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NAME: Class: 5th Grade PE Assignment Due Date: State Goals 19, 20, 22, 23, 24 One of the

primary goals of Physical Education in our district and state is to encourage lifetime fitness activities. Students have been exposed to a variety of different activities in their PE classes, and many of those activities can be maintained for a life time. We are identifying activities that do the following: make my heart beat faster, make my body temperature get warm, make my breathing faster and heavier, and cause me to want water. This assignment will help students to determine which physical activities they enjoy the most and have the potential to help them maintain lifetime fitness. 1. Name your three favorite activities in PE that you could also do at home: 1. ______________________________________ 2. _____________________________________ 3. _____________________________________ 2. Choose three activities from the following list that we may not do in PE, but you would enjoy doing at home. Circle those activities and list at least one more not on the list under other. All of these activities will raise your heart rate and help maintain your fitness. By maintaining our aerobic fitness in PE classes with running, jump rope, and other quick paced activities, you will find the activities below easier to do at home or outside. Riding my bike Hiking Rollerblading Swimming Dancing Skateboarding Gymnastics Horseback riding Karate Soccer Ice skating Basketball Sledding Walking quickly Other:____________ _______________ ____________ 3. To maintain aerobic fitness (keep your heart healthy) doctors recommend that you participate in 60 minutes of activity at least 5 times each week ( or make 10,000 steps each day on a pedometer). It does not have to be all at one time, but everyones goal is to total 300 minutes per week. You can count your 25 minutes of PE three times a week. We have discussed in class the FIT principles(Frequency, Intensity, Time) to help determine the benefits of your activity session. List the fitness activities that you have done this week at home and in PE class. Fill in the number of days (Frequency), mark down how hard you were working (Intensity), and how long (Time) you did each activity. Take your resting heart rate before the activity, your activity heart rate, and then your recovery heart rate 2 minutes after finishing the activity. You can do these activities alone, with a friend or sibling, or with your parents. Your parents must sign their name by each activity. If you do not meet the goal of 300 minutes, just be honest and record what you did do. We have practiced taking our heart rates in PE class. We are still learning better accuracy with this skill, so please use the check list (perceived exertion) on the back to monitor the intensity of the exercise. Have a timer or someone watch the seconds for you. Time for 6 seconds and multiply by 10 or add a zero. Use two fingers on carotid artery (side of neck to take your pulse. In general, the lower your resting heart rate, the healthier your heart should be. The quicker you recover (return to your resting heart rate) the healthier your heart should be. In most cases, if you smoke or do not exercise, the resting heart rate will be higher, and the recovery process will take longer. A healthy heart is strong and pushes out more blood easily. A weaker heart is not as strong, so it has to pump more times to get the same amount of blood out to the brain and body parts.

*You may want to keep this on the refrigerator this week or somewhere else where you will see it every day. Activity- what exercise or physical activity did you do? * Frequency- how many times did I do it today? *Intensity- how hard did I work? (Somewhat hard, hard, or very hard?) *Time- how long did I do it? Perceived exertion-: 1= very, very easy 2= very easy 3= easy 4= somewhat easy 5= getting harder 6= moderate 7= somewhat hard 8= hard 9= very hard 10= very, very hard

Activity Recovery

Here is an example of activity for one day Freq. Inten. Time Min. Rest Activity Par. Sig.
7 9 6 45 min. 25 min. 10 min. 45 min 25 min 20 min. 110 120 110 200 210 150 Tot

Sledding 1x 120 PE jump rope 1x 130 Walk the dog 2x 120 al minutes: _90__ Day 1

Tot al : Day 2 Tot

al : Day 3

To tal : Day 4 To

tal : Day 5

T otal : Day 6

Total : Day 7

Total:_______ Weekly total:_________________ Extra credit: Take your resting HR for 6 seconds and write it down here: _____ Do 35 jumping jacks and take your activity HR: _____. Take your recovery HR 2 min. later:____ Teach your parents how to take their resting HR _____. If they will do it, have them do the same and write their activity HR here:______ . Take their recovery HR:___ Adults resting HR should be 60-80, and their activity HR should be 120-150. *Parent signature indicates that they did the e.c. with you:_____________________________