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Micheline Barazin, RN, BSN, MBA 587 Cabot Court Home: (925) 932-9133 Walnut Creek, CA 94598 Cell:

(925) 788-9030 Summary * MBA graduate with a major emphasis in leadership * Over 10 years experience as a baccalaureate nurse in a variety of hospital and educational settings * Industry experience within a large hospital organization and a small private c linic * Experience working in a university setting as an adjunct professor * Dedicated to continued education and advancement of knowledge in the field of healthcare quality and nursing leadership * Strong self-starter healthcare professional who can take initiative and indepe ndently manage teams * Solid working knowledge of the adult medical-surgical patient population, inst ructional teaching of undergraduate nursing students and healthcare business mod els * Committed health professional with business skills to effectively manage and c oach staff, analyze data, and implement total quality management (TQM) programs * Team-oriented with collaborative leadership style to achieve performance goals * Skill set in collecting, organizing, critically analyzing data and reporting s trategies and, interpreting results * Able to educate and support staff, patients and families in healthcare needs * Bilingual - French and English Professional Experience Reproductive Science Center 2010-present Director of Operations * Responsible for enhancing and improving tangibly the operational efficiency an d operational controls of the business including but not limited to process impr ovement in the clinic and satellite centers, systems implementation, nurses and physician work flow, IVF throughput, organizational dynamics, midlevel provider leverage and utilization, and managerial mentoring and professional development. Hill-Rom Account Clinical Director 2008-2009 * Responsible as a professional clinical consultant. Maintained and grew the Hi ll-Rom product line in all assigned acute care Kaiser hospitals in Contra-Costa. Collaborated with multiple team members to ensure customer satisfaction. University of Guam College of Nursing & Health Sciences 1999-2000 Adjunct Faculty * Instructed nursing students in clinical nursing applications in a hospital set ting * Demonstrated, assisted and tested students on specific medical-surgical skills * Focused on therapeutic nursing interventions and then, graded Nursing Care Pla ns (N.C.P.) and student journals * Attended medical-surgical team clinical conferences with other clinical instru ctors for the analysis of student progress and curriculum development * Taught perioperative course material in a formal class setting * Taught students therapeutic communication techniques in interacting with adult

* * h *

client systems Used holistic and culturally sensitive care Explored leadership issues with regards to policies and trends affecting healt care services Initiated group discussions with faculty regarding student care issues

Guam Memorial Hospital Authority, Surgical Ward 1999 Head-Nurse of the Surgical Ward * Head-Nurse of a 36-bed general medical-surgical unit supervising a nursing sta ff of 40 plus constituents * Directed and supervised of all nursing service functions and activities in the unit * Directed patient care functions and ensured that nursing care was assessed, pl anned, implemented and evaluated following the guidelines and policies establish ed by the hospital, department of nursing and, unit standard operating procedure s * Responsible for meeting JCAHO established standards of medical-surgical nursin g practice by ensuring that staff utilized and documented the nursing process * Prepared staff performance evaluations reports * Supervised the unit's quality improvement activities and undertook audits of h ospital functions * Created and implemented the staffing plan for the unit * Assessed the physical environment and equipment at the hospital to ensure high standards of cleanliness, safety and infection control * Participated in various multi-disciplinary committees: Nursing Management, Med ical-Surgical services, Crash-Cart, Documentation, Quality Improvement, Wound Ca re, and Discharge-Planning California Pacific Medical Center, Medical Specialties Unit 1998 Staff-Nurse on a Liver, Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Unit * Cared for transplant patients and living-related organ donor patients in the p re and post-operative phases of transplant surgery * Utilized CAPD (Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis) catheters and traine d patients on their use * Treated patients who came to the hospital with peritonitis The Elliott & True Medical Group 1995-1996 Surgical Nurse * Set up surgical suites with surgical equipment and prepared patients for hair transplant procedures * Assisted the surgeon during surgery and suturing * Occasionally served as Head-Nurse: drafting schedules and coordinating staffin g requirements * Led, organized and implemented a new narcotic control regime, which included d evising new narcotic control forms * Periodically flew to Washington D.C. to assist with surgeries Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Colorectal Medical-Surgical Unit 1990 - 1994 Intensive Care Unit 1996 - 1997 * Prepared patients undergoing general abdominal or colo-rectal surgery and, car ed for them in the post-operative phase * Taught patients with new colostomies or ileostomies how to care and adapt to t he stoma while providing psychosocial support * Involved with the Staff Nurse Advisory Committee, acting as an advocate betwee n surgical staff nurses and the nursing administration department with issues, c oncerns and challenges affecting medical-surgical nurses * Actively involved in the hospital's Quality Assurance committee * Implemented a unit-wide audit on intravenous phlebitis by devising an auditing

tool, collecting data and, reporting its occurrence; subsequent to the audit, c onducted teaching sessions which resulted in a significant decrease in the incid ence of I.V. phlebitis * Cared for and worked with hemodynamically unstable patients; ventilated with S wan-Ganz catheters and Arterial lines * Monitored and cared for patients recovering from CABAG surgery (Coronary Arter y Bypass Graft) in the first 48 hours post-operatively Education * Master's Degree in Business Administration, John F. Kennedy University, Pleasa nt Hill-CA o Awarded Avice M. Saint Graduate Management Award for outstanding scholastic ac hievement and leadership in the field of management - GPA 3.98 o Integrated business and health projects in a unique leadership specialization o Focused on integrative health business models * Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing, Ottawa University, Canada o Magna Cum Laude * Nursing Diploma, Vanier College, Montreal - Canada Professional Affiliations * California Board of Registered Nursing, 1997-present * New York State Education Department, 1994-present * The Order of Nurses Quebec, Canada 1990-1998