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Kristen Lawson 360 Whitewater Drive Apartment #306, Bolingbrook, Illinois 60440 630.618.6639 krislawson2@gmail.


Focus of Interest: MANAGEMENT POSITION PROFILE High-performing, talented, and solutions-focused professional, offering extensiv e business services and organizational development experience, coupled with impr essive record of achievements within all facets of customer service and sales ma nagement. Accustomed to addressing client needs and implementing cost-effective solutions to provide high-quality service and ensure satisfaction. Proactive, en ergetic, and success-driven individual with strong commitment to excellence; kno wn for solid organizational and leadership adeptness. Equipped with excellent pe ople skills and proven ability to communicate well with all levels of profession als. Personable professional, with strong work ethic and superior client negotia tion skills. Seeking a challenging career opportunity to effectively utilize out standing work ethics, management skills, and broad knowledge in customer service and organizational leadership.

CORE COMPETENCIES ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGEMENT AND OPERATIONS Demonstrate expertise in business and management principles, including s trategic planning, leadership technique, and coordination of people and resource s Respond quickly and properly to changing circumstances; assess problems, formulate comprehensive decisions to achieve positive change, and refocus on ne w priorities Skilled at accomplishing various administrative responsibilities in supp ort to the management LEADERSHIP AND SUPERVISION Display ability to manage multiple tasks without compromising quality Highly capable of applying sound and consistent judgment to decision-mak ing processes Demonstrate ability to supervise, direct, and guide individuals and grou ps toward the completion of tasks and fulfillment of goals CLIENT RELATIONS / CUSTOMER SERVICE Consistently maintain high level of professionalism and integrity in rel ating with clients and in developing long-term relationships with all levels of management Demonstrate client-driven personality that helps companies build and mai ntain loyal customer base Ensure utmost customer satisfaction by providing efficient assistance to clients and courteously addressing customers needs, queries, and issues in a timel y manner


CUSTOMER SERVICE / SAVES REPRESENTATIVE APR 2009JUL 2010 Worked initially as a customer care representative with responsibilities of actively responding to 80100 phone calls daily from customers inquiring on thei r vehicle service contracts Informed customers on vehicle information and updates Documented and summarized the entire conversation and posted it on the c ustomers account for future reference by the company Obtained promotion to customer service / saves with responsibilities of taking phone calls from customers cancelling their policy; facilitated customers in keeping their policy Demonstrated benefits of the policy to the customers and aided them in s aving money on repairs to their vehicle Received commission on all customers policies which were independently save d Quickly became the #1 employee for attaining various savings for each mo nth Delegated to work as floor supervisor; granted exceptional assistance to employees regarding their inquiries about a customers account Extensively managed escalated customer calls to effectively diffuse the situation LA TAN (TANNING SALON) ~ NAPERVILLE, IL MANAGER MAR 2004JUN 2008 Initially worked as a cleaning staff and was promoted as manager Received payment for a commission for effectively selling tanning packag es and lotions Acknowledged as one of the leading sellers Successfully managed a store which was dubbed as the #1 in sales annuall y Demonstrated professionalism in conducting various responsibilities, whi ch included scheduling, hiring, firing, entering employees commission into a spread sheet, conducting daily deposits, and providing team with a positive attitude an d motivation THE BUCKLE ~ NAPERVILLE, IL ASSISTANT MANAGER JUL 2003MAR 2004 Demonstrated expertise in working off of commission Acknowledged as one of the top sellers in the company which resulted in obtaining a quick promotion