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Kenneth T. Katzenberger, CPA, CSEP 107 Hanover Avenue North Wales, Pa.

19454 Work 215-641-1525 Fax 215-641-6764 Email: Mr. Katzenbergeras diverse background in a multitude of disciplines and industri es uniquely positions him to bring a wealth of knowledge to advise his client ba se. He is a Principal with the business growth and process improvement firm The Accelerx Group.; The Accelerx Group is one of over six hundred aResource Associ ates Corporationa (RAC) affiliates providing business and personal skill develop ment and improvement services for over thirty years. The focus of The Accelerx Group is to provide enabling processes necessary to expand and develop the skill s and attitudes of our clients to achieve a higher degree of success personally, professionally and organizationally. Prior to starting up The Accelerx Group, Ken operated a management and informati on systems consulting firm specializing in strategic Enterprise Resource Plannin g (ERP), Business Process Improvement (BPI) implementations and change managemen t utilizing SAP software. In this capacity Ken advised and guided clients in the Fortune 100 as well as small to mid-sized organizations through the solutions e valuation and implementation process. This included but was not limited to aidin g in the definition and evaluation of the project(s) scope, objectives and deliv erables. In addition to the ERP and BPI initiatives Ken has consulted small busi nesses/sole proprietorships in general business structure, operations process fl ow development and optimization. Staying true his roots, Ken continues to mainta in his skills with regard to individual tax planning, preparation and estate pla nning services. During his corporate career, Ken was an original hire of SAP America advancing f rom client consulting and support, to administrative management roles, and succe ssfully completed assignments with SAP Australia. In addition he also worked for Pennwalt (Arkema), Gulf and Western Industries, Commodore Business Machines and Exxon with responsibilities ranging from operations accounting, operational aud it to assistant controller plant-accounting. Kenas formal education includes an MBA in Finance and BBA in Accounting from Tem ple University. He is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, a Certified Pro Adv isor for QuickBooks, QuickBooks Point of Sale, QuickBooks Enterprise and holds a n ASI Facilitation Certification. Ken has been certified by the Total Quality I nstitute in Executive Facilitation, Cycle Time Reduction, Variation Reduction an d Small Business Process Improvement. He is a Member of the Pennsylvania Instit ute of Certified Public Accountants, National Society of Accountants and America n Society of Training and Development. As an independent consultant Ken has been involved with many public speaking eng agements including the Keynote speaker for SAP America's aTotal Cost of Ownershi pa Seminar series, PICPA- Philadelphia Youth Network "Mapping out Your Money" an d is a member of the PICPA speakeras bureau. Ken is available for speaking enga gements for groups of all sizes. Ken is also a member of Temple Universityas Ent erprise Management Consulting Board of Advisors.