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Dan O'Connell Perfect Science AD Joliet, Illinois watching Macus MacCabe Ireland talking to Perfect Science Aydu Doyuk about using the formula's in a clean-up site in Northern Ireland Drunvalo talk in Wesak created a confusion in the mind of Flower of Life followers. Drunvalo talk about water making his follower believe that they could with teaching from him Drunvalo clean -up lake with a drop of Perfect Science and a Lake would be clean . This is crazy Perfect Science who was at the meeting in Washington tried to post the truth legal and otherwise inform them that this is not true . With no results occult thinking is set in stone . This is from the web site of Perfect Science's Terry Welch response e are posting this letter on the website, because you are posting

false information. In truth, you were caught stealing from Wanda, and the police have the report on the charges. You stole products that make products not "magic" water because there is no magic. The Truth is Drunvalo Lied in 1999 ( arranged by Eric Ekvall , Remote Viewer Program , Charter Trading ( 1992 ) , Ms Wards time in London oil for Iran , So who is the thief and the liar - you, Ayhan Doyuk , Drunvalo , Eric Ekvall , Micheal Rowen , Micheal Moreland , SAIC , Peter Jackson , Shelia MacArthy , Anne Merrile , Flower of Life , Spirit OF Maat , Tom Woodall Lawyer who came in 1992 , Houston , Texas , J Z Knight The Ram who would not let her people see our conference who works with Micheal Moreland of SAIC .

. Charges have been filed, and you are going to court. Everything you say about Perfect Science and Terry Welch is a lie, because if it was true, you would take us to court. This includes those who are sending us viruses and attacking us on the web.

It is not true what Ayhan is saying, and we will sue you and include you as co-conspirators in the court case against Ayhan. If all of you believe that this is water, it is not - it is a formula. Ayhan Doyuk stole from people in Poland.

There is no "magic" water. It is a formula, scientifically based and provable. If this was "magic" water that Ayhan created, why has he not cleaned the planet's waters?

Why would he need your money? He is using his supporters to raise money to cheat these people out of tens of millions of dollars. If he did this to you, be forewarned.

You either stand up for the truth or go to court to face charges of co-conspiracy. Contact the people he just robbed. Here is thepolice report charging Ayhan Doyuk in Poland. Between 1990 and 1992 in London and eventually in Turkey

Ireland after Flower of Life , Wesak , Drunvalo talk many people from Drunvalo following tried to stop the Perfect Science Formula's from being used in 1999/2000/2001/2002

Marcus MacCabe also ran for a seat in the government in Ireland . His friends in picture above with Dan O'Connell and Doyuk caused a lot of confusion and lied for a local company so their systems of clean -up would be used over Perfect Science this happened in 1999 .

Drunvalo follower which Marcus was one them could not take control over Perfect Science in Aug 1999 . Drunvalo tries to stop any one after his using them to advance himself with fake history of many not just Perfect Science. Doyuk went along with Drunvalo vision by not telling the truth or correcting Drunvalo Lie's .

From: Ark Permaculture Project> To: Mike Mickley <

Sent: Monday, September 25, 2000 11:46 AM Subject: Re: Irish testing - moving ahead

Dear Mike, Your account of what happened at the conference is plausible. Billy Mo ores e-mail is xxx I think! They are closed now so I can't ring. Anyway he only sometimes reads them. Or you could ring him at xxxx. His secretary is Bernie Mc Ma hon. Ask for her first when you get through to the Council. Ma eve Quinn's is sick at the moment so Patricia Mall on is dealing with analysis her e-mail is xxx. I cannot afford to get involved in bringing this through the process you propose. I am afraid the effort of organizing the conference left me rather in debt which I have only recently sorted out. I am very busy with my own business these days. If you want to hire me at this end it would be at my typical rate. As I said before Jack O Sullivan would be a good man > for the job. I would be interested and anxious to see you proceed with a proper test. That was the original intention however poorly events transpired. What contract were you congratulating me on?!


