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Hostapur SAS 60
Colour-Chem Limited
Product Information

Product profile
Hostapur SAS 60 is an anionic surfactant, based on secondary alkane sulphonate sodium salt, synthesized by sulphoxidation of n-Paraffin. It is an environmentally friendly surfactant for detergents, chemical -technical, and cosmetic industries.

INCI name
Sodium C14-17 sec-Alkyl sulphonate

Specific application properties of Hostapur SAS 60

Very good solubility - Spontaneous dissolving. - Good low-temperature properties High wetting action - Good drainage properties Pronounced foaming power - High yield of the finished products in use Excellent grease-and soil dispersing action - Development of finished products with defined and optimum detergent, cleaning and degreasing action. Viscosity - Permits the formulation of flowable, highly concentrated detergents and cleaners with low water content and without solvents and preservatives, saves transport and packaging cost. Outstanding enzyme compatibility - Positive influence on enzyme stability. Chemical stability over a wide pH range. - Formulation of alkaline cleaners with long storage stability. Stability to oxidizing agents, intended for chlorine-containing all-purpose cleaners Increase action of detergent additives - Soil release polymer Very good electrolyte compatibility - Manufacture of heavy duty detergents with high builder content Good skin compatibility - Formulation of mild dishwashing liquids. Compatible with anionic, nonionic and amphoteric surfactants - Synergistic effect in use. Cost reduction - Possibility of manufacturing highly concentrated liquid cleaners. Environmentally friendly surfactant of low aquatic toxicity - Biodegradable.

Properties of Hostapur SAS 60

Active content [%] Appearance Sodium sulphate [%] Paraffin [%] Viscosity [nPas,20OC]
Approx.60 Yellowish soft paste Max. 4.2 Max. 0.7 Approx. 7500

Most important uses for Hostapur SAS-60

Dishwashing liquids - Standard dishwashing liquids & concentrates Laundry detergents - Liquid detergents, detergent powders and pastes Household cleaners - All-purpose cleaners - Liquid metal/ceramic cleaner - Sanitary cleaners - Floor cleaners Cosmetic hair and body care products - Shampoos - Showergels - Foam baths - Liquid soaps - Toothpastes Industrial cleaners - Automotive cleaners - Metal degreasing agents - Alkaline rust removers - Hand cleaners Special technical sectors - Antistatic agents for polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene and polyethylene. - Fire extinguishing foams - Emulsion polymerization - Textile and leather auxiliaries - Oilfield chemicals

Performance of Hostapur SAS 60 as detergents

An overview of comparative performance of Hostapur SAS 60 as compared to other detergent active is given below
% Whiteness Detergency index of fabric Hostapur SAS 60 LABSA SLES AOS ++++ +++ ++ + ++++ +++ ++ + Effect on Coloured fabric ++++ +++ ++ ++ Wetting Power Foaming Power TEST CONDITIONS Dosage of Detergent (10%active) - 3 gpl. Testing done at 25OC. MLR - 1 : 100 Time duration of wash in washing machine - 30 mins. ++++ +++ ++ + Very Good Good Average Poor

++++ +++ +++ ++

++++ +++ ++ ++++

Application of Hostapur SAS 60 in detergents

On account of its pronounced detergent properties Hostapur SAS 60 widely finds application in powders, bar & liquid detergents, both heavy duty and light duty for delicate wash.

Hostapur SAS 60 shows excellent detergency as compared to Linear alkyl benzene sulphonate (LABSA), Alpha olefin sulphonate (AOS), Sodium lauryl ether sulphate (SLES) as shown in Fig 1 & 2: Dosage of Detergent (10%active) - 3 gpl. Testing done at 25OC. MLR - 1 : 100 Time duration of wash in washing machine - 30 mins. Scrub strokes by scrubbing machine- 40. Instrument : Spectrophotometer

The whiteness index of the fabric washed with Hostapur SAS 60 is improved as shown in fig. 3 & 4: Dosage of Detergent (10%active) - 3 gpl. Testing done at 25OC. MLR - 1 : 100 Scrub strokes by scrubbing machine- 40. Time duration of wash in washing machine - 30 mins. Instrument : Datacolor SF 600 Spectrophotometer


There is no decrease in color strength of fabric when washed with Hostapur SAS 60. The comparative on colored fabric is shown in the graph:

The rapid wetting action of Hostapur SAS 60 is shown in Fig. 5

Comparative foaming of Hostapur SAS 60 and other surfactants is shown in fig. 6.

Hostapur SAS 60 has characteristic flash foam with pronounced foaming power in presence of soil and fat. The foaming can be increased by use of Sodium lauryl ether sulphate in combination.

Hostapur SAS 60 in powder detergent and bars

Hostapur SAS 60 has excellent grease and soil dispersing action It has out standing enzyme compatibility. It enhances the action of soil release polymer by improving the detachment of oily and fatty soil from the fabric. Hostapur SAS 60 has good hard water tolerance. It shows synergistic effect when used in combination with anionic, nonionic and amphoteric. It has good skin compatibility and environmentally friendly.

It offers outstanding compatibility with enzymes. It is stable over a wide range of pH, therefore facilitates incorporation of oxidizing agents. Due to its solubilization property it gives considerable savings in solubilizer cost. It is compatible with anionic, cationic and nonionic. It can form electrical neutral salts with cationic surfactants Higher solubility of Hostapur SAS 60 as compared to LABSA enables highly concentrated detergents to be manufactured. Hydrotropes can be reduced or even can be omitted when Hostapur SAS 60 is the principle component in the detergent formulation. Hostapur SAS 60 has good hard water tolerance. It shows no skin toxicity. It has a synergistic effect with soil release polymers.

