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CASE# 4678229301 REPUBLIC NAME: Quinlan Vos RACIAL NAME: Jetii Adenn PROFESSION: Jedi Guardian RACE: Mandelorian

HEIGHT: 60 WEIGHT: 185 lbs HAIR COLOR: Dark Brown EYE COLOR: Green BACKGROUND: Long ago, a series of Jedi missionaries settled upon Mandalore after the Mandalorian wars in order to assist in the pacification of the planet. However, through a series of decisions and betrayals, the Jedi intermarried into the society, leading to the independent development of Mandalorian forcewielders. Since this time, every Mandalore since Mandalore the Indomitable has shown force potential, and many of the AlOriRamikade or Supercommandos were also of these lineages. Eventually, a separate strand of Mandalorian Jedi Knights arose, trained separately from the Jedi Council and developed their own independent Order.

Unlike other Jedi Knights, Mandalorian Knights were taken from their homes at an early age and were sent to the Planet of Bandomeer. There, in combination with force training, Mandalorian Knights learned traditional Mandoan ranged and martial combat. The warlike nature of the Taung culture further shaped their views, and Mandalorian Knights were known to be extremely fierce leaders of their fellow Mandalorians and unchallengeable in close combat. FLASH FORWARD~ Bandomeer came under massive attack by the failed Jedi Xanatos, and after his final defeat, Jedi Master QuiGon Jinn made sure to install an official Jedi Order presence on Bandomeer. The Jedi Knights taught the Mandalorian Knights temperance, patience, and meditation, and enlisted their help in restoring the planets ecosystem. After the fall of the Galactic Republic, the last of the Jedi Order fled to Bandomeer and stood united with the Mandalorian Knights in opposing Vaders purge. In 19 BBY, Darth Vader and the Imperial Army landed on Bandomeer after it chose to not join the Galactic Empire and became determined to defeat the Empire. Despite a pitched battle, Vader and his forces won. To his knowledge, all the Mandalorian Knights and Jedi Knights on the planet died. However, a lone Mandalorian Master escaped back to Mandalore and his ancestral ties permitted him to be hidden among his people. Jetii Adenn was born in 11 BBY, on the day of the 8th anniversary of the massacre at Bandomeer. He was born to Darasuum Buir,

a beautiful woman whose ancestors had included Mandalorian Knight blood, and Anilatoon Oriramikade, a Supercommando who trained under the famous Fenn Shysha. His mother died when he was young, so his father hatched a plan, which on the surface seemed cruel but really was the most compassionate plan available to his father. In 3 BBY, his father sent him to Bandomeer to train among the Mandalorian academies, but secretly, he arranged for the singular Mandalorian Master to link up with him. When Jetii arrived on Bandomeer, he found a devastated world still rebuilding from past horrors. Despite the fact that he was essentially abandoned by his father, Jetii did not despair. He made do stealing what he needed and surviving from the harsh land, and all the while he was being observed by the Master. Finally, once Jetii displayed his innate force abilities against a pack of wild Thernbee, the Master stepped in. The lone Jedi trained Jetii for 10 years, and while Luke Skywalker and the Rebels fought for and built their New Republic, Jetii became a Mandalorian Knight once more. In 7 ABY, his Master perished, without ever telling his apprentice his name. He did tell him the location of his old home, as well as the place of Jetiis final gift from his Master. Jetii went to his Masters home, and dug through the foundation and deep into the scarred soil, and found his Masters gift. It was a beautiful set of Mandalorian Armor from the Mandalorian Wars, silver and black, as well as a lightsaber, blue as ice. Inside this cache was a letter addressed to him. It was from his master.

Within the letter was a set of instructions, telling Jetii to leave the ancient grotto on Bandomeer and head to the Perlemiant Run, where he would find a means to get to Coruscant. Despite several adventures and misadventures, Jetii made it to Coruscant where he ran into Luke Skywalker. Luke was not searching for force users at this time, but saw the skill within Jetiis eyes and actions, so he had Jetii join the New Republic Armed Forces where he was quickly selected for the Special forces Divisions. The rest, as one may say, is history.