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Lynn Edward Aul la13bfd0e@westpost.

net 1005 Platt Road DuBois, PA 15801 (814) 371-5356 1- (800) 784-2894 Accounting and Administrative Assignments (Robert Half, Accountemps, Spherion, e tc.) ?Commercial and Industrial Construction Co. ?Pre-engineered building erection and sales corp. ?North Central Pennsylvania University ?National hospital management ? Harrisburg area real estate agency ?International manufacturer of pac kaging units ?International manufacturer of vehicle transmissions ?Po wder metals manufacturer ?Glove manufacturing company ?National manufacturer and distributor of win dows and doors ?Gas meter repair and fabrication ?Regional computer networking and programming consultants ?National sales outlet for office furniture and equipment ?National d istributor of grass seeds ?International manufacturer of high temperature metal products ?Sinter ed Metals Manufact. ?Tooling and Plastics Manufacturer ?Business Analyst-Bus iness Development Center *Performed daily accounting and commission calculations, payroll, commission pay ments, garnishments, certified payroll, job-costing, bank and account reconcilia tions, banking, escrow deposits and payments. *Designed spreadsheet applications to simplify and accurately perform auditing a nd reconciliation of accounting data for bank accounts, payroll, general ledge r, trust accounts and fund tracking. *Maintained banking information and reconciliation reporting from my home office through a terminal service connection. *Created a relational database program to allow project managers to evaluate the profitability of each project and formulate more accurate job cost estimates. *Reconciled prior year accounts and funds. *Trained the new staff accountant to use worksheets. *Prepared monthly financial statements and multiple, detailed management's finan cial reports. *Refined an existing multiple page integrated worksheet application to import da ta from plants in Canada, Mexico, Germany and all United States manufacturing p lants, through spreadsheet macros to produce more accurate reports and reduce r eport preparation time from three to four days each week to less than two hours each week. *Created and installed automated database software systems to capture data direc tly at the manufacturing floor level, eliminating redundancy and inaccuracies i n the job costing and invoicing processes *Designed and implemented a fully automated, 26-page spreadsheet application to simplify and expedite the management accounting reporting process. *Prepared and created excel workbooks that computed and reported cost analysis r

eports for management. *Designed a workbook to provide a monthly part-by-part profit or loss referenced by part number and customer. *Prepared daily and weekly cash projections with a thirteen-week time-span. *Designed, installed and maintained macro-driven Excel spreadsheet applications for sales commissions and reporting. *Prepared daily, weekly, and monthly sales analyses for all East Coast sales and distribution locations.

Lynn Edward Aul 1005 Platt Road DuBois, PA 15801 (814) 371-5356 1- (800) 784-2894

Education: Master of Business Adminisration-1993 Indiana University of Pennsylvania Bachelor of Science-Management-1990 The Pennsylvania State University Technical Skills QuickBooks Pro, Excel, Peachtree Accounting Pro, Word, Outlook, Project, Organizer, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Money, CA-Simply Accounting, MYOB Accounting, CA-20/20 Visual, CA-20/20, Lotus Approach, Lotus 1-2-3, Lotus Freelance, Lotus W ord-pro, Label View, SAP, MAS90, DBA, Visual Manufacturing, MCL Designer, Phaser Programming, Linux Ubuntu, Internet connectivity and technologies