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anchor chain preparation for measuring I think this may help:copy/paste from article ANCHORS & CHAINS (Survey)

1. Both chain locker manhole covers located on forward bulkhead of cargo hold, shall be removed by the Contractor. The Chain lockers shall be thoroughly ventilated and certified safe for personnel to enter. Copies of safe entry certificates shall be posted adjacent to the manholes and copies shall be given to the Chief Engineer. 2. Port And Starboard anchors and anchor cables, 10-1/4 and 10-1/2 shots each, Port & Starboard, shall be ranged in the dock for hydro-blast cleaning, oiling and inspections by surveyor. both anchors shall be lowered to the dock floor by the contractor. The contractor shall bid on craneage, personnel, and equipment to lower the anchors and run out both cables. After both anchors and cables are ranged on the dock floor, both chain locker access covers shall be removed and both cable bitter ends let go. 3. In preparations for oiling, cables shall be hydro-blasted. 4. Cables shall be inspected by TCMSB prior to oiling. All links shall be inspected and slack studs or missing lead pellets identified and reported. The Contractor shall quote on repairs to six (6) slack studs. The present first two (2) shots of each cable shall be disconnected and rotated to the position of the last shots. Free ends to be reconnected to anchors complete with babbitt pellets. Centre shackle pins to be sealed. 5. Cables shall be sprayed lightly with IRVING RP15 or equivalent oil. Cables to be rolled 180 degrees to ensure complete coating. 6. Both anchors shall be abrasive blasted completely to bare metal (SA2) and given one (1) coat of International Intershield KZ, Black. The anchors to be turned as required to ensure that all bare metal is coated satisfactorily. 7. Anchor shackle pins shall be removed for examination. Upon reassemble, new taper pins shall be fitted. Joining shackles shall be painted red with equal numbers of white links painted on either side. The number of white links will correspond with the number of shots beginning from the anchor joining shackles. The outer end links of each white painted set shall be marked with seizing wire close hitched around the link stud. 8. On completion of above work, cables and anchors shall be reshipped and secured in good order and adjustment. 9. All materials shall be contractor supply, and all work shall be carried out to the satisfaction of the Chief Engineer, or his designated representative CHAIN LOCKER (Survey )

1. In conjunction with HD 16 Anchors and Chains, the Chain Locker, Fr. 241- 247 shall be cleaned and inspected. 2. With the anchor chains removed, the Contractor shall clean the internals with a high pressure water wash. Bottom grates to be lifted and cleaned underneath. All dirt and debris shall be removed and disposed of ashore. 3. Contractor to note any damage and notify Owners representative, who will determine if additional work / repair shall be carried out. 4. Chain locker to be examined by TCMSB. 5. Contractor to prove that bilge pumping system piping for the chain locker is clear and operable upon completion of work. 6. Contractor shall close up the chain locker in good order and adjustment upon completion of inspections and work, using new gaskets, Contractor Supply.