This was a fake when we were attacked at the time their were no labs so the reports that were done and throwing the glass at me were all done by Drunvalo , Eric Ekvall , Micheal Rowen , and who pays them to take over the tech or stop it , So we sent Ayhan Doyuk with David Jeans to England then to Turkey where Lex and I met up with him again in the Londra Hotel to talk .

Micheal wrote this out but


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FPerfect Science Of Boulder Inc Delaware Perfect Science AD Delaware Perfect Science Illinois March 13 , 2001 6153-5357 April 1998

He wrote the research for the 12 month research system wellness , health for Perfect Science Eco System Balance The Planet

: DA:

Mike Mickley February 21, 2000 Draft Plan for Irish test - version 2.1


Comments: With focus changing from the lake to a smaller site of the landfill leach ate pond, the plan becomes much simpler, as does the level of effort. More specifically, relative to version 1.0, this version reflects 1. 2. Less equipment need Less chemical need

3. Simpler application (smaller volume; less time needed; easier access to pond) 4. to be treated 5. 6. Simpler characterization of the material Simpler logistics to treat the pond Less cost

The new element introduced is that we will need to sample the pond and get the sample to Mr. Doyuk for development of the treatment chemical.

Two general areas of effort

Legal and funding effort (handled by Dan OConn ell) To set up an agreement between the Irish government (County/EPA/?) and Perfect Science that 1) would address the liability issues and 2) would address responsibility for all project costs. Under the liability issue agreement, a waiver would be granted to Perfect Science or the government would cover the required insurance costs. Under the cost agreement Perfect Science would provide treatment chemical only.

These agreements would need to be in place prior to final treatment of the pond (STEP 7 below) Technical effort (handled by Mike Mickley) To develop and implement all technical plans required for sampling, characterizing, and treating the pond. STEP 1 is to characterize the leach ate pond dimensions, volume and depth; presence of sediment, etc.; also the treatment logistics. STEP 2 is to sample the leach ate pond and send/take sample to Ayhan for development of the appropriate treatment chemical [likely involve Jack OSullivan here]; do the sampling according to an agreed-upon sampling and testing regimen that involves multiple labs for analytical work and specified sampling and analytical protocols. This might take a trip to Ireland to assist and to pick up the sample. STEP 3 is to conduct a bench-scale test in Ireland require a trip to Ireland) (This will

STEP 4 is to design any equipment that might be needed to treat the leach ate pond. STEP 5 is to develop estimates of total project costs

STEP 6 is to fabricate any required equipment and test it prior to leach ate pond treatment. STEP 7 is to treat the leach ate pond (This, of course, will require a trip to Ireland)

Other comments The above tasks and others such as manufacturing and shipping the treatment chemicals will require several months of elapsed time. Pond treatment is best scheduled for Spring/Summer.

Actual timing will be dependent on the scheduling and accomplishment of prior tasks. The successful repeated bench-scale test should relieve and placate local people and authorities and reduce, significantly, the level of responsibility and concern carried by Marcus. Pond treatment time is estimated to be one day. Mr William Baumgartner will provide the final design of any equipment required. Any equipment needed will be fabricated in Ireland, if possible. Where possible we will use local people and companies for conducting the work. Treatment will be done from two boats. The lead boat will contain treatment chemical, pump, and distribution piping for injecting the chemical into the pond. A second boat will contain a second treatment chemical and spray equipment for spraying the lake surface with a pH-balancing chemical. The two boats will systematically cover the entire lake.

COST ITEMS Travel and expenses to/in/from Ireland Treatment chemical cost Coordination costs [Jack OSullivan should not be much; likely some of his time would be volunteered] Sampling and analysis costs [likely EPA will pay for their tests, we would want parallel tests to be conducted] Equipment costs [should be low]


Boulder, Colorado 80303

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Consulting Chemical & Processing Engineers


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Subjec Irish testing t: moving ahead Fri, 22 Sep 2000 Date: 14:30:08 -0600

Dear Marcus,

I believe my last communication to you was dated February 21, 2000. It was entitled draft plan for Irish test version 2.1. I wont repeat the content but have included that memo as an attachment to this email. As a necessary step preliminary to moving on the action steps outlined in that memo we want to clean up the issues surrounding the test results. Below I review the history surrounding the test results and then the proposed means of settling the test issues.

