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The Escapist Dark Passion Play Arr by Snow WhiteSinen Gr Nightwish Whos there kno-cking at my win - dow, the owl_ and a © SnowWhitesiren 2010 = 2 dead boy, this night whis-pers- my name, all the dy - ing child~ren, 7 Vir - gin snowbe-neath my feet pain - ting the world in 40 tread the way and lose my-self in = tothe t - le Come wa - ter, search wil goon Clay = bom Voyage wi-thout an ni ghtin-gale (eee a ‘A ni-ghtin-gale ina golden cage,that's me locked in-side re - ina go-lden cage.that's me locked in-side re = Sotto pes SSS a-li-ty’s maze. -a-li-ty’s maze, back to life ul -la-by. sound sages geese a dol-phin cal - ling Tea hea hea ring off vy heart light, come xy heart light, it the mask of man, un = done, bring me all starts with a home-ward bound, a