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Group Discussion key Points

(1) Appreciate the good presentation by very soft clapping posture or say firmly I agree with you point . It is good or relevant.

(2) When the discussion is at as low pitch, you can immediately enter. (3) When anyone has presented well you must applaud saying. That is a very genuine point, But I would like to add (4) I totally agree and appreciate but there is one more important aspect to be thought over . (5) In the case you are not familier or aware with the topic never try to start yourself.Let someone else start so that you get time to prepare.Now decide whether you will be in favour or against. (6) Never think of the judges where they are ??? What they are doing etc.

How to Explain in Detail 1. Prepare notes from as many good books or joyurnals as possible. 2. Keep two aspects distinctly clear In favour and Against. 3. Note down your original and innovative ideas in favour and against both. 4. You should try to follow your inner logic to be in flavour or against.

Education Must be made Compulsary upto Class V for one all

You now put in effort to make a list of questions whose logical and correct answers you would like to consider in your judgement.

(1) (2) (3) (4)

What is Education? It is required for what?? Is Education upto class V really essential for one and all. Will one and all be interested in seeking education. What will be the system of Education in such a Multifarious nature of society ?

(5) How much time will it take to implement and implement and achieve the goal. (6) How much time will it take to implement and achieve the goal. (7) How much will be the budget to meet out the challenge. (8) What should be the norms for setting up a team of experts that will evaluate the system. (9) Which part of the country should be selected first to start and why???

(10) Which are the main subjects to be taught and medium of teaching.

This type of listing the main issues for any subject helps us to be turned and precise. It will not permit you to jump here and there. You should prepare your notes etc on the basis of the structure and heading given earlier. A logical original oranized, analytically, genuine and practical structure on the subject considering all the aspects will prove to be extremely useful.

Questions For Fresher MBA Finance 1. Basic difference between FDI & FII. 2. Repo Rate & Reverse Repo Rate. 3. What is Cenvat? 4. Difference between Hire Purchase & Lease finance. 5. Mergers & Acqisition ( M&A) 6. Corporate Restructuring 7. GDR.