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Michael Furlong PO Box 620698 ~ Oviedo, FL 32762 Phone: 407-340-3435 mf1323b20@westpost.

net * QUALIFICATIONS High-achieving Automotive Sales and Operations Manager with solid credentials in developing and managing profitable sales to consumers, businesses and governmen t agencies through wholesale auctions and Online Vehicle Exchange (OVE) programs . Exceptional interpersonal skills and a track record of effective team leadersh ip. Significant experience in hiring, training and supervising sales managers an d their reports. Adept at identifying and introducing new processes to support s ales growth, overall business objectives, and customer satisfaction. Honorable D ischarge, US Navy. CAREER ACHIEVEMENTS Relationship-Building: Consistently created and maintained positive relationship s with colleagues, top management, trainees, and front-line customers (retail, w holesale and corporate/governmental.) Bottom-Line Discipline: Reorganized operations to deliver significant sales incr eases (50% within 60 days at Sansone); maximized sales in an economic downturn w hile maintaining healthy profit margins ("Most Profitable Location" at Hertz). Team Leadership: Established new and more effective internal procedures for trai ning/coaching at Hertz and Prestige; successfully trained/mentored over 1400 man agers and their reports in 6 years at Hertz. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE MANHEIM AUCTIONS, Ocoee, FL November 2009 - May 2010 Chrysler Transportation Analyst (November 2009 - March 2010) * Secured Chrysler Corporation wholesale units for transport to auction for whol esale. Called dealers and repo yards from around the state and verified unit for pickup. Dispatched transporters for pickup. DEALER SALES (March 2010 - May 2010) * Called and visited dealers in region to buy/sell units at wholesale.

THE HERTZ CORPORATION, Orlando, FL December 1996-January 2009 Wholesale Manager, Southeast U.S. (September 2001-January 2009) * Managed all daily operations at nine car sales locations in the region. * Imposed strict cost controls; attained solid cash flow; met sales and budgetar y objectives. * Monitored and controlled timely reconditioning and disposition of all retail u nits. * Orchestrated 16 wholesale auctions, which sold 200,000+ "off-rental" vehicles profitably. * Developed marketing/sales programs targeted to consumers, businesses and gover nment agencies. * Administered monthly and yearly advertising budgets and special promotional ev ents. * Hired, trained and supervised Management/Sales personnel for all nine location

s. Training Manager, (May 1998-March 2004) * Trained over 1400 Salespeople, Sales Managers, General Managers and Area Manag ers. * Designed, implemented and scheduled corporate training programs and course off erings. * Created "Management" curriculum emphasizing cost reduction/profit maximization . * Coached and evaluated trainee progress; assessed potential/implemented remedia l actions. * Developed and presented budget forecasts; managed Training program costs withi n budget. Area Manager, (December 1996-September 2001) * Directed and supervised operations and site managers at 14 separate locations. * Coordinate marketing and sales of used vehicles to the general public and corp orate customers. Michael Furlong Page Two * PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE, Continued * Trained Bodywork * Managed ). * Awarded and coached employees in Structural Damage Assessment, related Paint & methodologies, and Condition Report writing. sales and vehicle processing/delivery via Online Vehicle Exchange (OVE "Most Profitable Car Sales Location" (Orlando), 1999.

PRESTIGE FORD, Eustis, FL June 1996-October 1996 General Sales Manager * Managed all staff functions (Sales, F&I, Detailing/Delivery and follow-up Serv ice). * Interviewed/hired, trained and assessed new sales and management personnel. * Generated new business and new customers; developed retention strategies and p rocesses. * Created, placed and evaluated advertising/promotional material to build sales and showroom traffic. * Aggregated, mined data and analyzed data to improve forecasting of inventory r equirements. * Appraised trades, negotiated purchases and wholesaled additional vehicles. SANSONE DEALER GROUP, Red Bank, NJ June 1987-March 1996 General Sales Manager (July 1990- March 1996) * Identified short- and long-term objectives; restructured department accordingl y; devised and implemented procedures/policies to achieve business objectives. * Managed department operations and daily activities in all functional areas * Oversaw all sales personnel hiring, compensation plans, evaluations/recognitio ns, and terminations. * Resolved any customer complaints escalated from line management. * Extracted and analyzed sales data; managed sales forecasting process. Finance & Insurance (F&I) Manager (June 1989-July 1990) * Oversaw all customer financing and insurance operations. * Verified contract data with Sales; assessed customer creditworthiness and cred it applications.

* Conferred and coordinated with lenders, loan underwriters and processors. * Identified opportunities to upsell ancillary products/services (warranties, pr otection packages, etc.). Truck Sales Manager (June 1989-July 1990) * Revamped selling strategies and plans; increased sales by 50% in the first 60 days as Manager. * Led and coached sales team to continue achieving business sales objectives. * Managed proposal development and completion of quotation response to customers . * Advised and influenced customers through consultative selling techniques. Automotive Sales Consultant (June 1987-June 1989) * Consistently exceeded individual sales goals; developed successful repeat sale s program. * Awarded "Salesperson of the Month" 20 times within a 24-month period. UNITED STATES NAVY, various locations October 1981-May 1987 Honorable Discharge VOLUNTEER WORK OVIEDO BOWLING CENTER, Oviedo, FL. mber 1996 - Present Septe

Youth Director/Head Bowling Coach Coordinates and Coaches over 150 youth bowlers in one of the largest Youth Bowli ng Programs in the State. Responsible for setting up teams, coordinating tournam ents. Processing awards and sanctioning of all bowlers. EDUCATION AND TRAINING JERSEY CITY STATE COLLEGE, Jersey City, NJ Bachelor of Science, Business Administration/Management