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August 2002 9,

Matthew Chan lntrepidNetworkConcepts, Inc. 5435WoodruffFarmRd.,#8-300PMB 158 31907 Columbus, Georgia NAPOLEON HILL DearSir: Followingrecciptofyour November 2000letterconceming ofThe Napoleol Hi]l 2, use our the to iD Foundation's tradcmarks, client hasmonitored changes your site referenced your letter. However, clicnthasdetemined our thatyourresponse its initial demands inadequatc to is to prevent confusion. descriptively irrelevant. Underthe is Your intent thal MASTERMIND be understood concems relevant the consumer's understanding, the not trademark the testfor infringement law, jusl onc inliinger's intention. We enclosca postingfrom one of your web site forumsas consumers, namely, thoseintcrestcd goodsand serviccs in relatedto example how relevant of pe$onal achievement and self-improvement, associate term MASTERMIND with do the NapoleonHill. Thc postingalso illustrates that the "legal disclaimer"on the Web site is iladequate insofaras it fails to keepconfusion from arisingin the first ilstance,a circumstancc a basisfor trademark known in trademark law as "initial interestconfusion." well-founded you To avoidthispossibility, may choose beginusingoneofthe many to infringement liability. "expert," "genius." in 2 or altematives discussed yourNovember letter,suchas"lcader," law the assertions, trademark doesgrantthe Foundation the Conharyto your unfounded goods for andserviccs righl to prevent others fronl usingthe Foundation's trademarks particular consumers to their source as to a possible as or affiliation wheresuchuseis likely to confirse botweenthc user and the Foundation. We are confidentthat a likelihood of confusionis "The Napoleon Library"asoneofonly where you prominently display Hill inevitable, especially your homepage'sleft-mostframe, whcrcyou specifically referencc Napoleon five links on and for Hill andTHINK AND GROWRICH@ insDintions voursite. as
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InhepidNetworkConcepts, lnc. August9, 2002 Page 2 of Pleasebe certainthat the Foundation has no interestin discouagingdiscussion Hill. his MASTERMINDconcept, the Foundation.Thc Foundation's or reason for Napoleon the ofNapoleon Hill, andpublicdiscussion existence, fact,is to perpetuate teachings idcas in and of theseteachings ideasprcmotes and this goal. The Foundation does,however, have every law to preventuse of thc Foundation's in interestand right underthe trademark trademarks with goodsand services relatedto pgrsonalachievement slf-improvement, and connection wherethe useobviouslycreates likelihoodof confusion to an associatioa a as between third a party,suchas"The MasterMind Forum",andthe Foundation. Therefore, behalfofThe Napoleon Hill Foundation, reiterate demand wc its on that you iinrnediately discontinue ofthe marksNAPOLEONHILL andMASTERMINDasthe name use of your "Forum" and "ResourceCenter" and othenvise,and remove all refgrences to NAPOLEONHILL and MASTERMINDfrom your Web site (otherthan in the contextof online discussion ideas) soulce of and codefor your Website. Please advised, be onceagain,that 1117ofthe Lanham allowsfor an award attomeys' Act feesandtrebledamages the Section of to prevailing partyin thecase willful infringement. of Please respond assuring ofyour willingness complywith the foregoing by us to demands. or TheFoundation consider appropriate will ali avenues ofrelief, includinglitigation.


CIC:czc Enclosure Copyto TheNapoleon Foundation Hill


Clristopher Cedillo,Esq. L BELL,BOYD& LLOYD Chicago, Illinois

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Autho!: Bob (---, a!L client2. attbi, con) Date: Q 4 - Q 8 - 0 24 4 . A e toward a comon goal is qreat. ... .. .-.-.r9 I thlnk nos! oi us tould do well to be palt of

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