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Age level: a) 21-30 years b) 31-40 years

c) 41-50 years 4. Gender a) Male 5. Education qualification a) SSLC c) UG e) ITI / Diploma 6. Experience a) Below 5 years c) 10-15 years

d) Above 51 years

b) Female

b) HSS d) PG

b) 5-10 years d) Above 15 years

7. Monthly Income level a) 8000-15000 c) 21000-25000 b) 16000-20000 d) Above 25000

8. How do you describe your job responsibility? a) Routine work c) Growth oriented b) Result oriented d) Risk oriented

9. If you commit any mistake what is your attitude level? a) Extreme pressure c) Normal 10. How you are while on work? contents boss colleagues subordinate Kind Harsh order soft b) Little pressure

11. Are you satisfied with the shift timing? a) Yes b) No

12. Do you think that your health has impact on your work? a) Yes b) No

13. Do you feel that the stress will affect your psychological ability? a) Yes b) No

If yes due to: Content Miss concentration Over thinking Lack of memory Over confidence 14. Please rate the following: content Income Relocation lifestyle Retirement Satisfied highly satisfied dissatisfied Highly dissatisfied Always sometimes Never

15. The following factors that influence your stress level in the organization. a) Organizational c) Family e) Psychological 16. When forced to work over time, how do you feel with it? a) I start working on the thinks that need to be done b) I think first, and then I take my time doing what I need to do c) Get annoyed and bored with work b) Personal d) Social

17. How do you feel about your work load on daily basis? a) Relaxed c) Burden 18. How do you feel about working environment? a) Satisfied c) Dissatisfied b) Highly satisfied d) Highly dissatisfied b) Normal

19. How do you feel about working hours? a) Satisfied c) Dissatisfied b) Highly satisfied d) Highly dissatisfied

20. Do you believe that the following could reduce your stress in working place?

No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

contents Self development Improve communication Changing perception Creating positive image Counseling


21. If there is any suggestion please specify ?

Thank You

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