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RANCANGAN PENGAJARAN HARIAN (Daily Lesson Plan) Subject Year Time Theme Topic Focus Introduction : Bahasa Inggeris

/English : Satu Bestari (30 pupils) : 0845 - 0945 (60 minutes) : World Of Songs : Old MacDonalds Farm : Listening and Speaking : This lesson focuses on listening and speaking. Activities are teacher-led where teacher guide pupils to sing songs. There should be a lot of encouragement for pupils to speak and share. Teachers role is to facilitate and provide a good environment for listening and speaking to happen in the classroom.

Content Standard

: 1.1 Pupils will be able to pronounce words and speak confidently with the correct stress, rhythm and intonation. : 1.1.2 Able to listen to and enjoy simple songs. 1.1.3 Able to listen to, say aloud and recite rhymes or sing songs with guidance.

Learning Standard


: By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to : I. II. III. respond to a song heard verbally sing and talk about a stimulus(song) with guidance name the animals in the songs.

Teaching Aids Moral values Steps/Time Induction set ( 5 minute ) Contents Names and guess the sounds of

: Power Point Slides, Picture Cards, Word Cards, Video/Song : Love the animals and the environment Teaching & Learning Strategy 1. Teacher makes sound of animals. 2. Pupils guess the sounds. Notes

Sounds of animals Cat Meow!Meow! Dog Woof!Woof!

the animals

3. Teacher asks the pupils about a farm the pupils know. Examples of the question: 1. Have you ever visited a farm? 2. What animals did you see? 3. What's your favourite farm animal?

Duck Quack!Quack! Cow Moo!Moo! Turkey Gobbie!Gobbie! Sheep Baa!Baa! Moral : Bravery

Step 1 ( 15 minute)

Old MacDonald Had A Farm songs with lyrics

1. Teacher displays the song and sings it aloud with pupils. 2. Pupils listen and follow the lyric. Pupils sing the song with teachers guidance. 3. Teacher sings the song with the movements. 4. Pupils follow the movements. 5. Pupils sing the song by group and individual.

ABM : Old MacDonald Had A Farm songs with lyrics Moral: Paying attention

Step 2 ( 20 minute )

Listen and speak, exercises

1. Teacher displays the power point slides. 2. Pupils listen and speak the animals name and sounds according to the slides with guidance. 3. Pupils say the animals names with the correct pronunciation. Interactive exercises (Teacher also gives pupils the worksheets.) 1. Teacher asks pupils to match the sounds with the animals pictures. 2. Pupils color the hidden animals name. (hidden word) 3. Pupils fill in the missing alphabet of the animal picture/name.

ABM : power point slides, worksheets Moral: Paying attention, hardwork

(if answer direct to the computer, using colored pen provided in the presentation view. right click at the slide and click pen/highlight.)

Steps 3

( 15 minit )


1. Teacher gives pupils each animal card (either a picture or word). 2. Pupils with the same animals will form a group. 3. When they hear the name of the animal, they must raise their hands with the cards and doing the animal actions and noises. 4. Alternatively, give each group a set of animal flashcards and repeat step 3 above. 1. Pupils sing again the Old MacDonald Had A Farm with correct intonation and pronunciation with suitable action without teacher guidance. (if necessary, teacher will still guide the pupils)

ABM: Word and picture cards Moral : Paying attention, cooperative

Closure ( 5 minute )

Singing and simulation

ABM : music video slide Moral : bravery, cooperative