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STATE OF CALIFORNIA COUNTY OF ORANGE PRESENTMENT ) ) ) ss AMOUNT INTEREST NOTICES POSTAGE PROTEST October 28, 2008 MONEY ORDER NO. US-220740040 did duly present on ________________ the attached ______________________________________________ Tom Jackson, BAA&C HOME FINANCE LLC, 1101 YORKTOWN DRIVE, COLUMBUS, OH 43200 October 28, 2008 dated _______________ to __________________________________________________________________

$1,250,000 00

Be it known, that, the person signing below, a duly empowered Notary Public, at

John Henry Smith 202 Trident Lane, Beach City, CA 92600 the request of_________________________ In care of ___________________________________________
Creditor Address


$1,250,000 00

John Henry Smith Settlement & Closure of Account No. 3330001111 signed by ___________________________ requesting ___________________________________________, the time limit having elapsed for acceptance thereof and providing clarification of settlement and closure, which was refused. PROTEST Whereupon, the Notary Public signing below, for the reason dishonor by non-performance, does publicly and solemnly certify the dishonor as against all parties it may concern for liability equivalent to the face value of the instrument, and all costs, damages and interest incurred, or hereafter incurred, by reason of nonperformance thereof and stipulations therein. November 18, 2008 NOTICE The undersigned Notary Public, certifies that on ___________________Notice(s) of Dishonor were sent to the parties noted below by depositing in a depository of the United States Postal Service within the State indicated herein a sealed envelope containing said Notices(s) directed to the respective person(s) or entity(ies) at the last known corresponding address noted below: NAME ADDRESS

* Unless entered, TOTAL is defined as the value of the referenced account.

Tom Jackson _________________________________ BAA&C HOME FINANCE LLC _________________________________

_________________________________ TESTIMONY

1101 YORKTOWN DRIVE ________________________________________________ COLUMBUS, OH 43200 ________________________________________________


In testimony of the above, I have signed my name and attached my official seal

___________________________________________ Notary Public August 24, 2010 My commission expires: __________________ November 18, 2008 Date __________________


Date of Presentment: Notice Presented Under Seal: October 28, 2008 SECURED PROMISSORY NOTE NO. US-220740040 DATED OCTOBER 28, 2008. SECURED FUNDING AND OFFSET BOND NO. USSF-2208082402 (photocopy) PROCESSING INSTRUCTIONS REGISTERED MAIL ENVELOPE PREADDRESSED TO SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY The above-noted parties were presented notice under notary seal that certification of non-performance within ten (10) days of postmark would comprise their acceptance of the above-indicated liability as holder(s) in due course of the funds, the time having elapsed for performance thereof, which was refused.

Notarys Certification: