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English Test- 9th Form- n1 A Shopping Adventure

One day, by the time I woke up, I decided I was going to buy a sweat-shirt. But I didnt want to spend too much money so, I only took 15 in my wallet. Buying a sweat-shirt doesnt seem very hard but, believe me; it was really hard as Im going to tell you now. When I arrived at the shop, I asked the shop-assistant: -Could you please tell me the price of the cheapest sweat-shirt you have? Shop-assistant: - Its this blue one. Its very beautiful and it only costs 19, 5. I: -Well, it seems Ill have to go to another shop because, as I dont want to spend a lot of money, I only brought 15 Shop-assistant: -No, you wont have to. We can think of a solution. I: - Oh, yes. That would be great but whats the solution? Shop-assistant: - Well, you can take the Sweat-Shirt, give me the 15 and paying the rest next time. I: - Are you serious? Shop-assistant: -Yes, I am. I can see how hopeless you are and Ill do you this favour. I:-Oh, its very kind of you. Shop-Assistant: -It would have been, if I hadnt turned behind. I: - What did you say? Shop-Assistant: - I said I turned behind. I: - Does that mean youre not going to allow me to take the Sweat-Shirt? Shop-Assistant: - No, it means you can take it for free. I: - Oh, even though youre being very nice, I cant accept your offer. Shop-Assistant: - Why not? No one has ever perished on grounds of 19, 5. I: - Well, Ill take it. And congratulations on being the nicest shop-assistant Ive ever met. Shop-Assistant:-Thanks! And that was how my shopping adventure was. Since that day, the shop-assistant and I have been the best friends. And I hope our friendship will never end.

I (15%) Answer these questions about the text in complete answers.

1-Why didnt he take a lot of money? 2-Did the shopping day start well? Why? 3-What solution did the shop-assistant think about in order to solve the problem? What problem? 4-What does the shop-assistant mean when he says No one has ever perished on grounds of 19, 5? 5-Tell me or come up with a similar story which you were involved into.

II (15%)

Rewrite this sentence inserting the expressions above. The shop-assistant (to help) his costumers.
1-Even though they are very impolite 2-Always 3-If he were a gentleman 4-If they had promised to pay him back 5-Since he was hired

III (4+1+1=6%) Write the plural of:

1-goose 2-ox 3-leaf 4-wolf

The singular of;

1-women 2-men 3-lorries 4-stories

And the feminine of:

1-gentleman 2-fireman 3-policeman 4-sportsmen

IV (10%) Write the leading forms of:

1-to prefer 2-to refer 3-to ski 4-to pay 5-to hide

V (14%) Fill in the blanks by selecting the right preposition/s. (Write all the possibilities)
1-The weather was so bad that I started thinking going back home. 2-I dreamt something very strange. 3-The thieves plans consist breaking in and stealing. 4-He insists annoying me. 5-He fell the stairs.

VI (30%) Rephrase starting as shown.

1-The word robot means slave like labour. It comes from the Czech word robota. The word robot, 2-Mary is very tall. Laura is short. Whereas Laura 3-Hes very thin. Hes very strong. Even though 4-Language is more important to communicating with computers, and it is interesting to see learning being used. He says 5-If Im not their ideal, we cant act in such a way as to be my ideal because I must be their true love too Milton pointed out 6-He spent so much time in front of the computer, he hadnt time to get to know other people. If he hadnt 7- Even though men are physically stronger than women, its scientifically proved that women are way more intelligent than men She told everyone 8-He did something illegal so he was arrested. If he hadnt

9-He promised me a gift. I was 10- Milton and Joe are going to find Miltons true love by selecting 227 women and comparing Miltons data bank with the data banks of the 227 women in order to find a personality which matches with Miltons He said

VII (10%) In about 150 words, write about your biggest childhood dream by using as many phrasal verbs as you can. If you prefer, you may write about the importance of having friends.

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