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Dear Well wishers, Greetings for a Prosperous and a fruitful 2012 ahead, from Paramount Building Solutions Pvt.

Ltd. Taking this opportunity to connect with all of you in the New Year, I introduce us as a leading manufacturer of Pre-Engineered Buildings, with industry exposure from as early as 1990. With humble beginnings by executing heavy fabrication structural works contracts, we have grown in expertise and size over the years executing multiple projects at various locations across the country. Since 2001, we were extensively associated with Kirby Building Systems India limited as a certified builder and have executed more than 200 buildings all over India, including various turnkey projects. As you are aware, Paramount Building Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9000 2008 certified Organization with rich experience in executing heavy fabrication structural projects and associated building solutions across various domains like Heavy and Light Engineering Industries, Factories, Power Projects, Granite, Spinning & Weaving, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Educational Inst., Ware houses, Go-downs and Multiplexes across pan India locations. Spread in an area of 16000 Sqm, Paramount Building Solutions Pvt. Ltd was registered in 2007, and is located in the Jaggayyapeta Industrial Park, a strategic location on the Hyderabad Vijayawada Highway connecting various Tier II and Tier III cities and towns of Andhra Pradesh. From a modest first year turnover of Rs. 1.5 crores in FY 2006 2007, Paramount Building Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has the unique distinction of exceeding a turnover of Rs. 100 crores in FY 2011 2012, with more than 400 projects in India and Africa.

With an installed production capacity of 30000 MT per annum, including a Built up capacity of 15000 MT per annum in Unit-I, Paramount has recently commenced a 100% automated second plant dedicated for cold form and sheeting production. Paramount is in the process of launching quality Prefab units for Site Offices, workers accommodation, parking sheds, guest houses, vending kiosks, etc. at affordable prices with instant deliveries.

As a responsible partner, it is our endeavor to adequately educate all our esteemed customers by providing the necessary information, this being an unorganized sector, without proper manufacturing and design back up facilities. As a goodwill gesture which goes a mile in nurturing long term relationships, we take this opportunity to present to you, the detailed break up of bill of quantities with detailed proposal drawings and building specifications, which can be customized within the Bill of quantities to achieve substantial savings on project costs. I personally thank all our esteemed customers, well wishers and our partners who were part of our growth story. I look forward to the continued support and a mutually beneficial long term relationship with each one of you. We assure you of quality work and the best services at all times.

Best Regards,

Suresh Kumar Managing Director

98480 24348

To, Kind Attn:


Subject : Submission of Quotation for Supply of steel structural , Z sections, C sections, Profiled sheeting and rod sections as per your B.O.Q

Dear Sir,
We are extremely thankful to you for giving us the opportunity to submit our proposal for your project referred above. Our scope of work includes Supply of steel components in accordance with enclosed standards and specifications unless otherwise stated. We trust you will find our proposal in line with your requirements. Should you require any further clarifications/information, please feel free to call us. Thanking you & assuring you our best attention at all times, we remain. Yours Faithfully, M/s Paramount Building Solutions Pvt. Ltd. V. Suresh Kumar
Managing Director 98480 24348 Plot No. 829,BhagatSingh Nagar, Kukatpally,Hyderbad-500072.

Building: Job Site: Building Area:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Frame type Length Width Height Roof slope Bay spacing Type of end frames Wind bracing Roof cladding Wall cladding Openings at front sidewall Openings at back sidewall Openings at left end wall Openings at right end wall Gutters & downspouts Trims & flashings Crane System Mezzanine system Main End frames Rod bracing for Roof & Wall 26GA Bare Galvalume Sheeting 26GA Color Galvalume sheeting 3.0m Brick wall and above sheeting 3.0m Brick wall and above sheeting 3.0m Brick wall and above sheeting 3.0m Mtr Brick wall and above sheeting Considered Considered 1 in 10 as per drawing

BILL OF QUANTITIES Sl.No Description of Item

Red Steel Sections: Anchor Bolts, Templates ,Columns, Rafters, Brace Rods, Sagrods, Clips and high strength connection Bolts and nuts as per specification. Cold Formed Sections: Z and C purlins.Galvanised to 120gsm and machine bolts as per specifications Roof Sheeting 0.47mm thick -550 Mpa Bare Galvalume Roof panels as per specifications. Wall Sheeting - 26 gauge, 0.47mm thick 550 Mpa Colour Galvalume Wall Panels as per specifications Sheeting Fastners, Sealers& Clousers Eave Gutters, Down Spouts & flashings Total:

