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Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70810 (225) 364-2411 (Home) (318) 880-1538 (Cell) RONEAL321@AOL.COM
OBJECTIVE: To partner with an international engineering and/or construction firm in trade for my expat employee service, that I will provide a favorable return on employers investment in exchange for a fair market compensation. The preferred expatriate, overseas work locations are the war zones of Afghanistan or Iraq, with any other non-U.S. territorial location of second consideration. The favored staff position titles would be general senior civil engineer or senior construction project manager, with these other keyword position titles also applicable: director of engineering, engineering manager, chief engineer, civil engineer, civil/structural engineer, project engineer, construction engineer and/or project manager. EDUCATION
BS CE, 1979 Louisiana Tech University, 3.35 Major GPA. Nearly completed MS Structural Engineering program in LSU (August, 1992 through December, 1994).

Chief Engineer June 10, 2011 October 20, 2011 I was performing the same position and the same tasks with Chemonics International as I had been performing with IRD in the same program. In addition to the past projects list, Id assisted into a partial city master plan implementation design and construction oversight, plus design of a city park facility and other vertical structure design projects. I completed a one-year employment agreement and resigned. Chief Engineer October 19, 2010 June 9, 2011 With International Relief & Development (IRD), I did provide engineering and construction management support to a USAID project titled RAMP-UP SOUTH. I had direct supervision of one EXPAT AutoCad designer and twelve Afghan local engineering staff. My involvement had been establishment of design and implementation processes for construction of improvement projects within six major municipalities in southern Afghanistan. I am a doer and teacher into drawing designs, scope of work documents, cost estimates, environmental compliance checklists, project schedules, project management, purchase requisitions and more. A project list includes operational facilities for our group, city-wide solid waste programs, several new public latrines, traffic intersection improvements, municipal buildings, vehicular garage facilities and more. IRD backed out of the RAMP-UP SOUTH project, at which time I transitioned over to Chemonics International, still part of the same project.

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Project Engineer June 10, 2010 October 4, 2010 I was employed with CCE Inc. CCE provided supplemental engineering support to the Kabul Embassy DOS INL department for support of the numerous prison and judicial projects about Afghanistan. I was one of two CCE engineers embedded within the INL offices. My involvement had been review and comment of Afghan engineering project designs, development of project cost estimates, development of construction project scope of work documents and drawings, fact-finding field trips and other routine construction project management functions. A project list includes new prison buildings, renovations to existing prisons, a K-span barracks building, a water well, a highvoltage grid line expansion covering seven kilometers, several new school buildings, a new dormitory building and a courthouse complex. Because of our good engineering support, the contract with CCE had been extended for nine months more, beyond the original 90-day task order. My original 90-day employment commitment stretched into 120 days, at which time I resigned. Construction Engineer April 30, 2009 May 4, 2010 I was employed with IAP Worldwide Services, a life-support contractor serving a Department of State (DOS) agency in Iraq. We supported DOS by new construction and O&M operations throughout all DOS locations in Iraq. I was the only staffed engineer. I worked with others to develop designs, construction drawings, contract technical specifications, construction estimates and construction schedules. I also participated in site QA/QC oversight of these construction projects. Past projects included drainage, sewer lift stations, sewer gravity systems, concrete roads, metal buildings, airfield paving, aircraft hangers, containerized housing developments, potable water distribution systems, building foundations, a renovated warehouse and basketball courts. After our relocated compound was completed, the Construction Department was phased out. The one year employment agreement was fulfilled and not extended. Project Engineer June, 2008 - March 30, 2009 I worked with Stanley-Baker-Hill Joint Venture LLC and was embedded within the United States Army Corps of Engineers at three different bases in Iraq. Our mission is to manage new and reconstruction projects throughout regions of Iraq. My main focus was the technical review commenting of several pre-bid scope of work documents and the on-going construction management of several school projects. The construction project management assignment required review and commenting of: all sixteen architectural divisions of the Contractors design-build plan submittals, CQC plans, Safety plans, schedules, product submittals, security plans, more. Negotiated change orders, invoice payments, final contract close-out and data input to RMS were also part of my tasks. Site visits with private security forces were regular weekly events. My position was terminated because of budget downsizing mandated by the Corps. Project Engineer November, 2007 April, 2008 As a member to the Baghdad International Zone Base Realignment/Closure master planning team with CH2M HILL, my primary role was development of building & site plans of bomb-damaged structures and military camps slated for closure and demolition. Construction cost estimates were also required and developed by myself, with field assistance by supporting military personnel. Because of frequent and numerous aerial bombardments by insurgents, my position was phased out of the project.

