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Okay Dear Folks, we are now taking up the Example A for our study first.

The above is a snapshot from the Software You have downloaded. We see that the Ascendant or First House is No.9 Which is Sagittarius. First we should understand what does the word Ascendant mean ?It is the Sign and degree on the Cusp of the First House on the Eastern Horzon from the place of birth. The native of this Chart would have qualities of a Sagittarian.These qualities would be further modified now Because of Saturn also being present in that sign. (The Qualities Of Sagittarius natives and Saturn in Sagittarius, we shall take up later in The future lessons.) So the First house in this case of this Chart,birth place at Delhi is I repeat the Sign Sagittarius. The native will have thus Many qualities of Sagittariun in him. The second House is No.10 which is Capricorn. The Planet moon is placed in this House.

The Third House in No.11 Acquarius. Rahu (Dragons Head) is placed here. In future we shall not Use the term Dragons Head but just Rahu. The Fourth House is No.12 Pisces. The Planet Mars is placed in this House. The 5th House is No.1 Aries It is empty . The 6th House is No.2 Taurus. The Planet Jupiter is placed here. The 7th House is No.3 Gemini No Planet here. The 8th House is No.4 Cancer No Planet here. The 9th House is No. 5 Leo. Ketu (Dragons Tail is placed here). The 10th House is No.6 Virgo. Planet Venus is here. The 11th House is No.7 Libra. Mercury is placed here. The 12th House is No.8 Scorpio. The Planet Sun is placed here. Please note the undermentioned in Your NoteBooks Which would be a reference to the newcomers till they Know the same by heart. This is a permanent Table Forever for all charts. SIGN NO. NAME OF SIGN LORD OF THIS SIGN

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Acquarius Pisces

Mars Venus Mercury The Moon The Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturn Jupiter

Now we shall take up the Chart of Native (Example B) for Birth at Bombay

Here the Ascendant or First house falls in the Sign Pisces Saturn and Mercury In the first House (Lord of this Sign is Jupiter)

Second House- Aries Rahu and Sun in Aries (Lord of this Sign is Mars) Third House Taurus Venus in tarus (Lord of this Sign is Venus) Fourth House Gemini No Planet in Gemini (Lord of this Sign is Mercury) Fifth House - Cancer Jupiter in Cancer (Lord of this Sign is Moon) Sixth House Leo Moon in Leo (Lord of this Sign is Sun) Seventh House Virgo Mars in Virgo (Lord of this Sign is Mercury) Eight House Libra Ketu in Libra (Lord of this Sign is Venus) Ninth house is Scorpio No Planet in Scorpio (Lord of this Sign is Mars) Tenth House is Sagittarius No Planet in Sagittarius (Lord of this Sign is Jupiter) Eleventh House is Capricorn

No Planet in Capricorn (Lord of this Sign is Saturn) Twelvth House is Acquarius No Planet in Acquarius (Lord of this Sign is Saturn). Dear Senior members (As You can very well guess this has been really tough for me to type, as I had to go back 20 years and was actually falling to sleep while doing this, kindly let me know of any mistakes You notice, so that it may be rectified).