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Management by terror Don't know whether this term is there in the management jargon but some of the big

bosses I've seen in my carrier who just did that. Upto a certain level of their carrier they were jolly person but after that they projected themselves as the most angry & important man on earth. Slight mistake and you are in his firing squad. These are the most unpopular general managers with whom people never felt easy. Later some of whom I re-discovered that they are actually internally very insecure persons. The external angry image is just to coverup that shaky inside. This man Sh Abhoy K Cahkroborty came as General Manager of our plant. In a very short time his angry image gave him the fame of 'AK47'. We were at the junior level therefore, we never had to talk to him directly until one day it was my shift and my boss did not turn up that night due to illness. He thought that he would manage the morning reporting to the GM after taking reports from me over phone. At 6:15 my boss telephoned me that he was still searching AK-47 who as per report is roaming around the CHP our coal handling plant. I sensed danger. The flap gate 16 is again causing problem in the coal feeding. The damn gate is not opening. Huge power cylinder is not listening to the command. I find the C&I engineer looking through the circuity. 'The solenoid is gone' , The C&I man said in despair. 'Oh my god ! the store will open at 9:30 and getting a new solenoid and then fitting it , making it ready to operate is not going to be before 10'O clock' , I was looking out for alternatives. 'Disengage the power cylinder , we will force open the gate else feeding will be delayed' , I instructed the C&I man and then arrange the cleaning group to force open the gate. This has been done many times for these kinds of flap gates. So the gate was opened and the coal feeding was restored. Assuming I've done a great job I was about to return to the control room for completing my log book when I found AK-47 ahead of me.

what was happening here ? , AK-47 in his usual threatening mood. Sir, the flap gate solenoid is damaged so after decoupling it we have just opened the flap gate to restore the coal feeding, I told as if I just avoided an imminent disaster. Are you sure enough this is the right way of doing it , Do you always use cleaning labor force for it ?, AK-47 is turning red now. Sir this is how I've seen it done and these gates malfunctions quite often, I'm on defensive now. Tell Mr. Vinod to talk to me now, AK-47 turned back towards the control room. In the control room I connected our HOD, Vinod saab and then gave the receiver to him. 'Mr Vinod, your man Mr Vira has a hoard of free manpower with whom he always force open the flap gates whenever they malfunction, they use the cleaning manpower for these kinds of job quite often, He is obviously sensing very angry in this small control room. My HOD tried to tell him something from the other end but AK-47 was even more abusive & angry now. Other desk engineers are all now confused and helplessly watched the drama. Our control room attendant came and offered him glass of water in usual way. He drank and then left , leaving all of us confused & spell bound. The telephone buzzed after some time. Vinod sir wants to talk to you, Kishore gave me the receiver. After listening everything from me he paused for a minute and then told , Vira just forget it, this man was my boss in another CHP and there he was pioneer of making short cuts.... 'Then why so hypocrisy here !' , I almost broke down. 'Cool .. cool.... Vira, these hypocrisy is nothing but professional hazards of working with the big bosses, you too will learn one day...'. That day I understood one thing 'hypocrisy is a part of going high in the corporate ladder'

After couple of years under the same leadership one day the state pollution control board gave a threatening letter to the GM telling that the smoke emission from our chimney is very high, they have satellite imagery to support that claim. The GM must meet the state authority & give explanation, failure of which will put him behind bars. He took two people Me & Amol from Human Resources to accost him at the collectorate. 'Do you know what is your assignment ?' , The GM asked us in his usual angry mood. 'Yes, to arrange the meeting between you and the collector', I replied. OK, you can come along with me in my car No sir, we will come a day ahead , I said politely. The meeting was already arranged by the HR people . We just roam around the Raipur city enjoying it's good food and looking at the beautiful women of the city. The meeting was scheduled at 11:35 hours. We told his driver to appear at the collectorate not before 11:30. So he came and we three entered the chief collector's office. The PS to the collector told him that only one can accompany, not both. He signaled me to come along. Inside the spacious office of the collector we sat across face to face. The man immediately after introduction started his non stop fusillade for five minutes of huge dust emission from our chimneys. He also says that we always flout the state pollution norms despite we have money and support to rectify it. The latest satellite picture shows the emission from our chimney is more than double of the acceptable limit. Once he stops the monologue , AK-47 started giving explanation but his meek approach and timid expression just blown away by another flurry of monologue from the other end. Fumbling AK-47 stopped in the mid way. I am helplessly watching the drama until the man looked at me and asked - ' how long have you been in this company ?

'Seven years , Sir'. Have you ever seen your chimney emission form city side ? It showers all your dust there. 'True Sir, but on a high wind day the satellite picture may give false readings, otherwise our chimney emission are not so bad as it claims' , I tried to pacify him. 'How come ?' , He is becoming reasonable. I forwarded one computer print out to him. After going through it, he seems to have become more sane now. He immediately called his PS to get connected to some other officer to verify it. The man on the other end asked some time to check up. Meanwhile we were given tea & cold drinks. Silently we sipped tea. AK-47 now opened his mouth and told his points one by one. However, most of his claims were out rightly discounted by him. The white telephone buzzed. While talking into the phone he appreciatively looked at me. He seem to have instructed the man at the other end to take readings on a clear and no wind day , preferably by the end of December. 'Young man what you say has got merits. We will take readings again on a clear & no wind day by December. Till then you have time to improve your emission' , He dismissed us summarily. We came out of his office. AK-47 told me to come along with him. 'How did you jump to that point, while he was rejecting everything' , AK-47 inquired me. 'I thought that was our strongest point' , I pledged carefully. 'But when I told he did not listen', AK-47 seemed confused. 'Leave it sir, we got time till December, that is most important' , I wanted to discount him now. In fact I wanted to tell him ,'Mr. AK-47 while preaching your strongest point you made the basic mistake of communication, you did not look at his eyes'

Later when I analyzed him further I found he was a rather poor communicator. By trouble shooting only he had climbed the corporate ladder easily but when it comes to dealing with people , environment or society he proved to be a failure. The angry image was a mask to hide his inner weakness only. Later I was transferred to another project. His fame continued to flourish in that project for another one year after that he was shunted to a remote office at Patna. It was heard that people started complaining against his abusive nature to the high offices. His never progressed beyond that level. Today I find many of these pseudo leaders have reached this high level but they severely fail to inspire people to bring the best. They still act & behave like trouble shooters their strongest characteristic. The veneer outer cover of angry insatiable nature is actually a mask to guard the inner softness. They need to change first. [ As told by a friend on Mumbai-Varanasi flight ] S. Bera Powai [N.B: With all due respect I think Shri AK-47 was nothing but a over promoted functional manager. With poor management skills and even poorer entrepreneurial skill he failed to inspire the people for a brighter future ...]

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