational diagram

southeast perspective

This page, clockwise from top left: Aerial view from the South bank of Geary, conceptual master plan for the Japan Center site, exploded isometric diagram of housing strands, N-S sectional perspective, select floor plans; Opposite page, clockwise from top left: site plan, approach from Buchanan Mall, street view across Geary




geary looking east

stadium entrance from webster

4th floor of stadium

site plan

longitudinal section perspective

CCA M.Arch Studio 3, Fall 2010 Chrystee Cheng / Misa Grannis


MA+C: A New Public Space Museum of Architecture and the City Studio 2, Spring 2010

Instructors: Douglas Burnham and Zoe Prillinger Sited adjacent to Libeskinds Contemporary Jewish Museum and across the street from the Yerba Buena Gardens, this museum seeks to integrate public and private program into a building that attempts to represent what is already an art of representationarchitecture. This project is rooted in the premise that in the modern city, truly public space does not exist. By wrapping up the neighboring plaza and the nearby gardens into the building, an open, freely accessible public zone is created which can be occupied, like a park, at any time. As one moves higher into the museum, one eventually passes from public space to private galleries as the open area plunges into and burrows through the enclosed mass of the upper levels. This public path eventually erupts through the roof of the building to peer back out at the park from whence it came.


Clockwise, from far left: 1/16" = 1'-0" model in site, sectional perspective, building renderes, process models and drawing, select floor plans

special galleries

reading room

up from level 5

up to level 7


Wattis@Market Live/Work Gallery Studio 2, Spring 2010

Instructors: Douglas Burnham and Zoe Prillinger

Located near the dynamic intersection of Market Street and

Valencia in San Francisco, the Wattis Gallery is an extension of CCAs Capp Street Project. Essentially a live/work gallery, it features living quarters and studio space for two artists-inresidence alongside a number of gallery and public spaces. Responding to the unique footprint created by the collision of the three city grids, this proposal began with the idea of refraction, using the perceived axis of the site as the active plane and reflecting and refracting forms through that axis. This act of flip-flopping was reflected in the programmatic and material organization; private spaces are rendered solid, while public spaces float between them encased in glass. Dual circulation systems spiral around each other without connecting, offering mutual viewing opportunities between the artists workshops and public gallery spaces while maintaining the artists privacy.



Instructor: Andrew Sparks Team Members: Gabriel Guerriero, Jonathan Butler, Misa Grannis As part of our curriculum in introductory material and construction studies, my partners and I studied RCRs park building in Begur, Spain, analyzing the structure and landscape in plan and section, modeling it in Rhino and finally constructing a 3 wide by 6 long, 1/8=1-0 scale model in three phases: ground, armature and enclosure. I was responsible for planning and construction of the contoured topography, and final construction and finishing efforts were completed as a team. The completed model is currently on display in the Simpson Library on the CCA San Francisco campus.

Parque de la Arboleda - Precedent Study Architect: RCR Arquitectes Begur, Spain, 2006 Materials and Methods, Fall 2009


Model: collaboration; Rendering: Misa Grannis

Parque de la Arboleda - Precedent Section Drawing Course: Visual and Digital Media, Fall 2009 Instructor: Lara Kaufman

Part of an assignment to study and emulate the style of an existing architect: this longitudinal section was inspired by the work of Wes Jones

Exploded Axon: Collaboration


Albany Bulb Physical Endurance Camp Course: Studio 1, Fall 2009 Instructors: Antje Steinmuller, Monica Tiulescu
With a landfill-turned-anarchic-park as our site, we were asked to design a physical endurance camp that would run three months out of the year, turning into occupiable park space for the remaining nine months. My proposal aimed to preserve the existing programs of homeless encampments and pop-up art installations by physically delaminating the earth to allow the new programs to coexist with them in plan while remaining separate in section. The delaminated surface widens and narrows to accomodate the different programmatic needs throughout the site.



Hand Drafting

All: Visual/Digital Media, Fall 2009

Instructor: Lara Kaufman

Left: Zippo Lighter Section Drawing

Part of an assignment to draw a measured section of an everyday object

Below: CCA Nave Section Drawings

Precursor to the 3D modeling assignment on the following page


Visual/Digital Media, Fall 2009

Instructor: Lara Kaufman This assignment began with an abstract image which we then diagrammed and physically represented in the medium of our choosing

Left: Sectional Acrylic Study

Based on a solid/void diagram; Materials: Lasercut, sandblasted acrylic sleets, acrylic rods, lasercut acrylic washers

Above: Paperclip Study

Based on a node/network diagram; Materials: Paperclips, solder, fishing line


Architectural Internship Firm: Endres Ware Architects Engineers Term: Summer 2010
Endres Ware is a 7-person firm in West Berkeley, CA, specializing in both residential and cultural design as well as structural engineering. Responsibilities included 3D modeling in SketchUp and Rhino3D, drafting in AutoCAD, physical modelmaking, detailing and site visits. This page: renderings and shadow studies of a residential project. Opposite page: pages from a structural drawing set.



Architectural Internship Firm: Endres Ware Architects Engineers

This page: 1/8" = 1'-0" and 1/16 = 1-0 sketch models plus topographic model for a residential project. Opposite page: 1/16 = 1-0 competition model of a pedestrian bridge. Materials used: Museum board, basswood sheets, basswood sticks


. .P F

. O

P. . F

. O


Architectural Internship Firm: Endres Ware Architects Engineers

Designed marketing materials targeted to a variety of audiences, from community members to landscape architects. Products included an 8" x 8" booklet with display folder and several trifold brochures. Each product carefully considers the target demographic and attempts to convey the firms richness of experience and services to the reader as well as reflecting the clean aesthetic of the offices work.


Ehren-Haus Industries - Professional plastics and fabrication company located in Charlotte, South Carolina. Scope: Site redesign and development Shuffles & Ballet II - Official dance school of Ballet Arkansas located in Little Rock. Scope: Site redesign, development, maintenance

SuganoSystem - Personal site for dance instructor, author, and creative director of Ballet Arkansas. Scope: New site planning, design, maintenance Evenstar Films - New York City-based independent film and theater production company. Scope: New site planning, design, development

Haug Chiropractic - Chiropractic office in Clovis, CA. Scope: Site template design, setup

Freelance web design and development, recent projects Tools: Photoshop, HTML, CSS, jQuery



All: Academic, charcoal on paper, 2002-2004 Above: Figure drawings, 2'x3' and 6"x8" Left: Master Reproductions, 3'x4'
Reproducing master works was an excellent exercise in gauging proportions, as well as allowing me to study the line and shading styles of historys master arists. It also enabled me to let innovation rest and focus on the charcoal technique. Far Left: Reproduction of The

Death Of Marat by David altered to include a self portrait



Oil painting began as a struggle, but once I discovered how to work wet into wet it opened up a new world of relationships between color, light and shadow. To paint is to construct a scene piece by piece while never forgetting the whole, a composite of colors seemingly unrelated but harmonious and complementary when combined.

Top: Color study of a pear, 5x7 oil on gessoed paper, academic, 2004; Right: Self portrait, 6x9 oil on gessoed wood, academic, 2004;