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Labour is delivering for you

Established the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)

to act as a strong independent champion to tackle discrimination and promote equality

Racial and Religious Hatred Act

to protect people who are threatened because of their race or religion

Set up the National Muslim Womens Advisory Group

Introduced the new Equality Bill

which will modernise and strengthen Britains antidiscrimination laws if it is passed

Introduced the Human Rights Act

Introduced Race for Health programme

to improve health of people from BAME backgrounds

Minority Ethnic Achievement and Black Childrens Achievement programmes

to ensure that education delivers for children from every background

Tough new laws to stop discrimination at work

tackling employers found guilty of racial discrimination

Consular support for British Hajjis in Makkah

providing medical advice and a range of support to over 25,000 British Muslims

Helped over 7m people in sub-Saharan Africa

gain access to clean water, and cancelled 100 per cent of debt for the worlds poorest countries
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Only Labour will deliver equality for you

Protecting your right to be you Giving real help to families Investing in every child

You have the right to live your life free from fear and discrimination. Labour believes you are entitled to respect, and has legislated to: introduced the Human Rights Act toughen hate crime legislation and outlawed religious discrimination in the workplace create new sentences for racially motivated crimes.

During these difficult economic times, Labour is taking strong action to ensure that we build a stronger and fairer Britain. We are supporting families by: protecting peoples savings in banks giving extra protection to help homeowners increased child benefit and tax credits.

Labour believes that every child deserves to reach their potential. Since 1997 we have worked hard to unlock the talents of all of our young people by: investing record amounts in education ensuring that black and ethnic minority children succeed with special achievement initiatives guaranteeing a place in training, education or an apprenticeship for all 16 17 year olds.
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David Cameron cannot be trusted to act in the interests of ordinary hard working people. He refused to support Gordon Browns economic recovery plan, which is helping people back to work. Instead of helping hard working families, David Camerons top tax priority is a 200,000 tax giveaway to the 3,000 wealthiest estates in Britain, and his proposed cuts to child tax credits and The Child Trust Fund would hit families hard. The Tories are a change you cant afford.
The Labour Party's Ethnic Minority Taskforce campaign bus will be visiting a town near you. To find out more contact

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