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KUHNO 9 Arden Lane Commack, NY 11725

(631) 708-5295 EXPERIENCED LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSIONAL Excellence in Law Enforcement and Investigative Techniques PROFILE Highly decorated law enforcement professional with a proven track record in spec ial investigations, major crimes, criminal cases, organized crime, undercover na rcotics, and surveillance. Offering 20 years of progressively responsible law-en forcement experience and measurable achievements with the New York City Police D epartment. Highly motivated with numerous awards and distinctions, holding an ac tive Top Secret Security Clearance from work with the FBI / New York Joint Terro rism Task Force as well as a Certified Fraud Examiner certificate. Extensive expertise in managing investigative teams and directing comprehensive investigations, possessing exceptional investigative and interviewing skills, in cluding competency in both the Reid and Wicklander-Zulowski interview and interr ogation techniques. Diverse experience with private corporations and public lawenforcement agencies, as well as classified and confidential investigations and cases. Served as subject-matter expert on telecommunications, online social medi a, and computer investigations. Highly proficient in Microsoft Excel, Word, Acc ess, and PowerPoint. * Recognized for consistently exceeding departmental goals through efficient tea m management and positive collaboration with local, county, state, and federal l aw-enforcement agencies. * Received over 60 awards for outstanding performance as both a police officer a nd detective spanning a 20- year career in law enforcement. CORE COMPETENCIES Surveillance * Confidential / Classified / Sensitive Cases * Insurance Fraud * I dentity Theft * Loss Prevention Law Enforcement Investigations * Interviewing * Security * Telecommunications * Crime Prevention Cyber Crimes * Virtual Worlds * Social Media * Major Crimes * Computer Crimes * Criminal Robbery * Homicide * Narcotics * Public Morals * Patrols * Grand Larceny Money Laundering * Drug Enforcement * Undercover * Organized Crime Terrorism * Counterterrorism * Government Dignitaries TOP SECRET SECURITY CLEARANCE PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE New York City Police Department New York, NY 1990 - 2010 Detective, Detective Bureau Special Investigations Division 2006 - 2010 Investigated Federal and New York State major crimes and special investigations involving telecommunications, cyber crimes, money laundering, and social-media s ites. Served as subject-matter expert and Federal-agency liaison in telecommunic ations, social media, and cyber crimes and on a select five-member New York Poli ce Department expert-investigative panel. Additionally, worked as primary interf ace with telecommunication companies regarding loss prevention, security, and su bpoena compliance. * Spearheaded and established an enterprise-wide Mobile Phone Investigations Pro gram that collected cellular-phone usage data, subscriber information, and call

details in a centralized database driving analytics for use in investigations. Charles R. Kuhno Page 2 New York City Police Department continued * Awarded multiple promotions for exceptional-individual performance and leading teams in highly confidential and sensitive State and Federal investigations. * Enhanced Department's ability to process criminal activity by drafting new sub poena and court orders to address special needs in homicide, robbery, sexual ass ault, and grand-larceny cases. Detective, 103th Precinct Detective Squad 2001 - 2006 Conducted and evaluated diverse criminal investigations, including homicides, bu rglaries, robberies, larceny, and identity theft while collaborating with prosec uting attorneys, internal New York Police Department divisions, and outside agen cies to prosecute criminal cases. * Elicited confessions from criminals, gathered facts regarding crimes, and coll ected and analyzed physical evidence from crime scenes to successfully prosecute criminal cases. * Investigated and solved major case insurance-fraud investigations targeting pr ofessional firms, including lawyers, doctors, therapists, and medical billers. New York City Police Department Organized Crime Control Bureau / Major Case Narcotics 1995 - 2001 Patrol Officer /Anti-Crime Officer 1990 - 1995 Elements of my duties, training, and job descriptions may be of a sensitive natu re and cannot be fully disclosed or otherwise detailed in my resume. EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, Criminal Justice (In Progress)

Empire State University

Hauppauge, NY

CERTIFICATIONS Certified Fraud Examiner * Dignitary Protection * Hostage Negotiation * Kidnappi ng FEDERAL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Counterterrorism for Law Enforcement Professionals Emergent Virtual World and Cy ber Crime Trends Online Social Media and Investigations Counterterrorism Investigations Foundations of Terrorism Real Crimes in Virtual Worlds Money Laundering in Cyber / Virtual Worlds AFFILIATIONS NYPD Honor Legion * Detective Endowment Association Association of Certified Fraud Examiners AWARDS Forty-Seven Awards for Excellent Police Duty Sixteen Awards for Meritorious Police Duty Three Awards for Detective of the Month One Award for Detective of the Year Three Commendations