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A Magickal Experiment

I invite you to be part of an unusual but practical online magickal experiment commenced on the 16th of Sept. 2002. What is it? Short explanation: it's a protective spiritual servitor that anyone can summon for personal defence purposes. Longer explanation: The basic idea behind this experiment was the creation of a spiritual servitor that could be contracted out for the purpose of seeing whether or not such a method of working would be effective and, if so, just HOW effective. Virtually everyone has need of some form of occasional self-defence, whether it be psychic or physical. Since self-defence is a practical application with endless possibilities for observation and testing, I decided that it would be perfectly suited as a topic/direction for this experiment with servitors. The form of a large black leopard was chosen simply because large cats are among the world's best and most efficient predators. (What better to rely on for one's personal protection?) How was the servitor created? See this site's section on Constructs and Thoughtforms to get a basic idea of simple methods of servitor creation. This particular one is much more complicated than that, but the initial method for planning and building was similar (with the exception that this one took several days to complete and made use of additional techniques which I am not at liberty to openly discuss).

The basic method of operation: Each person who wishes to make use of this servitor during times of need will have to either print the images on this page or make similar copies (you can use any picture or statue of a black leopard that you like so long as you put the name and sigil on it) and make a burnt offering to the servitor. Although less experienced practitioners may need to make several offerings while visualizing the sigil and chanting the name of the servitor several times over a period of days in order to establish a psychic connection, hypothetically the act of making one such offering while fervently seeking to make psychic contact should be enough to inform it that you wish to make use of its services. Some of its abilities and restrictions:

It will only protect/defend the person who has entered into the basic contract via burnt offerings. It will not necessarily defend anyone else.

You cannot ask it or expect it to attack anyone. It's only job is occasional defence (IF and only IF there is a real need for defence), and any attacks that do occur will be initiated by the servitor itself as part of its own self-defence while performing its duties.

You cannot reprogram or control the servitor in any way. It will ignore any requests for reprogramming and may meet any tampering attempts with extreme violence and refusal to honour the original contract initiated by the burnt offerings.

It is a learning servitor - it learns from its mistakes, and it was designed to be creative and even surprise its creator(s).

It is a growing servitor. That's why you must make a burnt offering if you want its assistance. The offering serves as a form of energy exchange or payment for services. More energy means a stronger servitor for all involved in the experiment, so don't hesitate to make regular offerings!

There is much more to it than this, but that's the basic overview. If you need help (or just want to feel safe) at any time after making the offering, just call and/or concentrate on the servitor's name while visualizing its sigil. It will do all it can to assist you if you have a real need for assistance. If not, then it will either ignore you (if you're delusional and nutty) or try to find someone/something that may be of better assistance to you . How effective is this servitor if summoned? All I can say with certainty is that the longer the servitor exists and the more people charge it up with regular offerings, the stronger and more able to assist it will probably become. And THAT is what we're trying to determine with this experiment; the extent of a servitor's potential effectiveness after it's been contributed to by many people (hundreds/thousands if possible).

This is an image that was passed to me that can be used as a point of focus:

His name (pronounced Rah-Mahd) and sigil are thus:

You may print them both and set them up on an altar for regular offerings. Or, if you choose, you may find or make a statue and inscribe the name and sigil on it instead. The particular image used doesn't matter so long as it's of a black panther/leopard and the name and sigil are present. There are no formal rituals required other than the establishment of mental/astral contact through the name and sigil (accomplished usually by repeated visualization, chanting, and desire) and the making of burnt offerings. Whenever you have need of personal defence afterward, simply call on Ramad and he will be present and do his best to assist.

Regarding the Burnt Offerings: Organic living or previously living material is best. If you have a BBQ, then it wouldn't hurt to fill it with charcoal and throw some raw meat directly onto the red hot coals and reduce it to ashes while willing the energy released to benefit Ramad. The types of energy released by the burning of raw meat, blood, semen, and other fleshy/living types of material will be perfectly suited to enhancing the strength of this servitor. Please note that ethics/morals are not a concern here. The type of burnt offering chosen was not due to a desire to be gruesome. It was a simple necessity in order to achieve a desired effect - in this case, a strong servitor with the ability to affect nearly physical things. I am NOT suggesting the killing or sacrificing of living animals here - if you decide to use raw meat, please make sure you acquire it from a local supermarket or other legal resource. Don't harm innocent animals or people. A bit of meat left over from frying up some burgers would be more than enough to do the job. Alternate and accepted forms of energy offering: For those inclined toward sex magick, the energy raised during orgasm is a fine (and often potent) offering. Just concentrate on the name and sigil during the moment of orgasm and Will the energy raised to go to the servitor. Other materials besides meat have been tried, but they just weren't appropriate. Ramad didn't find them very appetizing or nourishing (how many large wild cats do you know that like to eat much besides meat?). It's best to stick with fleshy/organic/living or previously living materials. I'll continue searching for alternate forms of offering material and post any updates if something suitable is found. Other final thoughts regarding this experiment: It is my hope that eventually this servitor will grow in strength and ability to the point where it will begin to have more physical manifestations. I'm most interested to see if it will eventually be able to prevent violent assaults on a nearly physical level (whether through frightening the attacker or causing him to suddenly go unconscious). If it does, then it will have more than fulfilled its purpose and expectations.