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August 19, 2011

Energy Data Highlights

Crude oil futures price 8/17/2011: $87.58/bbl up$4.69 from week earlier up$11.81 from year earlier Natural gas futures price 8/17/2011: $3.933/mmBtu down$0.070 from week earlier down$0.337 from year earlier Weekly coal production 8/13/2011: 20.261 million tons down0.205 million tons from week earlier down1.006 million tons from year earlier Natural gas inventories 8/12/2011: 2,833 Bcf up50 Bcf from week earlier down175 Bcf from year earlier Crude oil inventories 8/12/2011: 354.0 mmbbl up4.2 mmbbl from week earlier down0.2 mmbbl from year earlier

Natural Gas/ Power News EIA Storage Release 8/18/11 (Actual): +50 Bcf Previous Week: +25 Bcf -5.8% Change from 1 Year Ago -2.5% Change 5-year Average Mid-summer heat pushes up natural gas use at electric power plants Record heat, affecting much of the nation this summer, contributed to greater use of natural gas to generate electricity. Of the 25 days since 2005 with the highest estimated use of natural gas to generate power, six occurred between July 20 and

August 3 of this year. NYMEX September gas contract continues to slide on storage data The NYMEX September natural gas futures contract continued to slide midday Thursday on a higher-than-expected gas-storage build.

Green/ Alternative Energy News

California PUC approves renewable auction mechanism California's investor-owned utilities are set to begin signing long-term contracts with small-sized renewable energy projects under a new program approved unanimously Thursday by the state's Public Utilities Commission

Crude Oil News

OPEC Daily Basket Price 8/17/2011 --$106.88 (8/16/2011 --$105.42) Recent Rig Counts Last Count Change Cou from Prior nt Count +39 +30 -8 Date of Prior Count 5 Aug 11 5 Aug 11 June 2011 Change Date of Last from Last Year's Year Count +319 +69 +41 13 Aug 10 13 Aug 10 July 2010

Area U.S. Canada Internatio nal

12 Aug 1959 11 12 Aug 11 July 2011 464 1150 Oil dips on euro zone woe, slow global growth Oil dipped on Thursday as investors tried to lock in profit from their highest levels in about two weeks, with worries about euro zone debt problems and slower global growth outlook pressing on prices

Brent Crude Below $111 on Euro Zone Woes, Firm Dollar Brent crude fell 0.2 percent on Thursday, staying below $111 a barrel on Thursday as ongoing concerns over Europe's debt crisis and a firmer dollar drew investors away from riskier assets like oil and into the safe havens of gold and the Swiss

franc. Crude Oil Falls in New York on Signs Slowing Economy Will Curb Fuel Demand Oil dropped from a two-day high in New York on signs that faltering economic growth in the U.S., the worlds largest consumer of crude, is causing supplies to accumulate Oil sheen reported near BPs Thunder Horse platform in Gulf BP said today it spotted a silvery oil sheen measuring 2 feet by 30 feet on the surface of the water near its Thunder Horse oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. Back in black: Oil drilling tops gas for first time in 18 years Natural gas drilling has been the dominant energy story in the U.S. for the past few years, but oil is back with a vengeance. Better to Own Oil or Gold Gold futures surged to a record close yesterday. Open interest in the contract for December delivery stood at 360,671 contracts as of last night and the market settled at a record $1,785 an ounce.


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