Unit Quantity Rate. Rs Amount



2 3 4 5 6


62000.00 260.00 300.00 30.00 250.00




A. Primary members : Columns, Rafters and Crane Beams Grade 50 (345Mpa) ASTM A 572M Steel makers Essar, Sail or JSW. B. Secondary members: Z & C Purlins Grade 50(345Mpa) 120 gsm Galvanized Coil of make Uttam or Ispat. : Anchor Bolts, Sag rods and Brace Rods- Grade 36 (250Mpa) maker Sujana. D. High Strength Bolts: 8.8 Grades Make of Pooja Forging. E. Secondary Bolts : 4.8 Grade, pre galvanized F. G. H. I. Roof Sheeting Wall Sheeting Fasteners Clousers J. Painting : AZ 150, 550Mpa, 0.47mm thick make of Bhushan or JSW. : AZ 150, 550 Mpa, 0.47 mm thick make of Bhushan. : Self Drilling Screws Make of Corroshield or ITW Builtex. : Supreme Make foam inside outside closures
: One shop coat of red oxide, Asian or Berger

C. Rod Member

Sl.No Item Skylights- 1.5mm thick profiled poly carbonate 1 sheets- Make-TUFLITE 2 Fixed louvers-Paramount 3 Turbo vents- Supreme 4 5 Ridge vents- Paramount Insulation-4mm thick polynum Total: Size 3.30mx 1.1m 1.0mx 1.0m 600mm dia 0.3M X3.0M Qty. Unit Price Rate\Rs. Amount

each each each each M2

2700 2000 5500 15000 150


A. Design Code 1. The building is designed in accordance with the following codes: AISC Manual of Steel Construction - Allowable Stress Design. AISI Cold Formed Steel Design Manual. MBMA Metal Building Systems Manual. Wind application as per IS 875-1987.

2. The buildings will be manufactured in accordance with the following codes: MBMA Manual for Fabrication Tolerances. AWS D1.1 Structural Welding Code.

Design Loads:
Sl.No 1 2 3 4 Dead load Roof live load on Purlins Roof live load on frames Wind speed DESCRIPTION 0.10 KN/M 0.57 KN/M 0.57 KN/M 158mph

S.No. 1 2 3 4. DESCRIPTION Supply price of steel components as per BOQ: Supply price of Building Accessories Freight charges to site at VAT\ CST Total Price including all
*Note: Erection Price not included in the above price.

Amount in INR.


A. PRICE BASIS: F.O.R Work Site at B. Excise Duty: (i) Included in the above price @ 10.3% of present rate.
(ii) Any Variation due to Government regulations, the actual will be Charged. (i) Included in the above price. @ 5 % of present rate. ii) Any Variation due to Government regulations, the actual will be Charged


D. PAYMENT TERMS: (ii) 25% along with Purchase Order. (iii) Balance against Proforma Invoice before dispatch of material. E. VALIDITY: Our Price is valid for 10 days from the date of offer. F. DELIVERY PERIOD: Supply of the building components will be completed in 4 weeks
from the latest date of the approved BOQ and final payment.

Special Notes:
1. Weighment tolerance is 150Kg -\+ each trailor. 2. Sheeting width calculation: effective width 1050 mm &calculated width is 1100mm. 3. Price is valid for 10 Days. Any upward\ downward change in steel price Will change the quoted price by paramount and informed to client.


To M\s


Sub: Labour Charges for Erection and sheeting of PEB Building This is with reference to our job work at your site for the above building, herewith offer our lowest rates specified below. Labour charges for Painting, Erection & Sheeting of Building: Service Tax @ 10.3% Extra: Total Amount: PAYMENT TERMS: 1. 30% Advance before anchor bolt fixing. 2. 40% after completion of Erection of structure. 3. 30% after completion of building SCOPE OF WORK: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Unloading and stacking the material at Site. Erection of material as per Paramount specifications. Alignment of columns and rafters. Plumbing and checking the water level of Columns. Alignment of crane beams. Torque tightening of all HS and MS bolts. Cleaning and Touch up paint work for the structure. Alignment of Purlins and girts. Fixing of roof sheeting and wall sheeting.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Anchor bolt fixing_______________________________ Erection of red steel is completed in _______________ Alignment completed in__________________________ Roof sheeting is completed in ____________________ Wall sheeting is completed in _____________________ Finishing work will be completed within ____________ Water testing and handover the building by__________

We sincerely hope to have met your requirements with this competitive offer. We look forward to receive your esteemed work order at the earliest.


Erection contractor will be decided by Paramount Building Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Work order to the erection contractor should be issued directly by client. All erection related payments should be released to erection contractor directly with approval from Construction Engineers by paramount. Paramount will undertake responsibility of quality of erection and time schedule committed. Paramount will change the erection contractor, if situation demands to complete the work on time and assured quality. Civil foundation drawings will be provided by the paramount at additional charge of Rs 10000 per building. Site Marking by Total station will be provided by paramount at Rs 5000 per day . Client has to submit soil report of site for considering safe bearing capacity of soil. Client has to arrange his own civil engineer for executing the civil works and casting anchor bolts as per drawing is client responsibility. Paramount construction engineer will visit the site at following stages and advise the client accordingly for the following: Civil foundations & footings. Anchor Bolt Fixing. Checking the alignment of erection. To complete check list for finished building. Paramount will offer service for life time for completed building on AMC basis. Paramount had the dedicated team to attend the complaints at nominal cost.