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IBM Hardware Maintenance

Committed Services for IBM Hardware Warranty and Maintenance

With Committed Services, IBM takes responsibility for managing hardware support, irrespective of the complexity of the hardware environment, and delivers a guaranteed level of service for eligible machines. Committed Services delivers high hardware systems availability and resilience at a market-competitive price. Enhanced hardware support Committed Services is a new premium Control your IT budget with optimised support Todays IT environment is
Maximise system uptime


service offering, which significantly enhances IBM hardware support. IBMs standard base maintenance contract and product warranty service provides a repair service which is based on a target service level for response. Committed Services provides a formal contractual commitment to deliver responsive and efficient problem resolution with a selection of predefined service levels, including committed fix times for a wide range of IBM hardware.

characterised by complexity of systems, which are often diverse, interconnected and supporting critical business applications. The consequences of system downtime can be very expensive and potentially disastrous as the relationship between a companys business performance and IT systems availability becomes more interdependent. In the event of a hardware failure, you need a solution that is adapted to meet all your support requirements as well as being affordable.

rapid problem recovery

Reduce cost minimse lost

Protect mission critical

machines pay for the highest level of service where its most needed
Premium service levels on IBM

products full manufacturer support.

Committed Services interlocks with other key premium service offerings options, such as Software Maintenance and Enhanced Technical Support to provide total support across the IT infrastructure.

Committed Service Levels

Fix time IBM on-site repair IBM on-site repair IBM on-site repair On-site response time IBM on-site repair IBM on-site repair IBM on-site repair Contact Time IBM on-site repair IBM on-site repair IBM on-site repair 6 hours committed fix time 8 hours committed fix time 12 hours committed fix time 4 hours committed on-site response time 6 hours committed on-site response time 8 hours committed on-site response time 0.5 hours committed contact time 1 hours committed contact time 2 hours committed contact time
IBM United Kingdom Limited PO Box 41 North Harbour Portsmouth Hampshire PO6 3AU United Kingdom Tel: 0870 010 2503 IBM Ireland Limited Oldbrook House 24-32 Pembroke Road Dublin 4 Tel: 1890 200 392

Customised Committed Service Levels are also available, subject to specific client requirements. Committed Service Levels Committed Service Levels are a selectable combination of initial contact time, onsite response time or total fix time providing a defined service level for each product platform. There is also an option to buy the service to cover your business at specific times or around the clock. IBMs delivery infrastructure including call management resources and parts logistics has been optimised to meet these service levels options. In the unlikely event IBM does not meet the contract terms, the client can claim a service credit. Service level options currently available within the standard Committed Services portfolio can be seen in the table above. IBMs service credentials Leading Europe in delivering exceptional customer satisfaction for hardware support 14,000 certified service technicians worldwide 14 Helpcentre facilities around the world staffed by over 2,500 call centre specialists providing round-the-clock support One of the worlds largest parts inventories with 479 part-stocking locations worldwide and over 100 same day stock locations in Europe Anytime access to a World-wide knowledge pool of support centre engineers with direct access to manufacturing and software laboratories Proven business-critical support capability covering major IT infrastructures including IBM server and storage platforms, IBM Middleware, Linux, Microsoft, Cisco and other strategic OEM products such as HP and Sun systems. For more information Please contact your IBM Representative, IBM Business Partner, send an e-mail to: maintenanceandtechnicalsupport@ or visit services/uk/gts/mts

IBM South Africa Limited Private Bag X9907 Sandhurst 2146 South Africa Tel: 0860 700 777

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