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New Generation for 22.5 Rim Size



New Generation

Proven safety performance and significant weight reduction

Within the scope of WABCOs continuous improvement and development processes and the mission to provide worldwide customers with state-of-the-art technology, WABCO now presents a new generation of air disc brakes, building on the successful PAN range. Research into the shapes and designs found in nature has revealed superior technical concepts and constructions to those developed by man. By applying the concepts and principles of this research, known as Bionics, a new generation of air disc brakes combining lightweight structures with high performance has been created. As a result, WABCO's new generation of air disc brakes combines safety with a considerable reduction in weight.

The differentiating feature of WABCOs latest generation of air disc brakes is the new brake caliper with pad off-set. The moment acting on the caliper by braking is compensated such that the rim-sided pad can be retained and supported in the caliper. Eliminating the rim-sided brake carrier results in a distinct weight reduction as well as improving the pressure distribution of the rim-sided pad. Furthermore, the new generation of air disc brakes can also be easily adapted to the axle and installation requirements of different customers worlwide.

The reduced weight of WABCOs new generation of air disc brakes makes them the lightest brakes in the 22.5 rim size. Improved pressure distribution of the rim-sided pad improves disc cracking resistance and minimizes radial and tangential taper wear. This facilitates optimal pad utilization. The WABCOs new generation of air disc brakes retains the proven, patented single-piston technology of the earlier PAN range, whose compact and reliable design has given customer satisfaction for many years. The service friendliness of the PAN range, including the radial pad change and lifetime lubrication, has also been transferred to this new generation.


Exceptional design and performance

Technical Data Type Braking torque up to Disc dimensions Pad surface area Pad thickness Weight (incl. pads) Rim size Gross axle weight rating New Generation - Air Disc Brake 24,000 Nm / 210,000 lbf in 430 x 45 mm / 7 x 1.8 in 340 cm / 53 in 23 mm / 0.91 in 32 kg / 71 lb 22.5" 10 t / 22,000 lb

New Generation Air Disc Brake

PAN Range

New brake caliper design with pad off-set

New carrier design with considerable weight reduction

Current carrier design

Reduced weight
WABCOs new generation of 22.5 inch air disc brakes for trailers, buses and light trucks features a weight of 32 kg, i.e. 4 kg less than other brakes in this market segment. This increases the potential payload and reduces impact on the chassis.

s Improved corrosion protection by

s Low hysteresis due to high mecha-

KTL (katophosphatized electro dip coat) coating and separate protection of cylinder position
s Spreader plate protects piston boot

nical efficiency
s FEM/CAD optimized components

from high thermal stress

with excellent safety reserves, developed using Bionic methods

s Low fading behavior at short lever

s Reduced service requirements due

s Good controllability s Available with brake pad wear

s Single-piston technology with fewer

to significantly increased brake rotor cracking resistance

s Optimized brake pad surface by


parts maximizes high operational safety

s Encapsulated guiding system with

patented tangential taper wear compensation

s Optimized brake pads plus increased

stable metal sealing

s Redundant sealing systems at pin

guidance and adjuster device

pad thickness result in longer service life



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