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Sally Jones, Notary Public 202 Trident Lane Beach City, CA 92600 Tom Jackson BAA&C HOME FINANCE LLC 1101 YORKTOWN DRIVE COLUMBUS, OH 43200 BARNEY R RUBBLE, Account No. 3330001111 Registered Mail No. RR 829 830 000 US / RR; Notarys Certificate of Service


Re. Service:

Dear Mr. Jackson, I have been contacted by John Henry Smith, Attorney-in-fact for BARNEY R RUBBLE, from outside the United States for the purpose of presenting full payment under notary seal in the above-referenced matter and certain tax filings in which you are named as the Recipient of a taxable gain in the amount of One-million Two-hundred Fiftythousand and 00/00 Dollars ($1,250,000.00). I have been asked to mention that the funds may be presented to Treasury via TT&L (see Form 1040-V) or in the pre-addressed registered mail envelope without disassembling the supportive documents. The transaction is being tracked in real time to ensure the integrity of the public record. The principal requests verification in the form of an adjusted statement of account demonstrating that payment has been processed pursuant to G.A.A.P. or evidence of a defect in the tender such as a notice of dishonor from Treasury, in either case to be received through me no later than ten (10) days from this postmark to prevent issuance of a certificate verifying your rejection of payment and acceptance of liability pursuant to my statutory authority. The attached Letter of Instructions characterizes an unauthorized return without cause, a defective statement of account, or other claim on title without evidence of a defect as your confession of a theft of funds in the special maritime jurisdiction. In that event, I have been asked to make mention that a corrected 1099-OID will be filed indicating your personal liability for the tax obligation. That observation in facilitation of international commerce should not be deemed a power of attorney or the practice of law. Im just a duty-bound messenger. Thank you for your assistance. All communication should be delivered through me at the above address by Certified Mail/RR to ensure delivery and appropriate certification. Service in any other manner will be defective on its face. WITNESS my hand and official seal.

_____________________________________ NOTARY PUBLIC Void where prohibited by law August 24, 2010 My commission expires: _____________________

October 28, 2008 _______________ DATE