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DELE OGUMYEMI 531 Vaughan Drive a- Hampton, GA 30228 a- H: (770) 472-5400 a- C: (404) 433-9613 a- bo152ac0c@westpost.

net PROFILE QUALITY ASSURANCE / QUALITY CONTROL / MATERIAL TESTING / PRODUCTION TESTING QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY Seasoned professional with over 20 years of broad-based solid experience in qual ity control, material testing, production testing, inventory control and managem ent. Strong skills in analysis, record-keeping and report generation. Excellent team building, training, communication and interpersonal skills. Strong track re cord in managing complex projects on deadline while maintaining high quality sta ndards a" strong attention to detail. Dependable team player recognized for init iative and decision-making abilities. Hands-on leadership style motivates, encou rages, increases morale and productivity. Computer literate and internet savvy. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Grafil Inc., Sacramento, CA 1987 a" 2009 Quality Control Supervisor, 1999 a" 2009 Lead Technician, 1995 a" 1999 Quality Control Technician, 1987 a" 1995 a Supervised, scheduled, monitored and trained up to 6 Quality Control Technicia ns; gave recommendations for annual performance reviews; provided department ove rsight. a Handpicked to serve and assume an Internal Auditor role on the plantas ISO 200 1 Certification Committee ensured that international standards were met. a Developed new test procedures and techniques that reduced testing time by 4 ho urs; implemented tests for mechanical property of the fiber tested and developed a more efficient way to test materials. a Raised productivity by increasing quality awareness. a Prepared and wrote technical reports and charts based on final test data analy sis and actual results for senior management personnel. a Inspected incoming shipments, verified raw materials used for manufacturing an d monitored supplies needed for production. a Utilized customer service mindset when inspecting processes, raw materials and finished products fully aware that the customer is the last inspector and ensur ed quality finished products. a Developed and conducted programs of sampling and analysis to maintain quality standards of raw materials and products. a Resolved quality problems that were revealed through inspection procedures. a Inspected and tested materials at various stages in the process and compiled d ata to determine quality of material. a Recorded test data and applied statistical quality control procedures; made re commendations for existing quality standards. a Set up and performed tests on materials, parts and products to measure perform ance on material properties. EDUCATION & CERTIFICATONS Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management, University of Phoenix, Sacram ento, CA Associate of Science Degree in Science, Santa Rosa Jr. College, Santa Rosa, CA TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS Tensile and Compression a Automated and Manual Test a Data Evaluation & Analysis Quality Control Procedure and Test Methods: ASTM & ISO