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Pre-final year ECE, Alagappa chettiar college of engg. &tech., Karaikudi.

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ABSTRACT: The Objective of this project is to develop a system to keep the vehicle secure and protect it by the occupation of the intruders. We cant take care of ours while in running by less conscious. If we done all the vehicles with automated security system that provides high security to driver, also gives alarm.

This project contains, y Microcontroller (ATMEL) y Eye blink sensor y Signal Conditioning Unit y Driver circuit y Alarm Unit y A DC Motor This project involves controlling accident due to unconscious through Eye blink. Here one eye blink sensor is fixed in vehicle where if anybody looses conscious, it will indicate through alarm. If the eye blinks sensor sense it will indicates to the microcontroller.Then microcontroller activates the driver circuit to stop the vehicle. Through this, we can control the breaking in the vehicle. So whenever the driver turns unconscious, the break will be applied. So we can avoid the accident in the vehicle.

Here InfraRed eye blink sensor is used to count the number of eyeblinks. Microcontroller acts as the central processing unit. An alarm is connected to the microcontroller through driver circuit. A DC motor is used to represent the breaking system of a vehicle. BLOCK DIAGRAM:

ADVANTAGES: y Highly reliable y Less cost y Ensures human safety