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David M. Tutlo Address: 83 Summit Trace Rd, Langhorne, PA 19047 Telephone: 484-636-8198 Email: dt12928aa@westpost.

net Professional Experience: Project Engineering & Management / Test Engineering / S ystem & Electronic Design / Implementation / Troubleshooting / Prototyping Conce pts Professional Skills - Project Management/Engineering experience directing teams and formulating solu tions to meet schedule commitments and handle challenges as they arise in day to day engineering environments. - Test Engineering experience from PCB level to complex system level of digital, RF, and wireless systems including troubleshooting problems and defects, workin g with adjoining organizations to resolve problems, and develop corrective actio n for future preventative measures. - Systems Design experience at project inception to produce lower-level design s pecifications. - Comprehensive experience in electronic design from conceptual design stages to prototyping, debug, troubleshooting and testing stages. - Experience using CAD packages such as Mentor Graphics, Orcad, View Logic, and WinDraft for design, programming, layout, simulation, and presentation of electr onic designs. - Experience using CAD packages such as Mentor Graphics and Altera MaxPlus II fo r designs in today's versatile CPLD and FPGA designs. - Software programming experience in UNIX and PC environments (C and Assembly) f or use in designs for microprocessors/microcontrollers (80286, 68000, 8051, 16C6 7) and DSPs (TI 32C40/44). - Presentation experience necessary to procure funding for designs from employer , provide design reviews to customers, and secure future business from prospecti ve customers. EDUCATION Penn State University Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering EXPERIENCE Sept, 2008 - Aug, 2009 Sr. Test Engineer / Project Engineer - Lockheed Martin C orp. (contracted through Cornerstone Resources), Newtown, PA - Planned resources to meet weekly and monthly test and production goals for sat ellite subsystems. - Evaluated failures to plan rework solutions for a satellite product's path to successful acceptance test. - Led scheduling events to identify future problems in production and test to pl an risk reduction tasks. - Wrote, reviewed, and corrected new and existing test procedures for satellite subsystems. - Provided leadership to team of technicians and assemblers on a day-to-day basi s. - Designed test configurations and methodologies for new satellite components, s upported these test setups including RF, Power, Avionics, and Battery components and subsystems. - Evaluated test equipment and laboratory equipment for purchase/lease to suppor t assembly & test. 2007 - 2008 Network Administrator and Security education at New Horizons Compute

r Learning Centers, King of Prussia, PA MCSE with Cisco CCNA course track completed. A+, Net+, and Security+ certificati ons included. 2002 - 2007 Option Trader (activities unrelated to engineering) - Traded complex option combinations. April, 2001 - July, 2002 Senior Test Engineer - Manufacturing Engineering, Smith s Aerospace, Malvern, PA - Produced system level and product level test plans for existing and new produc t lines. - Added Electrical Engineering skills needed in Manufacturing Engineering group for test facilities of aircraft components in Smiths Aerospace manufacturing fac ility. - Facilitated integration of real-world design-for-manufacturing and design-fortest concepts to design engineering to maximize ease of manufacturing and test o f final products on the manufacturing production lines. - Produced standardized plan in conjunction with quality engineer for test and v erification of all programmable logic devices (PALs, PROMs, FPGAs) used in aircr aft components. - Interfaced with test counterparts at two other Smiths locations to begin work on company-wide testing program for products to be manufactured and tested. - General duties in engineering capacity covering any need on manufacturing floo r ranging from electronic debug of prototypes with engineers, assembly challenge s with mechanical engineers, situational explanations for management and visitin g VIPs, component supply issues with purchasing, and assembly and repair challen ges with manufacturing personnel. 1998 - 2001 Option Trader (activities unrelated to engineering) - Option education through Risk Adverse Traders located in Scottsdale, AZ. - Traded option combinations. April, 1990 - Nov, 1998 Senior Hardware Design Engineer - Lockheed Martin Corp. (formerly Martin Marietta, formerly GE Aerospace), King of Prussia, PA - Contributing System Engineer on an IR&D team responsible for prototyping conce pts, producing system-level designs, finalizing designs, and developing products for corporate contracts, most often electronic board designs and the software f or the microprocessors/DSPs/FPGAs contained on them. - Completed rapid prototyping of IR&D designs from concept and system design thr ough PC board design and accompanying software to product-in-a-box to support sa tellite-based cellular communication system. - Wrote test software responsible for completing development and testing of a sa tellite-based cellular communications system to service Southeast Asia and Indon esia. - Wrote MSK modulation code in C for TI 32C40 DSP for a wireless communication d esign. - Generated system design concept for DSP-based wireless communication equipment . Produced system design specifications followed by hardware and firmware design specifications and integration plans for same communication equipment. - Integration of rack-level COTS and custom-design equipment to produce rack-lev el product from as much COTS equipment as possible for the purpose of reducing c ost and schedule of concept-to-product cycle. - Designed data processing board set for VME chassis to reformat and enhance fie ld data for exploitation in multiple formats. - Designed data archiving board for existing fielded system to add on-site archi val capacity to each site of the fielded system. - Redesign of High Rate Data Link Monitor chassis and C code to enable real-time monitoring of NASA Second TDRSS Ground Station (STGT) now operational in White Sands, NM. - Designed software interface tester for data facility that monitors operation a

nd displays errors and warnings to users. Independent: - Currently studying C# (C Sharp) Programming. - Currently studying materials supportive to Wellness Coaching - Studies and experiments with electrical generation from solar, wind, and huma n powered generation. - Tests and experiments using various techniques related to producing lower pow er and quiet computers. - Studies in option combination trading & activities.