Hostapur SAS 60 in liquid detergents

Hostapur SAS 60 has an excellent soil and oil removal property. It has a good wetting and foaming power.

Physical and chemical properties

The secondary alkane sulphonate with paraffin radical between 14 -17 carbon atom, has excellent surface active and chemical properties, because of its structure.

Surface activity - Forms micelles from comparatively few surfactant molecules. - Micelles are spherical. Wetting power - Excellent rapid wetting action - Extends over wide temperature range, not only in a neutral medium but also in the alkaline and acid pH range. - The excellent wetting power in low concentration at low temperatures Foaming power - Has good foaming power - Characteristic Flash foam Rheological properties - Up to 30% active detergent, viscosity rises rapidly. pH stability - Stable in acid and in alkaline pH range Heat Stability - Aqueous solutions stable up to temperature of about 100OC.

Solubilsation - Increase degreasing and often saving of solubiliser for e.g perfumes, due to good soil removal power of Hostapur SAS 60 towards oils and fats. - Effect rises with surfactant concentration, temperature and often also with electrolyte concentration. Emulsifying action - Displays good emulsifying action. - Concentration as low as 1% brings spontaneous emulsification and improvement in stability. Stability in hard water - Moderately stable to hard water. Electrolyte stability - Slightly sensitive to electrolyte. Chlorine -/oxidation stability - Excellent chlorine stability. - Ideal for formulating hypochloritecontaining cleaners, whether used alone or in combination with amine oxide. Enzyme stability - Best enzyme stability of all common anionic surfactant.

Synergistic interaction with soil release polymers - Significant increase in soil release effect of soil release polymers as compared to linear alkyl benzene sulphonate. - Combination of SAS-60 with STPP is more effective than combination of linear alkyl benzene sulphonate and STPP. Solubility in water - Very good water solubility in water - Increases sharply with rise in temperature. - Very suitable for powders, concentrates and liquid formulations. Low temperature properties - Lower cloud point as compared to linear alkyl benzene sulphonate. Toxicological and environmental properties No skin sensitization No mutagenecity, organotoxicity or systemic toxicity No reproductive toxicity and noncarcinogenic Shows no signs of bioaccumulation potential and is eliminated very effectively.

Application of Hostapur SAS 60 in house - hold and industrial cleaners.

Hostapur SAS 60 has excellent solubility and electrolyte compatibility. It therefore finds specific advantage for formulation of All-purpose cleaner. Electrolyte insolubility may give rise to problem of cloudiness that can be avoided by use of Hostapur SAS 60. Hostapur SAS 60 can be used to produce formulation of fairly high concentrated finished products. Hostapur SAS 60 brings the advantage of high fat dissolving power and soil dispersing power in liquid allpurpose cleaner. Formulations with high proportions of Hostapur SAS 60 can hold the abrasives like Calcium carbonate .In conjugation with other surfactant like Genapol UD 030, the viscosity is increased such that settling of abrasive particles is prevented or reduced. This cleaners are applicable to metal and ceramic cleaners. Streak free surfaces and residual-free removal of dirt is given due to excellent wetting action and rapid cleaning action of Hostapur SAS 60 and that too at low temperature. The rapid wetting action of Hostapur SAS 60 formulations also makes possible to get shiny surfaces of glass ceramic. Stability of Hostapur SAS 60 towards reducing and oxidizing agents at a wide pH range (owing to C-S bond of sulphonate group) makes it a preferred surfactant in sanitary cleaners. Hostapur SAS 60 can also be used in toilet freshener blocks due to its chemical stability. Hostapur SAS 60 is effective at fairly low concentration that makes it suitable for use in multi purpose cleaners. Hostapur SAS 60 shows good cleaning and foaming action at alkaline pH and therefore can be used in Highpressure cleaners. Hostapur SAS 60 show high foaming properties and soiland oil suspension power. High cleaning action of Hostapur SAS 60 equally at acid and alkaline pH is of great importance in automotive cleaners. Hostapur SAS 60 at 1 to 2% levels is ideal for use in alkaline rust removers. The high degreasing and dispersing action of Hostapur SAS 60 in amounts of 10 to 50% can be used in Industrial hand cleaners for cleaning very dirty hands. The similar property can find use in dairy cleaners.


Name Toilet bowl and hygiene cleaner House hold Cleaner House hold cleaner, acidic Liquid soap Hand cleaner paste Hand cleaner gel All -purpose cleaner Cleaner for meat plant Sanitizer acidic Sanitizer Industrial hand cleaner Sanitary cleaner Garage cleaner Formulation D2002,F-2011 D-2004 D-2005,D-2006 E-1001 E-2002 E-2004 F-1002 F-2001 F-2002 F-2003 F-2010 F-2012 F-2013 Name Car shampoo Car cleaners for car wash Motor cleaner Hand dish washing Heavy duty liquid concentrate Heavy duty liquid regular Heavy duty liquid gel Light duty liquid gel Light duty liquid concentrate Light duty liquid All -purpose cleaner,acidic All-purpose cleaner with H2O2 Bathroom cleaner acidic Formulation G-1002 G-1004 G-1013 C-1011, 1020, 1021, 1028, 1032, 1036, 1031, 1033, 1034, 1035 A-3002,A-3003 A-3004 A-3005 A-3005 A-6005 A-6009.A-6010,A-8001, D-1002 D-1003,D-1011 D-2001

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