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K. Marie Palmer 14890 SW Scholls Ferry Road, D-301, Beaverton Oregon, 970 07 kp12eb3b0@westpost.

net 503-473-9361 Sales & Marketing * Admissions Management Self-motivated, confident, top-producing sales professional with more than three years of progressive experience in highly competitive industries of higher educ ation and telecommunications. Prior experience includes customer support and t raining. Highly flexible, innovative, and driven self-starter who easily accepts risk, ow nership and ultimate decision making challenges. Uncanny ability to create rapp ort and win business even in the most competitive of situations. Excited by cha llenge and not intimated by difficult situations. Core Competencies * New Business Development * Customer Relationship Management * Market Research & Analysis * Customer Service & Communications * Call Center Environment Sales * Consultative Sales Approach * Business Acumen * Client Needs Analysis * Admissions Management (Higher Ed) * Supervision and Management Experience American Intercontinental University Online, Beaverton, OR 2007-2011 Admissions Manager July 2010 - present

Responsible for managing admissions team of 20 and directly advising clients * Managed employees in a high impact marketing environment * Encouraged effective communication skills, leadership and mastery in order to clarify business needs and change behavior to produce needed outcomes * Influenced employees directly impacting their productivity through coaching an d strategic management in a highly competitive educational industry with high ex pectations and challenging metric goals * Analyzed current business outcomes to project potential business outcomes and influence change that will increase current outcomes to meet the expected goals of the company * Successfully communicated the importance of long-term outcomes to increase pro duction and necessary long-term consistency and results Senior Admissions Advisor 2007 - 2010 * Acted as peer consultant for other admissions advisors * Produced third-place business ranking for business production/sales company-wi de * Developed rapport with training and prospective student customers * Successfully communicated the importance of long-term outcomes to increase pro duction and necessary long-term consistency and results * Achieved numerous awards for successfully meeting metrics and was sent to a Su ccess Conference due to being number 3 in the University for successful starts ACS/Sprint/Nextel, Portland, OR 2005-2006 Customer Service Representative Responsible for direct sales and customer service * Solved customer problems and created effective win/win resolutions between com pany and customer * Successful at handling situations under extreme circumstances with professiona

lism and etiquette in order to facilitate smooth business interactions and opera tions * Promoted company proposals in order to fill customer need and reach projected company/customer relations and consumer expectations in a high pressure sales en vironment Various high schools and middle schools 2004-2006 Responsible for teaching classes in language arts educational topics as well as managing and directing school operations * Effectively communicated material in order to create learning outcomes * Implemented teaching/training strategies in order to communicate material effe ctively * Managed a specific demographic isolating needed areas for improvement Community Outreach Pr ojects * Support national and international education/development companies: Doctors wi thout Borders and World Vision * Support community youth-at-risk organizations: Family Missions Education AIU Online: Masters in Education (in process) Warner Pacific College: Bachelors-2006 References available upon request