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VERNON COLLINS 206 North Johnson Street * Dover, North Carolina 28526 252.876.

6788 TECHNOLOGY ADMINISTRATIVE PROFESSIONAL Highly organized, self-motivated professional with proven record of success prov iding comprehensive technical and administrative support to meet challenging bus iness and educational needs. 11 years of diverse experience spanning technology administration, K-12 instruction/tutoring, and at-risk youth counseling. * Past performance in installing, configuring, supporting, and managing advanced IT systems and networks. * Demonstrate ability to proactively diagnose and resolve complex hardware, soft ware, printer, and networking issues within fast-paced, multi-user environments. * Committed to the cultivation of a well-balanced and supportive learning enviro nment, providing individualized support to ensure attainment of student goals an d needs. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE CRAVEN COUNTY SCHOOLS / GUILFORD COUNTY SCHOOLS / WASHINGTON COUNTY SCHOOLS, New Bern, Greensboro & Plymouth, North Carolina * 2002-Present Technology Assistant / Educator Fulfilled multiple roles, delivering high level technical and administrative sup port for faculty and classroom activities, as well as providing individualized l earning assistance for regular-ed and at-risk K-12 students in multiple subjects . Analyze school/educator needs, recommend and procure new systems/products, exe cute project management/planning initiatives, and deliver expert technical suppo rt and administrative services. Troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve technical is sues surrounding multiple software programs/installations, Internet connections, printers, and hardware/ peripherals. Maintain inventory of all workstations, la ptops, printers, copy machines and servers. Specific Accomplishments: * Investigated and resolved technical performance issues, demonstrating strong d iagnostic skills across multiple platforms. * Recommended and performed software and hardware installations and repair, viru s and malware removal, system upgrades; ensuring continuous delivery of top qual ity service and performance. * Praised for customer service mentality, high level of responsiveness, and tech nical knowledge. * Developed good rapport with faculty and students of all levels, cultivating an d maintaining a creative and encouraging atmosphere. * Earned reputation as top performer, consistently achieving state mandated AYP standards for student test scores. * Developed and presented technology instruction for parents, middle school stud ents, and at-risk teens. ALBERTA PROFESSIONAL SERVICES LEVEL 4 GROUP HOME / COASTAL CAROLINA DEVELOPMENTA L PROGRAM / DIXION SOCIAL INTERACTIVE SERVICES, Greensboro & Bern, North Carolin a * 2004-2009 Community Support Professional Provided individual/group counseling and therapeutic services for at-risk youth and adult clients. Developed supportive therapeutic relationships with client po pulation.

Continued... VERNON COLLINS * Page 2 * Community Support Professional Continued: Compiled and maintained detailed client case reports, assessments, and treatment plans, maintaining accuracy and compliance with agency and regulatory guideline s. Assisted clients in identifying and obtaining available benefits and social a nd community services. Specific Accomplishments: * Facilitated rehabilitation and successful re-integration of 3 at-risk teenage males into their homes/families. * Developed and presented training programs focused on improving adaptive, life, and community integration skills * Utilized behavior modification strategies and rewarded positive behavior to ma intain a well-disciplined and motivated environment. Additional career history includes role as Salesman for Ashley Furniture Homesto res (2006-2007). EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, Industrial Technology/Graphic Communication Systems NC A&T University, Greensboro, North Carolina M Div., Pastoral Studies Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia TRAINING Classroom Management * Technology in the Classroom * First Aid * Blood Borne Pat hogen CPR * Therapeutic Restraint Codes * Medication Administration AFFILIATIONS Technology Goal Team Member * School Cabinet Member TECHNICAL SKILLS Command Prompt Key Commands * Windows Office Suite * Internet Explorer * Adobe P hotoshop Adobe Illustrator * Windows XP, 2000, 7, Professional * Printers * Scan ners * LCD projectors Computer Hardware & Peripherals * Mimeos * White Boards * Document Cameras Norton/McAfee Anti-virus * Multimedia Design and Production * Technical Writing * Mac OS *Willing to Relocate*