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35 month continuous tenure with KBR

October 13, 2004 - September 10, 2007

Senior Civil Engineer April 30, 2006 - September 10, 2007 With Kellogg, Brown & Root, I was transferred to the largest base in Iraq to serve as the only company base civil engineer and acting mechanical engineer. The initial, immediate-assigned task was the project wrap-up of a 3Mgpd waste water lift station and force main project that serves the majority of the base. Also, I work directly with construction, estimating, subcontract administration, survey and CAD departments in development of construction plans for other base project needs. We have developed construction drawings for these special projects: over thirty-eight drainage improvements, 2000 lf gravity flow sewer main, 14,000-lf protective berms, 550-man tent camp with utilities, renovation of 1.5 Mgpd sewer treatment plant, numerous building designs, planning & mapping for reuse of existing potable and irrigation utility water lines and other miscellaneous items. Senior Civil Engineer / Director of Engineering December 1, 2005-April 28, 2006 With Kellogg, Brown & Root, I was promoted and transferred from civil engineer in Bagram, Afghanistan to senior civil engineer and temporary director of engineering for the five military bases around Mosul, Iraq. I directed, assisted and reviewed the daily activities of seven engineers, one surveyor & two Cad technicians. We developed construction drawings for these special projects: pre-packaged sewer treatment plants (350 kgpd), renovation of two operating dining facilities (5000 meals per serving period), steel storage tanks for potable water (150 kgal each), one set of lightgage metal trusses, two hazardous material storage yards, several containerized housing developments (rapid designs because of influx from adjacent base closure), several drainage improvement projects, incinerator facilities (60-tpd), demolition & shipping of large military tent facilities and miscellaneous buildings. Civil Engineer November 29, 2004-November 30, 2005 As a civil engineer for Kellogg, Brown & Root in Bagram, Afghanistan, I have been assigned with several job tasks: to investigate existing site plans (if available); write detailed scopes of work (addressing all sixteen architectural divisions); determine with the construction staff what labor or subcontracted labor forces would accomplish which work tasks; consult with the military client to design to project needs, budget and schedule; develop designs for Cadd operations to create construction plans; size building members (reinforced concrete, masonry, steel and wood); and develop comprehensive cost estimates utilizing an in-house Excel spreadsheet. Projects designed and/or analyzed for construction feasibility include several dining facilities, base central water supply booster pumps, sizing base fuel pumps, masonry and steel shower/latrine units, temporary hanger facilities, large sliding hanger doors, office building renovations, water distillation and bottling plant, steel fuel storage tanks, rack assemblies for airborne hauling of military communications trailer, laundry facilities, base-wide sewer collection system, concrete retaining walled sewage holding tanks, concrete structures of sewer lift stations and security barricades. In the absence of an electrical engineer, I analyzed and orchestrated the electrical portion of construction plans for a major dining facility renovation, to be renovated while in continual operation. While is this position, I have been in charge of Cadd drafting operations. Also I have received, oriented and worked in unison with engineers of other disciplines assigned to this camp. Estimator October 13, 2004-November 28, 2004 Estimator in project controls department of Kellogg, Brown & Root at Bagram AFB in Afghanistan. Assisted head estimator to begin, evolved into equal estimator of the department. The estimates have been for construction projects of Bagram AFB and other military supported locations of Afghanistan. Some estimates have required site visits, but only on Bagram AFB. Some estimates have required visual conceptions in order to develop the estimate. Very few of the estimate requests have arrived with building plans. In order to qualify developed estimates, if not already accomplished, a written scope of work was created with the preliminary estimate, assisting to clarify design and construction issues before the construction work started.
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Project Engineer / Construction Engineer October, 2003- August 18, 2004 Project Engineer/ designer/ job superintendent/ surveyor/ estimator for RRAC Contractors, a Shreveport based mechanical contractor. I was involved in several architectural and civil building projects at Fort Polk, Louisiana. These jobs I had overseen from pre-bid to near complete construction. I had developed estimates for other construction projects. Some were entirely plumbing estimates, some were site utility estimates, some were HVAC estimates, and some estimates were a combination of all three mechanical areas. I had developed several estimates in the capacity as a general contractor, employing some items of most all of the sixteen architectural divisions. Projects had been hospitals, restaurants, zoo structures, military buildings, post offices, schools and water/gas/sewer utilities. Project Engineer / Construction Engineer October 14, 2000-October, 2003 Project Engineer/ designer/job superintendent/ estimator for Leon Angel Constructors, a Shreveport based general contractor. I was involved in the renovation of a courthouse in Mansfield, from bid to near completion. The project involved renovation of two old hotels into an expansion facility housing judges, tax assessors, 911s, and district attorneys offices. Also, the four-story historic courthouse has been gutted and updated. Wood stud, metal stud, and concrete structures were involved, plus ramps, retaining walls, brick pavers, steel balconies, steel handrails, masonry restoration, extensive scaffolding, elevators, fire walls, ADA and life safety requirements, plus the evolution of almost a complete build-design project were major components of this project. I had developed estimates for other construction projects as well as development of eighteen detailed change orders for the courthouse project, totaling over $630,000. I had helped design, construct, and bid several other building projects during the thirty-six month tenure with this construction company. Public clients include the city of Shreveport, city of Alexandria, Bossier City, Desoto Parish Police Jury, and Shreveport Downtown Regional Airport Authority, with private clients being CenturyTel, Channel 12 TV of Shreveport, Ivey Lumber Company, RRAC Contractors, Scott Truck & Tractor, Prime Real Estate, and ZAC Construction. Project Design Engineer September 13, 1999-October 13, 2000 Dikita Engineering of Dallas expanded its operations into Shreveport. I was chosen as the project engineer/office manager position for the Shreveport branch. The Shreveport office, in one year of operation, completed billable projects totaling approximately $550,000 in design fees. The Shreveport office was staffed by myself, a drafter, and a secretary. Very little design work was out sourced to the other Dikita offices. Through marketing efforts of myself, and contended clients, four projects had been committed and were waiting to be started. Projects involved renovation and expansion of Independence Stadium, realignment of an existing asphalt city street, design of a new concrete city street, design of storm water drainage system for Independence Stadium and adjacent areas of the Fairgrounds, relocation of an existing 36" steel/concrete water main, sewer main relocations, widening and deepening an existing major drainage ditch in a congested residential area of Shreveport, developing 45 construction servitude plats for a water main relocation, and drafting sanitary sewer lift station design guidelines for the city of Shreveport engineering department. Most of Dikita's involvement in these projects was as an engineering subconsultant to an architectural firm or to URS Engineering Company.