HISTORY Review of Test conditions and Test Results To review the situation - as I recall: 1. Lake water was initially sampled and put into containers that were not clean. None of us noticed this. However, after the lake water was put into the holding tank several of us noted a strong gasoline-type odor, a bit of a sheen on the surface, and a yellow-brown color in the tank water.

2. We agreed that the sample was contaminated and it appeared that this was due to the use of unclean sample containers.


The tank water was poured out and the tank was cleaned.

4. I recall searching for soap and for towels that whoever cleaned the tank eventually used. The tank was not thoroughly rinsed nor exhaustively cleaned as time and materials did not allow AND the need for this was not anticipated.

5. New water was brought in and put into the clean tank. This new sample was much different and appeared to be much cleaner that the initial sample and without the strong gasoline-type odor.

6. Eventually the tank sample was treated and as is characteristic of this treatment, suspended solids and color settled to the tank bottom as a whitish floc material leaving the supernatant liquid very clear. 7. A small fish was placed in the tank and it was seen to swim and eat.

8. Im not sure when I became aware that samples of the water before and after treatment had been taken for lab analysis. It may have been when you called people together to review the results.

9. You showed me a piece of paper (I do not have a copy) that had before and after results for 5 to 10 measured parameters of the water.

Please note they never gave a copy at was a show for the new age a way of stopping Perfect Science Formula's . This was done for their pocket's

10. One of the parameters was phosphorous and according to the results the final (after) level was something like 10 times the initial level

Some comments on the tests (most of which were made in Ireland also): If we had known that tests were going to be run we would have taken several appropriate measures that include: o Making sure all containers and tanks were clean and could not contaminate the solutions. o Making sure the lake sample taken was representative of the lake o Being present during the sampling of the treated tank contents o Keeping retention samples that could be analyzed later in case test results were questionable o Making sure that the parameters to be measured were meaningful ones and reflective of the treatment effects.

o &nbsp; Making sure that more than one lab were doing the analyses The Perfect Science formulas for water treatment do not contain phosphorus. The most likely possibilities for explaining the test results are: o The tank was contaminated with phosphatecontaining detergent used to clean it after the initial fiasco o The before and after samples were mislabeled and the true after sample was the one with the lower phosphorus level o The treated sample was purposely altered

I tend to believe that the first explanation is the correct one although consider the following: Lets say the tank volume was 20 liters. Lets say the volume of treatment chemical used was about 20 milliliter (1,000 times less than the tank volume). For the tank phosphorus level after treatment to be 10 times higher than before the treatment, the treatment formula would have to have a phosphorus concentration 10,000 times higher than that in the untreated water. [Note that if 50 ml of treatment formula were used, the concentration would need to be 2,000 times higher] I will find out the typical level of phosphorus in phosphate detergents it may well be that phosphate-containing detergent will not be a plausible explanation in which case we are left with the other two possible explanations.

MOVING AHEAD To settle the matter, lets repeat the test this time under controlled conditions and with your EPA involved. We will need to work out the details but they will involve:

Obtaining a copy of the previous test results and doing some further investigation into what the likely explanation of the results was Taking multiple and representative samples according to a chain-of-custody procedure Treating the samples with our formula

Having accredited labs in both Ireland and elsewhere to do analyses of the samples Comparing our results

Working with your EPA to address the real environmental problems that exist

We will be copying various labs that we intend to work with and when we all agree on if and how to move forward, we will inform you of the lab identities. click I look forward to hearing from you and if we are all in agreement, I will propose more specific steps for moving ahead in the next several weeks.

Regards, Mikeperfect science

PS1: Could you please provide email addresses for Billy Moore and for Maeve Quinn? PS2: Congratulations on you new contract Contract we are refering to is the one his friends got and his reward for putting on a fake show . click