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Special Education Inventory

Class: Mrs. Dunnes Special Education Classroom Day/Time: 11/10 at 8:15 (during my Practicum time, but the student I work with went home sick.) Location: Special Education Classroom (216) Method of Data Collection: Modified Running Record 1. Draw a picture of the classroom layout.

2. Juan

Is the environment accessible for the student? If not, what would it take to make the room accessible? Are these changes reasonable in your opinion?

This room is definitely physically accessible. All the tables, desks, and counters are an accessible night, and the furniture is spaced in a way that would make it easy for Juan to navigate. He might benefit from picture labels for classroom rules and classroom schedules. Carmen This room is definitely physically accessible. All the tables, desks, and counters would be accessible and easy for Carmen to navigate, even with her wheelchair. She could probably also benefit from picture schedules and rules as well. The one place that Carmen might not be able to reach would be the sink. However, there is an accessible sink in the employee bathroom right down the hall that's accessible. None of Carmen's instruction requires use of the sink, so it's probably not worth trying to talk maintenance into tearing out all of the cabinets under the sink. 3. List the general classroom routine (i.e., major activities and tasks) for the specific time period you observe. Teacher words with students individually or in groups of 2 or 3. Students work on math skills, such as addition, counting money, and telling time. Then, they work on reading skills, such as sight words and writing sentences. Specific period I observed-

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-1:1 math instruction: Kindergarten Writing numbers Counting Putting numbers in order -2 students with an aide addition writing sentences 4. How could the student address his/her goals in this class (i.e., list specific activities and skills that could be targeted linked to the key areas identified for the student)? Juan -working with functional reading skills -writing simple sentences -functional math (time and coins) -social stories to illustrate socially appropriate behaviors 5. How were students grouped for instruction? Carmen -money skills -work on requesting through PECS -work on using her VOCA

Students were grouped based on approximate grade level. The two students had varying abilities and worked on slightly different versions of the same activity. Students did independent assignments. 6. Describe the teachers teaching style and method of classroom management. Two teachers: an aide and a teacher. Both instructors provide very direct instruction, but they can be very strict at times. Joking is encouraged. 7. Describe the classroom climate (e.g., Is it friendly? Will students with disabilities be easily accepted? What is the teachers attitude toward the students and other adults in the classroom?)

Both students would be accepted in this environment. The teacher and aide work well together, and they have a positive attitude toward all of the teachers. 8. How does this setting match the characteristics and preferences of the student? Juan It might be a struggle for the teacher and aide to appeal to Juans love of science and history. However, the teacher is very good with reading comprehension instruction and social skills instruction Carmen Because she forms close bonds with her teachers and her assistants, she will get along very well with the adults in this environment.

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Would you recommend this setting for instruction? Why or why not?

YES! Both students could learn in this setting. Individual instruction is something both students could benefit from. Also, the teachers in this classroom are good at mixing functional and academic skills instruction, which would make inclusion much easier. Also, since the teacher is very good with social skills instruction, both students could learn more social skills in this environment.