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Advertising plan Definition Detailed outline of a firm's or a product's advertising campaign which shows what are the advertising

objectives, how they will be achieved, and what commitment of resources is required. An advertising plan specifies the thinking, tasks, and time table needed to conceive and implement an effective advertisement . The advertising plan presents an analysis of the advertising situation, along with a reiteration of the previously established marketing objective and marketing strategy. It then outlines the objectives and strategy specific to advertising, along with details about messages, media plans, ties to sales promotion or special events , the advertising budget, and some sort of timeline or calendar that shows key dates in the upcoming campaign. Advertising Planning Process The steps or stages taken in planning an advertising campaign; the steps include identifying the target market, establishing the advertising objectives, developing the advertising budget, developing the advertising strategies, selecting the appropriate media, and evaluating the advertising effectiveness Planning an advertising campaign

Appraise advertising opportunity

Analyse and define the target market

Set advertising objective

Determining advertising budget

Evaluate final results (post testing)

Create ads, pre-test and release ads

Decide media and creative strategy

Major activities in advertising management are: Planning Decision making Essence of planning is to find out what are the feasible alternatives are and reduce them to a set on which decisions can be made. A complete advertising plan reflects the results of the planning and decision making process and decisions that have been made in a particular product market situation. Components of advertising plan Introduction Situation Analysis Objectives Budgeting Strategy Execution Evaluation

Introduction Executive summary Over view

Strategy Repetition and frequency Rhyming games Trial Use Stimulation? Introductory offers Product guarantees Brand Switching? Value Propositions Product comparisons
Execution Copy strategy Media plan Integrated brand promotion Evaluation Criteria Methods Consequences

Situation Analysis Historical Context Industry analysis Market analysis Computer Analysis

Budgeting methods Percentage of sales Share of market / voice Response models Objective and

Advertising plan: Objectives To create or maintain brand awareness. To change consumer beliefs or attitude. To influence purchase intent. To stimulate trail use. To convert one-time users into repeat purchases. To encourage brand switching.

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