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Arabic words are formed according to a root system.

Most Arabic words derive from a three, four or five letter root, but mostly three. Many different words are created from this root word by inserting different vowels between the three roots. This can best be explained using a concrete example. The following words all come from the same three root letters - ( k t b): to write writer written book writing office bookstore / library dictation Another Example: The word Islam comes from the Arabic root letters sn-lm-mm (SLM [ .)] All of these words are derived from the root S-L-M: Word Islam Salam (Derivation of) Salama Saleema Arabic Meaning Submission Well-being/Peace The stinging of a snake or the tanning of the leather To be saved or to escape from danger (when refering to a female) To be saved or to escape from danger (when refering to a male) To submit To surrender Undisputed To receive a salutation or becoming submitted kataba kaatib maktoob kitaab kitaaba maktab maktaba istiktaab

Saleem Aslam Istaslama Musal Tasleem