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Argumentation Smoking has become a small object of the most popular.

Smoking has become a lifestyle for many men and women, even including children and adolescents. Smoking habit has resulted in many diseases of the respiratory disorders to cancer. Although aware of the dangers of smoking, people around the world still continue to tens of billions of cigarettes smoked per day. Exposition One reason why new smokers continue to grow is because of the onslaught of tobacco advertising that circulate in society, coupled with the image formed by the cigarette ads that look like people who smoke is successful & strong person who can go through any obstacle. Advertising, promotion or sponsorship activities undertaken by the tobacco industry is a very powerful tool for influencing teenagers & children. Research conducted by the National Commission on Children and Hamka University in 2007 showed that as many as 99.7% of children seen cigarette advertisements on television, where 68% say they have had a positive impression on cigarette advertising is & 50% said they became more confident as. For adolescents, the influence of peer interactions also contribute to the growth of new smokers. Sometimes teenagers become smokers beginners because of pressure from their friends to be accepted in the association or to be seen as more cool by the opposite sex. The teens are certainly not yet understand correctly about the dangers that can be caused by smoking or diseases that can arise due to smoking. This certainly must be an especial concern for the parents to be able to give an understanding of their children. Narrative Rahman an active smoker, his smoking habit from the start of the sma. Realize when he awoke he was in a place, she thought she was d room, but apparently it is one of the rooms in the hospital. The nurse said that when he was taken to the hospital he was in a state of no self sadarka. With medical equipment on his body, he was very difficult to breathe, very severe pain in the chest that is not clear, persistent cough, bloody sputum, his voice was hoarse and his face was pale. Yes he knew what was happening to him now. A regret not going to mean now. He's not going long again because he was convicted by a doctor of lung cancer. Description Cigarettes are paper-sized cylinder of length between 70 to 120 mm (varies by country) with a diameter of 10 mm containing tobacco leaves that have been chopped. Cigarette burn on one end and allowed to smolder for the smoke can be inhaled through the mouth at the etc.there two types of cigarettes, the cigarette

filter and no filter. In cigarette filters are made of synthetic foam material that serves to filter fibers nikotin.Smoke usually sold in a box-shaped bundle or package of paper that can be inserted easily into the bag. Since the last few years, packets are also generally accompanied by health messages that warn smokers of the health impacts that may result from smoking, such as lung cancer or heart attack.