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==== ==== #1 in Customer Satisfaction !! We offer Quality Concrete Plants & Equipment Sales for the Best price!

Call 1-(262)-349-9436 ==== ==== Water Heating and Cooling Manufacture concrete 365 days a year, in hot or cold weather. Complete water systems are available to meet your production requirements providing you with cool water for hot weather or hot water for cold weather. We offer both direct (thermal exchange) and indirect heating systems; the primary difference being in the overall energy efficiency in between the units and the up front investment costs required. Contact our experienced sales professionals help you determine the right size and type of equipment to best suite your specific operation. HW Series Portable and Stationary Systems Available The HW-Series hot water storage systems are designed for heating and storing water for concrete manufacturing during the cold seasons. These systems are also useful for applications where large volumes of heated water are required.

Primary and secondary heat transfer tubes are designed to provide maximum fuel efficiency during the heating process. The combustion tube is fabricated from steel pipe for optimum heat transfer and minimum maintenance. The unique sprinkling system offers a uniform distribution of water and integration of cold water into hot--eliminating costly cold spots. The HW hot water heating and storage systems offer a low-cost, highly efficient method of producing and storing large volumes of hot water for concrete manufacturing and other similar applications. The burner control system of all HW models is designed for simple operation and minimal maintenance. It is fully automatic with aquastatic temperature control and high-low water cut-offs. Inlet water is regulated by a flow control manifold to maintain constant temperature. The standard model is designed to work with number two fuel, but may be easily modified to burn natural gas or propane. The entire burner system utilizes brand name components. Aluminum diamond plate weatherproof cabinet protecting the burner system is standard equipment on all HW models. The Temperature Control System for hot and cold concrete production is the latest technology in highly accurate and responsive water temperature control. This system enables the user to select the exact water temperature needed. The system features the ability to react to temperature changes 4 times a second with a plus or minus 0.3% accuracy. The Temperature Control System helps to increase the efficiency of either your heating or cooling equipment. Blending in ambient water to achieve the exact temperature required, reducing the load on your heater or chiller.

For the first time in the history of the concrete industry, a hot water heating system has been developed that successfully incorporates a waste oil-fired burner with a unique heat exchanger that enables you to use nearly any type of waste oil instead of #2 fuel oil to produce hot water. Designed for ease of maintenance as well as optimum performance, the waste oil-fired system is easily incorporated with our standard hot water unit and chiller. Kits are also available for installation into existing units. Units available up to 1 million BTU input. CTE Series - Direct Contact Water Heating The CTE direct contact gas fired water heater produces water instantaneously. There is no fuel consumed for warm-up or idle time. No energy is lost through steam conversion or within a direct contact heat exchanger. Virtually all of the fuel energy is transferred to the water. CTE technology has rapidly become the new standard in energy savings. While traditional direct contact water heating offers energy savings from 40% to nearly 60% over conventional boiler systems, IOT CTE gas fired direct contact water heaters, using CTE technology feature a 99.7% efficiency rating throughout each phase of its operation cycle. The sustained efficiency of IOT CTE gas fired direct contact water heaters are clearly the most energy efficient method of hot water production on the market today. Incoming water is introduced into the top of the direct contact water heater through a series of calibrated dispersion nozzles. Cold water travels down through a bed of multifaceted stainless steel packing rings which break the water into smaller and smaller droplets. A burner is mounted on top of the direct contact unit, firing downward through a centrally located flame tube. The flame tube is cooled by incoming cold water, and all of the fuel gasses are consumed within this flame tube. The design allows all combustion to take place within a dry and cool direct contact environment, and produces very low levels of nitrous oxide (NO) and carbon monoxide (CO). Heat from the flame enters the lower chamber from the bottom of the flame tube, and travels slowly upward through the packing rings. Efficient direct contact heat transfer occurs as the descending water comes in contact with the rising hot gasses as both pass through the bed of packing rings in opposite directions. This "rain" of hot water then falls into the lower chamber and is pumped out to a storage tank. Water temperatures up to 185*F are available within a minimum of 30 seconds after the unit starts. Outlet water temperature is set with a valve controlling the incoming water flow. More incoming water results in cooler outlet water temperatures, and less incoming water produces hotter outlet water temperatures. The products of combustion are vented out of the top of the direct contact unit, and this exhaust is typically within a few degrees of incoming water temperature. Click here to view brochure on direct heating water system

Water Cooling Portable and Stationary Systems Available As compared to the traditional method of using ice to cool concrete, these chillers are able to save as much as 95% per yard of concrete -- to dramatically reduce production costs. Also, all of the problems associated with manual handling, storage and supplying ice are eliminated to cut labor costs. Our chillers allow for precise control for both water temperature and the volume of water going into the concrete mix, to ensure consistency. Compact, horizontal construction steel cabinet on galvanized beams Simple to install and operate Diagnostic digital display and control module Quiet operation Highest available operation efficiency, with full load EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) up to 10.2 Multi-scroll type, fully hermetic type compressors are maintenance free with auto-adaptive control to minimize wear -- with internal vibration isolation Circulating pump with electric starter, pre-wired State-of-the-art heat exchanger maximizes cooling efficiency Inlet & outlet thermometers with balancing flow valve Inlet & outlet pressure gauges One year warranty on parts, 2-5 year extended warranty on compressor Portable units available First start up included Extended warranty available

==== ==== #1 in Customer Satisfaction !! We offer Quality Concrete Plants & Equipment Sales for the Best price! Call 1-(262)-349-9436 ==== ====