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Licensed Bilingual Clinical Psychologist yb11d9e36@westpost.

net Objective Energetic and organized licensed, bilingual (English/Spanish) clinical psycholog ist seeks part time clinical, supervisory, and/or administrative position or con tractual opportunity. QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY Licensed, bilingual psychologist. Fifteen years of mental health experience prov iding comprehensive culturally sensitive psychological services and solutions to individuals, families, schools, faith-based and health organizations. Good comm unication and interpersonal skills. Bilingual core competencies include but are not limited to: *Effective performance as autonomous, self-motivated, ethical, professional, and active contributing team member. *Strong organizational skills, with demonstrated capacity to multitask, with abi lity to manage competing priorities efficiently. *Energy and commitment, with demonstrated record of motivating self and others t o set and meet meaningful objectives. *Exceptional creativity and initiative in assessing and addressing corporate and individual clients' needs. *Well-rounded knowledge and experience in evidence-based treatments and best pra ctices. *Wide recognition as highly ethical, committed, top-quality clinical care provid er. *Excellent assessment, evaluation, and strategic treatment planning and interven tion skills. *Skilled scientist-practitioner, with proven ability to quickly develop rapport, trust, and collaborative response with corporate and individual clients. *Excellent capacity for listening and problem solving, effective handling of cli ents' mild to severe distress in crisis situations, and swift defusing of hopele ss, potentially life-threatening, and explosive situations. *Well-developed skills in program design and completion and community mental hea lth prevention programs. *Dedicated graduate-level teaching; culturally sensitive clinical supervisor. Professional work experience includes: *Fifteen years of providing comprehensive, bilingual, professional psychological services to individuals, couples, families, and organizations from diverse backgrounds. *Crisis intervention expert *Mental health services and solutions to employee assistance programs (EAP). *Psychological and educational assessments: personality, cognitive, ADHD, LD. *Training and experience in bilingual neuropsychological testing. *Latino (a) cultural competency consulting. *Extensive training in and experience with multicultural populations. *Teen suicide prevention. *Prevention and psycho-educational program development from conception to comple tion. *Clinical supervision of master's and doctoral trainees. *Fourteen years as group facilitator and trainer. Sites worked : Community mental health centers; Neuropsychological rehabilitatio n center; University of Colorado Health Science Center/ Psychiatry Department; Public Schools; Teen suicide prevention program; Family Counseling centers spon sored ; community college; Affiliate faculty /graduate counseling program; Priv ate Practice environments.

Honors and Awards *2007 , 2010-Invited presenter to International conferences. *2009 - Scholar Award, Graduate School of Professional Psychology. *2008-Fellow of the American Psychological Association/ Minority Fellowship Program Professional Affiliations & Memberships (brief sample) American Psychological Association - (APA) American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) American Association of Suicidology ( AAS) Continuing Education (brief sample) 2010 Conferences and Seminars attended *Migration, Mental Health & Transcultural Psychiatry in the 21st Century . Inter national Conference. *Bridging the Divide. 2010-Suicide Awareness and Prevention Summit, 1-day confer ence. *New Frontiers in Trauma Treatment. Bessel van der Kolk, MD. Two-day conference. 2009 Conferences and Seminars attended *Advanced Research Methods with Diverse Racial & Ethnic Groups. Advanced Trainin g Institute. American Psychological Association. Michigan. *QPRT- Suicide Risk assessment and training. *Therapeutic Assessment: Using Psychological Assessment as Brief Therapy. 2008 *7th Brief Therapy Conference: Lasting Solutions. Six-day Conference. *An Introduction to the MMPI-2-RF. *State of the Art Supervision: Multicultural Current Trends and Issues*. *Psychology Summer Institute. American Psychological Association /Minority Fellowship program. Full Resume and Letters of reference are available upon request.

February, 2011