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Part-time Construction Estimator January, 2000-September, 2000 In evenings and weekends, I had worked as a free-lance estimator for five commercial building contractors in the Shreveport area (All Seasons Construction, Kan Contracting, Hall Builders, Red River Air Conditioning, Vanderburg Construction). I developed approximately fourteen estimates totaling approximately fourteen million dollars. I asked questions of architects and engineers, to clarify plans and specifications. I also did some foundation and building design for these general contractors. Construction Estimator June, 1999-September 10, 1999 For Ribbeck Construction Company in Lake Charles, I served as the company's construction estimator. In a nine-week period, I assembled bids for several construction projects, total value of approximately ten million dollars. One project involved engineering for temporary bracing of a proposed 120' high, ship-repair fabrication shop, adjacent to the ship channel. I became acquainted and proficient in Timberline estimating software. Assistant City Engineer August, 1995-June, 1999 Under the direct supervision of the city engineer for the city of Alexandria, Louisiana, I reviewed engineering projects from contracted engineering firms- museums, zoos, streets, road projects, drainage projects, public complex facilities, water & sewer utility projects and subdivisions. I was directly responsible for development of cost estimates, contract documents, drawings, and technical specifications for warehouses, new and repair projects of streets, new and upgrade water lines, drainage repairs and improvements, firestation additions and improvements, commercial walkways, and other miscellaneous projects. Used Hydroflow software for hydraulic design and analysis. Used Excel for development of cost estimates. Design Civil Engineer & Estimator January, 1995-August, 1995 For Beta Engineering, I designed steel structures for electric distribution substation components, since Beta Engineering was a subsidiary of an electric substation fabricator. The structure design was based for applicable wind and line loads, plus other site conditions. I estimated the steel structure cost based on weight of designed structures. I analyzed structural integrity of existing electric distribution steel structured towers for possible upgrades. Used STAAD, Math Cad and Excel computer softwares for the design, structural integrity analysis and cost estimates. Though the foundations were usually the responsibility of others, I was involved in a couple of projects requiring design of the concrete foundations of the steel structures. Developer & Building Contractor June, 1993-January, 1995 I drafted drawings of concrete streets, water distribution piping, sewer collection system, electric utility locations, fire protection requirements and lots of two small residential subdivisions. I had the subdivision plans reviewed and permitted by the appropriate governmental and utility agencies. Afterward, I sold lots and built and sold speculative homes on the developed lots. From the speculative homes, I was able to market and contract with individuals for custom homes, either built on my subdivision lots or on a lot owned by the individual. Engineering Mechanics & Wood Engineering Instructor August, 1992 - May, 1993 Instructor in engineering mechanics, wood design, and formwork at LSU, for the construction and engineering departments.

