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JAMES ALAN COUNTS, JR 209 Abbey Lane | Greenwood, SC 29649 990@westpost.


Cell: (864) 554-0160


SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Proven and award-winning record of consistent profit growth in extremely competi tive markets. With progressive leadership, an unparalleled drive to succeed, a flawless track record of delivering bottom line results, and 10 years experience in the real estate development, sales, service, and marketing industry, I certa inly have a firm grasp and a vast knowledge at all levels of administration and management in any fast paced business environment. I consider myself highly ski lled at analyzing existing systems and strategies in order to improve organizati onal company performance. Meaning I not only highlight problems, I find solutio ns. Along with being a proven revenue generator, I practice innovative business to business and business to customer negotiations daily, creating the ability t o build and expand opportunities within a new and existing customer base. I bel ieve productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and a focused effort. With warm, patient, and friendly service along with being driven, articulate, detail oriented, and technically savvya I am ready, able, and willing to lend my experience and exper tise to an organization looking to grow and succeed.

WORK HISTORY The Greenwood Company, Inc. June 2002 _ present Vice President of Sales / Project Manager A land development, real estate investment, and landscape architectural firm spe cializing in land development projects, real estate holdings, investments, comme rcial real estate, and multi-family leasing and rental property. Personally res ponsible for company strategizing, sales, marketing, client relations, budgeting proposals, finance, construction oversight, project scheduling, and most import antly delivering projects on time and in manageable phases while maintaining app ropriate communication between all parties involved. I maintain and practice a philosophy of analyzing business process with efficiency, while weighing the cli entas need in order to achieve and surpass each and every company goal.

SKILLS PROFILE - Brought in to reorganize and restructure office operations. - Agent of the year for four years, receiving performance bonuses each and every year. - Used area Chamber of Commerce Business Associations to create completely uniqu e marketing methods for use as introduction to new business, increasing yearly c ompany cash flow from 840,000 to over 3 million in two years. - Devised method for inventory control and instituted new guidelines for employe e responsibilities, saving the company thousands of dollars on purchasing and ma intenance every single month. - Talent for identifying customer needs and taking appropriate measures to satis fy any attainable requests. - Began the Neighborhood Pride Program that combined tenant, staff, and owner in

volvement in order to improve aesthetics, landscaping, and overall way of life o n our properties and in our community. - Demonstrate the ability to gain customer trust while providing follow-up, lead ing to good customer retention and lasting relationships between customers, empl oyees, and management. - Expertise in administrative organization and accomplished at resolving escalat ed company and customer issues. - Proficient in all Microsoft Systems and Client/Server Applications. - Ambitious, punctual, and dedicated, with a polished appearance and manner.

EDUCATION Lander University (BA in Business Management)