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Construction Manager & Research Assistant March, 1992-July, 1992 Supervised and assisted in pipe-jacking research project for the Trenchless Technology Center of Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, Louisiana. Also co-authored a state of the art review manual for current pipeline rehabilitation techniques and methods. Self-Employed General Contractor March, 1983- December 3, 1991 Estimator, salesman, scheduler, project superintendent, accountant, craftsman, and designer of projects which included; commercial structures and foundations for offices, churches, schools, military facilities, stores, swimming pools, fire stations; industrial projects of hazardous waste facilities, electric generating cooling towers, waste water facilities, water well support structures; and custom and speculative residential dwellings and renovations. Some projects required complete design and construction. Past clients include public agencies, including England Air Force Base, Louisiana National Guard, State of Louisiana, city of Alexandria, city of Pineville, International Paper company, LaSalle Parish School Board, Grant Parish School Board, Rapides Parish Police Jury, Angola State Prison, Pinecrest State Hospital, Veterans Administration, Louisiana DOTD, and several private clients. Civil Engineer-In-Training June, 1979-January, 1983 Engineer in training for project management position at the Houston regional office for Chicago Bridge & Iron. Field engineer on projects involving plate steel, such as offshore platforms and jackets, oil and water storage tanks, piping, underground highway tunnel liners, and associated ring and piling foundations. Assisted job superintendents and project engineers with layout of site and structures, surveying of foundations and benchmarks, material handling and inventory, payrolls, progress reports and other reports. Designed and drafted turnkey contracted jobs in engineering department in accordance with API codes. Welded, prepared, and shipped engineered job from manufacturing department. Relocations were about every six months. One project was in Venezuela, South America for twenty months for construction of an alumina plant. Worked there in capacity of field engineer and assistant project superintendent. Completed CBI's engineer-in-training program.


Licensed Civil engineer; passed municipal contractors license for employer; possess active DoD SECRET security clearance; possible active is a DoS-issued TOP SECRET security clearance; financial investing studies; routine exercise and church activities

Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook, Acrobat Adobe Professional, AutoCad LT 2010, Visio, Timberline estimating, US Army Corps of Engineers Quality Control Certification, 30-hour OSHA Training in Construction Safety & Health, RMS USACE software, cost accounting, most construction trades, STAAD, Hydro-Flow, Spanish.

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